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Letter to the President of the DRC Joseph Kabila during the 16 days of activism for the elimination of violence against women

Passy Mubalama
Goma, North Kivu
DR Congo
E -mail:
Tel 243 81 14 41 591
Subject: Letter to the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila during the 16 days of activism for the elimination of violence against women
Dear Chairman Kabila:
I trust that you are doing well and I appreciate your attention to this letter that write with great pleasure in commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
My name Passy Mubalama, I am a Congolese woman and I live in Goma in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. I am the founder of a nonprofit organization called the Actionand Development Initiatives to protect women and children, AIDPROFEN association based in Goma, North Kivu in eastern DRC.
Mr. Chairman, for about two decades the province of North Kivu, my province is experiencing political instability and has been the scene of clashes and armed conflicts. The sequence of all these wars has caused numerous violations of human rights and especially the rights of women and children as you are aware.
Because of the war and clashes for two decades, women in North Kivu have experienced excruciating moments in theirtlives. With these AFDL rebellion, RCD , CNDP National Congress for the Defense of the People and the M23 recently, many violations of women's rights have been and still are reported—cases of sexual violence, killings, genital mutilation , sexual slavery, kidnapping, torture and other forms.
In addition to all this, they have been for years, victims of backward customs and traditions that continue to underestimate women and argued that the woman is a weak creature, which is not the case you are a witness.
I am from Namibia, where I saw how many women in this country were respected and regarded by their community. I was struck by the fact that the government of this country had respect for women. Men were afraid to beat their wives, to insult them because the governments helped to ensure the beating of wives was punished. The woman felt loved and respected in this country.
For once, my heart was happy to spend some time in a country where women can live their full lives. I know this is possible in our country because I trust in your authority, in our power.For example, you can strengthen the judiciary of our country in the fight against corruption that characterizes the Congolese judicial system, to facilitate access to justice for women because we know in our country only the rich have access to justice and earn trial because they have enough money.
Mr. Chairman, I know you are very busy and have multiple tasks to manage, but I would be very happy if you give a little time just reading this letter I am writing on behalf of thousands of women in the Democratic Republic of Congo who suffer in silence and you cannot write maybe simply because they have never had the chance to go to school.
Mr. Chairman, I am aware that you have the same concerns that I have related to the well being of the Congolese woman and you will do what you can to contribute to the well being of the woman so that she might smile again.
Thank you again,
Passy Mubalama


Therese kasindi's picture

A Special Woman in DRC

How amazing your letter is!
My sister,
i am so happy and proud to see that we have a strong woman in DRC and also a woman who can speak to all of us. It's so happy to remind our President about women's problems and all that it going bad in our country.
I can just encourage you and tell you that we are behind you and we will do our best to support you in everything.
Let's talk and look for peace!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Merci Da Passy, Vous êtes l'une des voix qui plaident en faveur de la femme congolaise, longtemps meurtries par les hostilités qui ont beaucoup freiné son bien-être et son développement. Le Président de la RDC à l"instat d'autres Grands hommes du Monde ont eu leurs vies grâce aux femmes que nous sommes. De ce fait, nous estimons qu'avec un oeil réaliste, notre Président de la DRC aura un regard favorable sur les questions ayant trait aux droits des femmes y compris celles liées à leurs bien être.



courage ma fille

Merci ma fille, nous voyons que vous avez le souci de construire notre cher bon pays avec les femmes et les filles pilier de la nation. Continuez ainsi et que les autres vous emboitent le pas. Nous espérons que votre voix sera entendue pour le changement en vue d'un avenir meilleur de notre société. Jeannette Vumilia

Neema's picture

In Solidarity

Love the sound of your voice, rising out of the devastation of conflict-ridden East Congo. Your resilient spirit is wonderfully glistening in the light of the new day you are dawning in Goma, and throughout Congo. You represent so well the thoughts and hopes of all of us, your sisters, as well as the heart from which those aspirations ascend.

Proud of you Passy. Keep leading; we’re with you.


binapatel33's picture

An AMAZING letter!

Hi Passy,
Thank you for sending this letter...I say "thank you" because it is very courageous and you are being highly proactive with your cause. I hope that you receive a positive letter in response so that you can make the change happen. It will happen, but time will only tell us....You are a leader, who has the ability to make women who suffer feel empowered, please continue with it as change needs to happen and women's rights needs to be heard!!


Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

mayele's picture


You are very courageous and intelligent woman,
You are also so committed in the fight against violence toward women.That is a great thing.I could never think about writing a letter to our president and that was a surprise .You really inspire me and much congolese women i think.never give up
Much love

Mayele , Maman shujaa and World Pulse volunteer

PilarAlbisu's picture

Beautiful letter!

Dear Passy,
This is a beautiful letter! Thank you for your courage in writing and sending it. I'm sure it was not easy. It it thanks to women like you that change will come! Do not lose hope!

In solidarity,

JoneBosworth's picture

You are an inspiration!

Thank you, Passy, for shining such an inspirational light on violence against women by writing Chairman Kabila directly! Your beautiful way of pointing out what 'could be' versus what 'is' and praising him along the way is such a powerful model for how we can approach increased change and peace.

I have no doubt that with a woman like you lifting the issue of violence to the highest levels -- as well as being active locally through AIDPROFEN -- we WILL change not only the DRC but the world!

Your courage, your compassion, create hopefulness that cannot be held back. Thank you for what you do and who are, Passy. I have grown and been inspired by your words and deeds.

My very best,

Jone M. Bosworth, JD

Frances Faulkner's picture

Using your Wonderful Voice


It is wonderful you are using your voice to go right to the top of government to talk about such deeply important issues. Your intent, passion, leadership and drive come through loud and clear, while offering respect at the same time. Letter writing campaigns can carry much weight if done with patience and persistence and they allow others a good starting place for participation in politics. I hope other women join you in writing those letters, and the President may start to listen.

Here is to a better future!

warmly, Frances

Kika Sylvie Katchunga's picture


Thank you my sister, having raised your voice to speak for us women / girls, what is happening here at home it's not fair, it is necessary that its exchange, if you pait sister continues the fight for justice. Do not tire yourself because you are not alone. We are behind you


MWAMINI's picture

vous êtes vraiment une femme

vous êtes vraiment une femme leader avec toutes les qualités,je sais que l'idée n'était pas venue de vous même mais de l'Esprit Saint enfin que une tête plaide pour toute une nation car longtemps nous femmes et filles de ce pays soufrent de ce genre de vie entre autre: la violation de nos droits,violence sexuel.... cette fois-ci nous en avons mare.
femmes et filles congolaises tenons-nous main dans la main pour soutenir notre leader Passy

courage et paix à vous


Beverly Rose's picture

Speaking your truth

Dear Passy,

Thank you for having the courage to compose such a powerful letter - and for sharing it with World Pulse in this campaign. We must all continue to fight for laws that will protect our women and children, as oftentimes this produces favorable results. To be truly effective, however, we must change the mindset that allows this violence to happen. As long as one of us is abused, none of us are safe.

I trust you will continue in your quest for safety and respect of all. I share your struggle across the globe.

In peace,

Dear Passy,

As I read your passionate and well articulated letter to President Kabila, I felt the spirit of Nelson Mandela, cheering you and the Congolese women for speaking up for human rights. Your wisdom and belief that your leader and countrymen will have the humanity to do the right thing to help end the violence against women and children is enormous. Your words speak with love, courage and a call for humanity - we hear you, we feel you and THANK YOU!

With Gratitude and Love,


With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

aimeeknight's picture

Hi Passy, Your letter is so

Hi Passy,

Your letter is so well written and full of hope! I look forward to reading the future response. Thank you for sharing your passionate voice.

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Mauwa Brigitte's picture

THank you

Congratulations for the courage!
Fear does not advance it destroyed, Verily you are courageous for women. You had the message without constraint or discouragement it all in search of lasting peace for women as soufferent, you're a voice that amplifies the nation.


Lwesso's picture


C'est un signe de courage et d'engagement dans un plaidoyer fort et pertinent avec notre outil médiatique World pulse.Ton message va droit au cœur de tous les lecteurs avant d'atteindre son cible.
Je te souhaite de faire mieux en cette nouvelle année 2014 et surtout d'initier à d'autres filles de Goma de suivre ton exemple.



be courage

ohhh we so happy have sister like you in our generation and in our country trust me we are so luck to have someone like you just continue to rising ytour voice up ok thanks all the best




le Congo doit être un pays démocratique ou la femme respire la paix et écouter, ou le leadership féminin et respect
pasteur Emmanuel de la fondation osodi Congo bukavu


Kaddax's picture

Une courageuse

Ma soeur, courage et il faut d'autres têtes qui raisonnent ainsi en RDC car il faudrait aussi les voix des femmes pour que la RDC aillent en avant.


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