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Today is the 14th Earth Day of my first daughter whom I lost because of speaking my truth, the truth, about my culture, my status as a women, sexism and racism. All the isms, that a womb man is not suppose to speak about. Even this truth is hard to admit, because when a woman is not in charge of physically raising her children she is often blamed for the results, so few of us speak our truth. Although I am raising my son alone, and had the opportunity to be a foster parent as well as teach in public schools, I was not able to complete the task, the creator had given me with my daughters, because I was denied access the the priveledges of their father. But it has not stopped me from speaking my truth, in fact, it has encouraged me more, because I consider them my sacrifice to be the true me, since I have already been dealt the punishment for doing so.

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet one of their teachers who was shocked at the resemblance my daughters bear to me in their looks and personalities. This was my confirmation, that there is such a thing as spiritually raising your children even when not in their presence. Yesterday, I was looking up my oldest daughters name on the internet and came across a picture that had been taken of her two years ago at an event that I strongly wanted to attend but failed to do so for whatever the reasons. I relate this to you to show you that no matter what happens that you consider bad, there are ancestors or angels working on our behalf to make things right.

I realize women were the first to become slaves, before any ethnic or racial groups, and we are the last to be freed. But like Harriet Tubman said, "I'll be dead and in my grave before I be a slave". So to day I declare this SPEAK YOUR TRUTH DAY". No matter the consequences, speak your truth to yourself first, then to those closes to you and then to those whom you feel good vibes towards. The thing I did not realized was that I was speaking my truth to my enemy, who used that truth to bend it to lies and lynch me, but I got myself off that tree and continued to live in spite of his intended lynching schemes, and you and we can continue to do the same, because the greatest power lies in the truth, for it shall set your FREE. It is my sincere pray for my daughters that they walk this path of truth that I have sacrificed for them, and they learn to free themselves from all oppressive forces, and on that day, all our mother ancestors shall be FREE AT LAST, THANK THE CREATOR ALL MIGHTY THAT WE ARE FREE AT LAST!

I have this same prayer for all my sisters who are feeling oppressed, stressed and unable to express. The only thing keeping you down is your own mind, and when you make that up to be free, then nothing, and I mean nothing can ever enslave you again!! May truth rein in our hearts, souls and bodies from this day forward as we make a pledge to be the best that we can be in this wombed man's body that we have been so blessed to share with the earth.!



sabiha nazli's picture

Hi Edonna, Thanks for your

Hi Edonna,

Thanks for your thought provoking write up. I really shaken up by your write up and start thinking that what are the factors which make us slaves, are they the issues which are created by religion or by society and why we all used to agree with them. At some point I think that are we really weak to get the praise in the form of ladies first comment. Why we become happy when some man gives us respect and opens doors for us. I don't know if we refused to be sweet dolls and show pieces, may be we get some strengths and will become more empowered and become more able to make our decision .

dr edonna's picture

Point Well Taken

You make a valid point on the "ladies first" theme. In some ways it can be flattering can't it, but when you examine it from an empowered womans perspective, it becomes demeaning and can be interpreted as a form of weakness. That was for a time when we were trying to be recognized as human beings, but now we want to be recognized as equal beings and we can no longer view it as respect but also know there is a hidden meaning behind it. However, if you consider what Sojournal Truth said in her "Ain't I a Woman Speech" it depends on the context, because during her time as an activisit for women's rights, and she was one of the first during a time when African women in American were enslaved, she wanted to be treated as a human and was asking for such treatment, but now, her speak would be something very different, It would be ain't I a man with a Womb too, which says something totally different. Thanks for the response.

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You are right

Women can do it.

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