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Alaskan Natives need your help

It is truly tragic what is happening to Alaskan Natives, mostly because Americans don't really care at all what is happening to us. Alaska is rich in natural resources and we all know the greed of the white man is insatiable. To help themselves not feel guilty about this they try to pretend this happened hundreds of years ago like when they first came to the Americas.

I think part of it is when they read in history books how when they first came over here they were mistaken for gods. I think, as silly as it sounds, that they really believe we think of them as our gods. It would greatly explain their attitudes and actions towards us but I humbly suggest that they look into medication for this.

I know I may sound harsh but really, enough is enough. We are usually a very friendly peoples who have the concept of "hospitality". So, when you come you are welcomed warmly into our homes, given gifts, etc. to make you feel welcome. The trouble arises when you do not leave. Take this as the polite social cough to let you know that you have seriously overstayed your welcome in our homeland.

It is so ingrained in white people, this feeling of being so much better then 'the savages' that they don't seem to realize they do it and it is called prejudice and it is ugly. The girls took an Alaskan Studies course, a required subject up here for graduation, and were deeply offended by the course material. The teacher was a Christian lady who thought herself a very good person and she was nice but... We brought it to her attention towards the end of the course how prejudiced the material was. What really got my daughters fuming was how an extra credit question on the Final was to list all the diseases and problems of the Natives, 1 point for each thing. We tried to explain to the lady how this was racist and prejudiced but she gently shook her head and said 'What else can we say? This is how it is!" The girls were shocked by her blindness about it but this is a major character flaw of the white person how they see only what they want to see. So I said "How about: the greedy white man came to Alaska and.. " but stopped when they lady looked deeply offended and shocked. Our grades were not yet turned in and white people can be very vengeful and I didn't want to risk their 'A's" in the course so basically shut up about it.

Examples abound for the white man's insatiable greed and lust for things and their total disregard for other people. Here is an article about one particular white family, the Murkowskis.

The article hints at how they use and abuse the system in saying that the father gave his daughter his old job but refuses to come right and say anything about how wrong this is. The reason they do not is all the white people up here are guilty of this. In that same article it talks about Stevens who corruption and greed is indeed legendary up here. If you look at the life of the Native peoples you will see that they seemed to have pocketed the billions of dollars he got from the Federal Government.

Here is an example of how they used a Native lady so they would not seem to be prejudiced:

It saddened many Natives because she did not realize how she was being used by the white people. And here is what they did to her:

Basically, the throwing of her to the wolves. Please watch this and see how the white men will get hand slaps and hidden nudges from each other while she will probably get maximum penalties and jail time as a warning to all us other natives of what will happen to us when they can no longer use us. Make no mistake it was these same white republicans who had this plan from the start since I said they were greedy not incompetent. They had this same sort of plan for America and people watched it happen as the economy collapsed yet they are still as vocal as ever because the know the defining character trait of the white person is greed.

If you read this and was surprised at how I view white people and if you are a white person and deeply offended by this then you have just received a taste of what we mean when we talk about systematic oppression. Imagine this same attitude everywhere you look. Imagine every single Alaskan Native believing this is true about your kind. Imagine some being kind and offering to take you to the mental health clinic to get you some medication and considering this kindness and charity to you.

Hopefully, I have opened everyone's eyes to what we face daily up here. Things have changed greatly for us, mostly to our own hard work, mind. They tried for the total eradication of the Aleut people and I always ask myself why they feared us so much. One reason I really want to get this out into the open and talked about and discussed is because these are things that happened to my mother and her generation and yes, it is personal. Growing up they tried to get us to feel ashamed of being Native but they forgot our spirit is alive and strong and untouchable by them. Native pride is what we teach our children and we will find a way to fix this ourselves but it would help speed things along if others joined us in our fight for Justice.

As a sort of p.s. I showed this to my daughters and we giggled and laughed and I asked if I should post it and they said I was so gutsy to write it and to please post it, so here it is... They understand I used a partly 'shock style' to grab the attention and to help show what we face daily so I do apologize if it offends anyone.


JaniceW's picture

Thank you

Maria, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Maria de Chirikof's picture

thanks janice!

I was worried everyone would read the first paragraph and think 'Ugh!' and move on to a more enlightening one. The girls laughed when I added the last paragraph with an extra apology since I don't believe in demeaning anyone or their culture. But you only need to take a glance at Alaska's history to see why I wrote it this way.

I was thinking of adding many other things in but figured I got the point across well enough so...


change your philosophy's picture

No need for an apology

Alaska is off of my radar most of the time, I grew up mostly in the Southern US, and am very familiar with the oppression down there. Alaska seems to also be off a lot more peoples' radars, but I do know that amongst the white folks in government and general everyday life it is really conservative, which needs to be brought to peoples' attention, it needs to be challenged, and it seems like that is what you are doing! So that's incredible, and that never needs any sort of apology.

"I am entrenched in a single thing", said by Pablo Neruda, felt the same by me, Meghan McInerney.

aliĝngix's picture


I know how you feel. They act as if we all died a hundred years ago and are just accepting charity! This is a paradox mind game that needs attention, so this whole article just for this acts as a beacon for Native in Alaska.
Alaska is only 60 years old, so I wonder if it took them this long to crash Natives up here, how longer will it take to get it back to equilibrium?

Oh, and I don't think you need to apologize. I think it all said it for itself before the apology paragraph. Bold fortune the brave, as they say. Someone needs to talk sometime, yeah?

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