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As I have passed my days, I have recognized....

As I have passed my days, I have recognized different people in different society backgrounds.
I felt nervous about myself when I see the place in Islamic society after I come to Bangladesh. I spent a totally free life in Sri Lanka. I went out side with a t-shirt and a pant, but, when I see the girls in Bangladesh, I felt oh! Why is that?
I was curious to know about the secrets behind their ‘orna’ (veil). I asked many times why you are like this. Is that essential to cover your head?
They said, yes, they don’t have the right to show their head t others. They can show their head only for their husband.
Oh! That’s it. It means that they have to cover their head all the time when they are outside and in front of others.
I think it’s their culture. I feel as it limits their freedom. They can’t spend their lives as us. How much freedom we had?
Really, I feel it as totally different from ours. But, what the society expects through this?
Keeping a girl in captivity has limits her freedom. Only that…
Isn’t it?


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The highest form of human

The highest form of human rights is freedom and liberation. For the girls to be restricted to wearing veils limits their freedom and it is sad.


Every culture has it's edicts about what is acceptable and what is restricted regarding appearance. Having lived in America all of my life has given me some freedoms (not having to wear veils, for example) but has also blinded me to how obsessed our culture is with one's appearance, especially womens youthful appearance. This cultural "veil" (obsession with youthful appearance) blinds many and results in a lot of unnecessary focus on one's self.

Probably there is a happy medium involving choice. Does one have a choice to be veiled if one is a woman or girl or is it compulsory, for example. In Western culture (and in fact, many other cultures) the question might be, is one accorded respect because one is an older woman or is one discounted and ignored? (And concurrently, is one "sexualized" or viewed primarily as a sexual object by the culture if one is a young girl or young woman?)

Most of us are unaware what the culture values in terms of appearance until we travel or read about other cultures. I find it fascinating how ALL cultures seem to be more restrictive of women (and girls) in what is proscribed dress or acceptable appearance.

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