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This is an interesting question and the first thoughts that came to mind was that web 2.0 was not as interactive for individuals in the developing world that are still grappling with issues related to poverty, some people have not even had the opportunity to set their eyes on a computer....and on I went thinking of all the reasons why web 2.0 needs to reach more people.

I stopped....and thought, no Tumanaini, your not answering the question.....automatically I was thinking of everyone else, but what about me?

It’s my view point that people are seeking….you don’t understand, rarely do people seek my views about anything and I'm glad you wants to know mine.

To be honest I love it, it easy to use, it is easy to network; it gives people the opportunity to voice their opinion from all over the world. With one click, I am able to know what another woman across the world in China or Bolivia thinks about this interface too. I am able to learn more about their culture, their experiences; we are able to exchange ideas, and most of all we are able to come up with solutions.

While there are many who still may not have the opportunity of using this interface, its great to see that all it takes is one user that can reach out to those who cannot make use of the interface. You only have to look at the work of Mama Africa, she is an inspiration and an example of how far reaching this tool is. Mama Africa is able to help women in Kenya learn how to read and write English by getting pen pals from the West.

The far reaching effect of web 2.0 is too great to let this opportunity pass, so women let us unite together and keep reaching out to others, someone somewhere cares, wants to connect with you and wants to know what YOUR views are.

On a personal level, I simply love that I for once can voice my opinion and know that somewhere other women are also reading my views and can also voice their opinion freely. I almost feel like shouting out to all the women out there, “TYPE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING”……if it means ill get to know what you really think about various issues.

Keep sharing and I look forward to reading everyone’s views on the web 2.0 experiences and what it means for you.


Nzasu's picture

Miss Uganda

Theres a story that is often told about the idea of bringing mobile phones to Africa.Most investors discarded the idea saying exactly what you said Africa is still struggling with poverty they cant afford a meal how will they afford a mobile phone? 7 years down the line and my country has over 13 million mobile phone subscribers.

Thanks for highlighting an important point Nzasu, by no way was I implying that Africa will never get the opportunity of using web 2.0 simply becasue of poverty. From my perspective we cannot deny that poverty is a is a factor we have to deal with and address but underlying all that there is HOPE and indeed as you pointed out Kenya and other developing countries are a testament to that.

Its exactly because of such progress that I chose the example of Mama Africa as an inspiration and other's like her as an example of the fact that all is not lost and that we are and have made tremendous strides towards the right direction and know that there is definitely more to look forward to.

Dear Tumaini,

Your first assignment made me smile. I can really feel your authentic voice in your writing. I love this line, "you don’t understand, rarely do people seek my views about anything and I'm glad you wants to know mine." You bet we want to know yours! And I also love that you encouraged women to type as though no one was looking so you could get to know their thoughts about various issues, too.

I would have loved to have heard more about what you think web 2.0 can bring to the global women's empowerment movement. I felt that you hinted at it, but I have sneaky suspicion you have some bold ideas. Next time, let's hear 'em!

Congratulations on your courage to join us on this journey. We are so thrilled you are here.


Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

JMKELLAM's picture

I'm listening


Thanks for getting personal with us. We love it! I love how you stopped to make sure you were answering the question from your perspective. It is so important for all of us to make sure our voices are not being muffled. Thank you for leading by example with that.

I wish that you gave us some examples of web 2.0 and how it is used or should be used to empower women on your community. Your Mama Africa story is great. Can you think of another story involving web 2.0?

Thank again for sharing!


TUMAINI's picture

Thank you

Thanks Jennifer and Jenna, its always encouraging knowing that someobody is out there reading what i have to write about and i am also very happy with any feedback that i receive because i am here to learn, this is a totally new experience for me, and worth improving on. Its not as easy as i thought it would be. In one's head, one may think that they are putting what they think is relevant, but its much harder putting one's thoughts across, but im sure with each assignment and your help i will improve.

Actually when it comes to web 2.0 I was inspired by someone you featured on World Pulse, that is Ory Okolloh, a Kenyan human rights activist and lawyer, who has used web 2.0 with the most amazing impact. I love reading her blog, i love the fact that she reaches out to various people all over the World about what goes on in the African continent specifically Kenya. I was mostly impacted by her blog during the Kenyan Elections in 2007-2008 and we had no other form of knowing what was going on in Kenya due to the media black out ordered by the then Communications Minister.

Through her blog, Ory Okolloh made sure those not at home knew what was going on, people used her blog to provide their views freely on what was going on at the time when tensions were at the highest rate i have ever seen. I was also able to provide my views and my story on what my thoughts were at the time using her blog. People wrere able to come up with soultions and share them using the blog. At a time when so much hatred was spewing from all directions, Ory's blog, showed that there was still hope and that together we could make a difference from afar, with our thoughts, ideas and words of encouragement. At a time when leadership was lacking Ory Okolloh was a great exmaple of leadership through her works. It is then that i discovered the impact of web 2.0.

Writing that was very cathartic actually....thanks for asking me to expand on my thoughts. Hmmmm very liberating indeed.


I love your energy and drive and know you will help your country heal and find a peace through your compassion and caring.

I love seeing the differing viewpoints and think that is one of the great things about here, how we can find someone who we can understand a lot. I try to write what I think will speak to a woman who has gone through what I have or needs an extra push in confidence to get started and believe she is worthwhile. I think you do the same but in a very interesting and unique way and love reading them.


TUMAINI's picture

Thanks Maria

How are you Maria? Hope your keeping well. Once again thanks for the great compliment. I try my best in expressing my thoughts and the encouragement fom the women at World Pulse has really pushed me along.

I like your journal entry on Anger. it was a good topic. I have been pushed a great deal at work to the point of anger, but each time i thought to myself "DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF", cause that's what it is really, small stuff in comparison to the bigger things that goes on in life. Yet again we need anger as an outlet when one feels overwhelmed, dont you think? :o)

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