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Borderless World


The World has seen evolutions from the start. The birth of Earth itself was an evolution. Starting from the Stone Age, now civilization, the world has been through different evolutions. It’s not wrong to stay that now the world is going to another era, the age of “Technology”. Yes we are living in an age of information technology. Technology has made us connect, develop and respond. Technology for me is breathing in a world with no Borders. The World was given to us to connect and live peacefully but we made borders and divided ourselves in classes. But technology has given us the power to change that and make a whole new world with no borders. It is stronger than the real world. The first time I saw a computer I was not allowed to touch it because of the thought that I will probably damage it. I stayed determined and learnt computer use by just observing my elders when they used it. Today though I’m not a computer expert, I can connect anywhere in the world I want. The passion for advocacy in my heart got its pulse because of internet. Internet is the best outcome of technology.

I have used technology not only to connect but to educate myself with knowledge which was never taught in textbooks. It has open my mind and made me able to accept the challenges without any fear. I live online, I breathe online and I will die online. This statement might seem tricky but it’s true. The concepts of migration have even evolved after the great migration from orkut to Facebook and now twitter. We have started living online and it will be a mistake not to empower yourself enough to easily breathe in this online world. It is said that diamonds are girl’s best friend but for me it is “Technology is girl’s best friend”. If a single tweet can bring revolution in Egypt then collective efforst to bring peace and end hate speech through internet will result in a peaceful world of flowers.

The best gift given by internet is web 2.0. As it is said that “Television is a threat to democracy” I would say that web 2.0 is a savior of democracy. It has empowered people like me, at the grassroots level to let our voices be heard at the international level. In 2009 I decided to use this amazing gift of the internet, web 2.0. I wanted to use it to raise my voice on the topics which were ignored by the mainstream media because they were suppressed by the monopolies and conglomerates. I decided to digitally empower women of Pakistan and my journey got successful after I reached different communities and taught girls the art of photography and digital storytelling. In 2013 I got selected as a Voices of Our Future correspondent by World Pulse. It was the best moment of my life. Finally after years of establishing my writing skills I got a great opportunity to learn as well as to write for betterment. I remember once my mother asked me: why do you blog for women empowerment and feminism as mostly people in Pakistan are computer illiterate. I replied my purpose is not only to attract more people to read my blog but to actually change the mind of people and make them believe in feminism. Even if one person after reading my blogs starts believing in feminism, the purpose of my life will be served. As humans we are born equal but when we are not treated equal it is not our fault. However, not to raise our voice against inequalities is certainly our mistake. Today I see girls sitting in the most rural areas of my country using cellphone and becoming citizen journalists and human rights activists. This is what technology has given to me, a voice which makes me believes in equality and harmony and the journey continues.


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