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Women inside the home or behind the Bars ?

By Zephaniah

They are two sisters and three brothers; father as usual does nothing but beats the mother and daughters all the time, just to make himself feel that, he has full control on his family. So all of them were scared of him.

Elder sister was fifteen and younger was nine, when I convinced her mother to send them for studies, she asked her husband, but he did not allowed, but she kept trying and one day he allowed, so girls started coming to Zephaniah free education for studies, I tried to give them special attention, but it was very difficult to make them confident. They were scared from everything, they were used to stay away from every activity, the fear of father never left them alone, whenever I looked at them, I felt he was in their sub conscious, so it was not easy to give them a normal life.

Their house was a rented one so one day they moved from there, their new home was one km away from my home, so they stopped coming, I again visit them with my mother and asked to send the girls in school, I told her that their life will be changed, they will not have to suffer if they will be educated, So because she did not want her girls to live a life like hers, so she sent them to my school again.

She was used to come with them every day, never sent them alone, they were now learning, but one day again they stopped studying , I waited for a few days, I asked to a few children who come from their street, but there was no news about them.

I went their again, this time that lady’s behavior was not good to me, she did not even called me inside her home, but I went in and asked the reason, girls were there too.

They did not exchanged greetings to me, same scared and sad, pale faces, thinking something deep, empty eyes, and absent minded.

But finally mother told me that her husband has broken her four teeth by beating her so bad, because he did not want the girls to go to school. But mother insisted to do this; he stopped them to leave home even for a minute.

That day I left their home very helpless, I felt I was a loser , I could not change two lives, I could not gave them back their dreams, their self confidence and the joy of their childhood.

I never stopped thinking of them. I kept praying for them. Because I could do nothing, but only prayer, it is very difficult to accept the defeat, but sometimes we have to do it. I do not know if anyone can feel this pain.

At that moment I was feeling that I was trying to give them my hand to be alive but they proffered to be drowned because they felt it better to be dying instead of living.

But today when I was coming to my office, a very handsome boy like a body guard was walking with those girls, they were wearing school uniforms. Were holding school bags, they passed by me, did not talk to me, but looked into my eyes with a kind of joy and smile.

I immediately went to their home, I wanted to know what happened, I was told by the mother that his son is now a young boy, he has asked his father to leave them alone so he has left the home and now they are living a life without a fear, and now the boy goes to school with his sisters himself, he picks and drops in the school.



Optimistic Lady's picture

You are a winner Zephaniah

You are a winner Zephaniah and I am inspired by your commitment towards girls' education. I can imagine and understand your initial disappointment when the girls stopped coming to school. From what I gathered in your piece about the father of the girls who represents a patriarchal figure, so much needs to be done to project the importance of girl-child education. I salute your efforts, and I am so glad that it yielded a great result eventually. Please keep doing the great work you are so obviously passionate about.

Keep walking your talk and talking your walk, I am following and listening.

Deep respect,

hmagnussen's picture

Your Amazing!


If everyone was like you the world would be a better place. Your stories amazing me and inspire me. Your stories show that you can make a difference in this world. Keep up the good work. I am so honored to be able to read your stories!


Cali gal Michelle's picture

What a hopeful story, born

What a hopeful story, born from such a painful one. You have written a moving piece, which I believe will bring hope to others. I agree that in times we feel absolutely helpless, the only thing left is to pray. But at least we can cling to that in dark times.

Thank you for sharing this.

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


zephaniah's picture

Thank you sister Cali

Thank you so much sister Cali .

Kika Sylvie Katchunga's picture

The sacrifice you made for

The sacrifice you made for her child, let the good Lord can remunerate you because my sister you did a great job. 'm So inspired by your article


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