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Nepal needs to do more to bring mental change

While I was volunteering as a facilitator in an Ngo name INSEC which was doing the campaign about ‘Constitutional Assembly and People’s Dialogue’, I have to go to two different village development councils, Mirgouliya and Harriachha by travelling in a bus. While I was travelling, One day I saw an incident in a bus which stills is running in my mind. One of the passengers, who looked educated and wealthy, was arguing about the rights to another without knowing what exactly the right is. The passenger said that she had paid much bus fare so she could have a seat as her wished. I actually didn’t know how much she had paid for her journey.
In the beginning, I saw her in last seat but in the middle of her destination, she wanted to change her seat in the front. She didn’t request to the passenger who was sitting in the front. She came and started to tell that she needs that seat because the conductor had taken much money from her. And she was telling it was her right to sit anywhere as her wished because she had paid much. I was surprised and confused what types of right was that..? I think for a while and looked at her carefully. My mind was full of questions. Why did she go to male seat and tell to that man like that? Did she do intensionallly? Why she didn't come and talk to me because I was also in the front seat?But there was no answers.
Not only me, everyone was looking her. The passenger who was in front seat was telling that, he also had paid money so he hesitates to stand. Finally, he was sad and angry and stands up from the seat. He was telling that what types of right is this? People have money and spend to buy the right. Can we buy our right with money if so till when? When our (poor people) day will come to freely enjoy our right?
She was talking about her right but she forgot the right to respect for private (other). This is what I saw in a bus but there are many other reasons that people have to far from their rights. There are other cases where people are control to use their rights by their family members and the environment. In Mirgouliya and Harriachha, some young women wanted to involve in politics but was restricted by their families. Their parents thought that politics is a bad game so they limited their daughter in home. They think that only the rich people can involve in politics because poor people do not have money to spend in election and run the party. It is true that political parties spands alot of money before and during election. Political parties members also cares people as their family members till election but they forgot people after the election.
It was not their fault that they restricted their children to be far from politics but it was government fault. Every government gives first priority to their personal work rather than public work. They give first priority to their family and relatives rather than to people. So people define politics as a game and still some people want to be far from it. Its government’s responsibility to bring awareness among all people and bring equality in the country but unfortunately I have to say still government is not concern about it.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

I love this

There are so many important things you said. When I was reading about the lady my firsts thoughts were she was feeling like she needed to stand up for herself. Maybe she realized that she always went to the very back of the bus because of the feeling that she was less worthy to sit in the front ones. It could be she marshaled her courage to stand up for herself by doing this.

I think that is one problem we woman face is we need more role models for the everyday type of stuff and what to do about it when we realize things like this suddenly and feel inspired to do something right then. I think the fact that she went to a male passenger speaks to the idea that she was trying to reinforce her worth as a woman, maybe? That she has just as much right to that seat then a man and the idea that she had paid for it just like he had so why shouldn't she sit in the front instead of the back. It might have been realizing that she always went straight to the back for feelings of esteem and worth and really wanted to change that.

It is easy to forget that an individual is a person and not an image of what we feel is wrong about our society. I think it was very nice of the man to stand up and let her have his seat even though he did not need to. I am curious if she was the one who looked educated or was it the man sitting? If she was the educated looking one maybe she targeted him on purpose if he also did not look educated to her. If he was the one who looked educated to the lady then she might have chosen him just for that reason.

I think there are many things that families believe will help protect and shelter their children. I think it is easy to find many examples of corrupt politicians in any society and that helps explain the families feelings since no one wants their child to become corrupted. We really need to change things from the 'ground up' as the saying goes.

Thank you for posting since it really makes you think about many things!


sunita.basnet's picture

Think at Once

Yes, the woman looked educated and wealthy compared to the man. Yes, we all need to think about this situation. why she did so? Why she went to the male seat not in female seat? I was also in the front seat but she didn't tell anything? We need to think this situation deeply. Did she do it intensionally or something else...?
Thanks for your comment.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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