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My Life My Origins MY LIFE

ONE : My Autobiography : Let me begin at the very beginning and from there I will proceed step by step from one moment to another event . Here it goes - I was born on a Saturday , late autumn day , early November in 1934 on Tenth day at 8.30 PM Indian Standard Time , 3 PM UT , 10 AM US Eastern Time . The house I was born in is a large home , ancestral home of my maternal grandparents Srimathi Seshamma K.... and Sri Anjaneyulu Ramaraju(s), who in future are going to be my adopted parents . So it has come to pass that I am blessed with two mothers and two fathers . My Birth mother is Srimathi Rajyalakshmi Kanukollu ( nee Ramaraju ) and my natural father is Doctor Venkata SubbaRao Kanukollu , son of Village Administrator ( Gururaju KaraNam gaaru ) of Aviripudi/Nimmakuru in Krishna District of Andhra Region of South Central East Coastal Bhaarath Desh . My Birth mother is the elder of two daughters of my maternal grandparents Seshamma / Anjaneyulu Ramaraju . My Pinni ( aunt-younger sister of my birth mother is Seetharaamamma . These are my immediate family members at the time of my birth , maternal grandparents , mother , father and aunt . I bow to all of them who at present are no more and proceed further . My natal house , my maternal grandparent's home is located in a village by name ' KORITEPAADU ' ; It is a small village , a suburb of a small Town ' GUNTUR ' . In 1934 Koritepaadu was an independent village with a Police outpost and it's own village administrators , A Karanam and A Munsab . Karanam's duties are to maintain a record of properties , birth records and Munsab is a kind of law officer . Now Koritepadu has been incorporated into Guntur corporation and lost it's individuality , but back in 1934 my village is it's own master , a part of overall British Colonial India , times usher changes , a law of nature . Now let me take you back to my natal home ; it is a big home length wise from East to West and narrow from South to North ; It is one level home with tiled roof and a tiny upstairs open sit out up front with steps coming down towards west ; the house is facing East on to village main road ; on the north is a barn of a farmer with cattle , hens running around , and a small silo ; on the west is a small hut belongs to a goldsmith ; south-west is a small lane which runs from west to east , connecting to our main road towards south ; between that lane and my natal home is a house with a joint wall separating us and occupied by a relative unfriendly family with whose members my grand parents had very little social interaction due to some ancestral house ownership dispute , let us not bother about them at this point . We come out of my natal home East on to the village main road and proceed to the left towards North and after six houses we come to our village temple situated on the same side of street as our home . The temple is the Abode of our family deity Lord Raama accompanied by Seethamma , and Hanuma my ishtta daivam . Beside the Temple the northern boundary of our village is The Temple Tank with a mango grove in front and still beyond to North is the village crematorium cum burial ground . There is a small village library towards South West boundary of village with few books to read and one or two Thelugu news papers . Guntur Town is encircled by a ring road with my village on it's northern rim . Koritepaadu village is populated by farming community and overall it is a peaceful lovable small village of friendly working class blue collar families ; I feel so sorry that I have left that nice village in 1952 severing all my connections with it but not yet with Guntur Town , that is yet to come - that brings to an end of my description of my native village and let us go back to my natal home and find out more about my birth - patience my well wishers ----




KrishnaAnasooyaAathreya - Ancestry - Part One :
Prologue : Anasooya / Athri ----
KandaLi Aurvi Bhaargavi / Doorvaasa Anasooya Aathreya --
Years rolled by , decades disappeared , centuries closed , millennia passed by as I am born into -
a. Anasooya/Athri -Doorvaasa Anasooya Aathreya Ancestry on Paternal Side
b. Bhrigu-Sukra-Chyavana -- Kandali Aurvi Bhaargavi on Maternal Side ;
c. Vyaasa - Vysampaayana - Aapasthambha - as A KrishnaYajurvedi ;
d. Aadi Sankara Aachaarya as An Advaithi ---
and finally As An ---
e. Aathreya Gothri 'RAMARAJU' Family -
how did I acquire RAMARAJU family name - let us wait , I will search my ancestry
As a first step towards RAMARAJU Family History
A Preview of Bhaarath Geography
Bhaarath is Draavida - Aarya Varth
Himalayas In The North
Hindu Mahaa Samudra In The South
Towards East is BangaaLakhaath
Towards West is Sea of Sindh
Vindhya Range in the middle of Bhaarath
North is Abode Of Gods Utthara Bhaarath
South Of Vindhya Range Traversed By Agasthya Is DakshiNa Bhaarath
DakshiNa Bhaarath is the sojourn of Sages , Saints of Great Worth
Let us proceed south and south east of Vindhyas towards BangaaLakhaath
We are now in The Land of Thelugu Speaking Land Andhra Bhaarath--
This Is The Land That Gave Birth To My Ancestors and me also henceforth-
We have to proceed and explore further south
Let us rest a while before I take you along with
Let us start our journey as promised , from north to south in Thelugu land ,
River Vamsadhaara Sreekaakulam Sri Koormam , Vizianagaram , Visakhapatnam Andhra University Andhra Medical College , Annavarm Sri Rama SathyanaarayaNa , RaajaMahendraVaram on the banks of Mighty River Godaavari/Gauthami , further south Hemapuri Dwaraka Thirumala Chinna Thirupathi , we are almost there near where my fore fathers were born - Now we are at the feet of Kanaka Durga on Indra Keelaadri overlooking the northern banks of My River KrishnaVeNi - let us just rest a while here , pay our obeisance to KanakaDurgammaThalli - I will cross River Krishna and will take you with me to our final destination of my RAMARAJU Ancestor and His progeny - With Vijayawaada Devi Kanaka Durga Abode On Indra Keelaadri Hill
Looking after us as we cross River Krishna from north to south till
we safely reach southern bank of KrishnaVeNi into Caves of Vundavilli
Guntur District , Guntur County , Or Guntur Zilla what you will
The birth place of my Ancestor RAMARAJU , my forefathers , me also
We move through SeethaNagaram , MangaLagiri of LakshmiNaarasimha hill
We arrive in Palanaadu Area and There is GUNTUR Town , my birth place
Guntur my mother land maathrubhoomi my home from 1934 - 1992 until
In That Sacred Area Was Born 400 years back My Family Progenitor RAMAYYA and how became to be known as RAMARAJU Llet me tell
Ramayya Panthulu is A 6 vela Niyogi Braahmin ; a village administrator , a pandit , a guru , was running a Guru Kulam = Residential Vedic School ; His wife Punnamma , a noble lady and a home-maker par excellence ; Local Palanaadu ruler was pleased with scholarly attributes of Ramayya Panthulu and bestowed the title of Raju upon him and that is how Ramayya Panthulu became RAMARAJU and hence forth his descendants ,Subbaraju , Venkataraju , Appalaraju were referred to as RAMARAJU s successively - with me being A RAMARAJU - balakrishna murthy RAMARAJU - with this ancestral history I am ready to arrange in chronolgical order all my Ancestors -- please bear with me krishna.
KrishnaAnasooyaathreya-dr.bala krishna murthy ramaraju


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