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Post your Response! What excites you most about being a VOF Listener?

Welcome to the Listeners Group!

What better way to start building community, than by asking a question? I invite you to share your thoughts on what excites you about being a part of this process! There are plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic...what are yours?

I'm looking forward to building a supportive community with you all. Thank you for being here.


alikatz's picture

So excited

My name Is Alison, i was introduced to PulseWire through Genice Jacobs, who I haven't seen in over 25 yrs. We re met on Facebook and she told me about this wonderful, amazing site. I'm hooked and excited to be part of this process!! To hear and read the experience of women around the world is more exciting than any novel I could read. These stories will be the truth, the feelings, the voices of so many individuals. These journals will be the start of something big and will definitely not be the end of what women around the world have to offer to others.

Fatima Waziri's picture

Hey there! The most exciting

Hey there!

The most exciting thing about being a VOF Listener for me is the privilege of getting to read about stories and experience of amazing women. Through my work i have come in contact with different people and heard different stories some interesting, some disturbing and other inspiring and these stories has helped shaped the way i see life.


I am very excited to be able to read the stories and share the experiences of so many amazing women.

I see that almost 600 have applied, which just demonstrates how many women want to share their stories, and to get the opportunity to learn more about using new media.

I am also excited just to be a part of this project, as it can have some really powerful outcomes, not only for those that proceed to the training, but through the very process of reflection and interaction. I think it will be a great learning experience for all involved, including us.

I look forward to being engaged in the process. Although, I anticipate we will have to make some difficult decisions...


We live in such a resplendently diverse world but often see and experience so little of it. Connecting in the VOF process allows me to immmerse myself in the splendors of humanity and to help give a voice to experiences often unheard.

There are many challenges for all of us and I cannot help but believe that in the process of sharing and listening, we all gain the strength to meet the demands of life as well as celebrate the joys of living.

It is with utter delight that I am engaging in the VOF Listener. I look forward to working with all of you.


I am so honored to get the opportunity to hear stories and ideas from women that are experiencing our world thru the lens of different cultures. I believe this sharing of stories and visions has a tremendous capacity to heal. I also believe that connecting with one another in the type of human/empathy based way that sharing stories creates, provides us with a unique chance to understand the common threads between different world experiences. It is something that gives me chills when I think about it - a format for so many diverse women to speak to one another. I can't wait!

The more women's voices are heard and heeded, the better balanced our world will be. The internet has the potential to be a great equalizer, empowering women from all walks of life to reach out and be heard.

That said, the great challenge of this amazing tool is selection. How can we pull nourishing streams from a deluging tidal wave of information, opinion, and chatter?

Being a VOF listener lets us tap the stories that speak to us, from women around the world. It's a chance to let some individual voices rise above the din. I think we'll all be richer for it.

I'm excited to be a VOF listener because I feel we'll be nuturing some seedlings that will bear rich fruit. We'll help give them some light and space to grow. What an opportunity!

Mckenzie's picture

The existence of the program

The whole program and opportunities it presents excites me. I feel honored to have the opportunity of being a listener for women around the world. To collaborate with this group of women is extraordinary. They are the voices of our future, and they deserve all the love and encouragement we have to offer. This offering excites me, since I have been blessed with listeners, I am thrilled to give back in this way!

Genice Jacobs's picture

Finally, a chance to connect

I didn't skip a beat to say "Yes" to this amazing opportunity. Thanks Jennifer for sending it my way! For so long, I've been thirsty to connect with other women around the world and explore how we may grow together and mentor one another. It's the thing that I love most about world travel--meet other women with seemingly different life circumstances and discovering all the hopes and aspirations we have in common. I've been very fortunate to watch Pulsewire grow up since it's early Beta and it's so exciting to finally be exposed to the lives and challenges of women across the globe and have good reason to interact. I see so much possibility in our collaboration and in our leveraging of web 2.0 technology to work toward bettering the lives of people worldwide.

It's a great honor to participate in this program. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you think I may be of service.

Genice Jacobs

pearld's picture

Connecting across the borders

I was absolutely thrilled when World Pulse contacted me to be a part of this exciting adventure of bringing women's voices and stories to a global level, with no borders. The most important tool for understanding and change is that of communication. I remember before I took my first steps with travel and discovery, I felt so knowledgeable about other cultures through my studies and research. But, it was not until I actually heard the voices behind the various places that I visited that I realized just how little I did know. This wonderful experience that World Pulse is allowing is one of great change. Only through the voice can we truly learn. I am excited to learn.

Kagwii's picture


The most exciting thing about being a VOF listener is being able to connect with women from across the globe who though our struggles are not homogeneous, they are what makes us unique. Hearing stories from a multi-generation of women and this being the first program of its kind, is really exciting for me. I look forward to learning and interacting.

Purity Kagwiria

jade's picture

I am excited to hear the

I am excited to hear the inspiring voices trickling up through PulseWire. Thanks for including me in this!

The Afrika way's picture


I have just found out that there is a VOF listeners group. I didn't know. This is very exciting. Women speak and they are heard. There is always someone listening. With listening, comes learning. It is humbling to listen to women tell their stories. I have read many stories in world pulse, and it is like reading a book with endless pages of short stories.

Warm regards,

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