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Setting the Path

Observing every day life activities can be a drain and a bit overwhelming emotionally. Interacting with people in high stressed situations can lead to something we call energetic merging. What this means is that you can take on the emotional, mental, and physical symptoms of someone that you are trying to help. Most of you have already experienced this, possibly unaware. Some of you, depending on your level of sensitivity, may already be aware. So how does one go about helping others without taking on the symptoms? I mean, after all it is only natural for you to feel compassionate about the people you are trying to help. How do you detach from the emotional onslaught, and stay attached to your purpose?

All of these things can be learned and/or mastered through becoming aware of the energy we exchange between each other, circumstances, and places.


To succeed at whatever your goals may be, whether it is personal, family, career, or community based... Attune yourself to your truest and greatest intentions. Then visualize yourself sending that out while acquiring others' attention. Intention else has several polarities and thus, possibilities. They can change as you begin to evolve more into your life's purpose. Intention is when you allow yourself to tap into the Divine energy within you, that eventually guides you into your higher purpose, and directs your steps. You begin to see that there is more than positive or negative, high or low, left or right, black or white. You begin to see and feel the Infinite Mind guide you toward Infinite possibilities by helping you to see things from a different way of thinking. There is a Divine source that supplies thoughts and ideas. We call this Creation's Mind. When you relax yourself and block out external interruptions, you are able to tap into this divinity.

After you get in tune with your intentions, you can do something we call Movie's of the Mind. With this technique, you bring yourself to a quiet place, breathe deeply for 10 minutes and focus only on that breathing during that time, then visualize yourself fulfilling your goal or purpose in every little detail. The more detail the better. The more people, the more effective this technique is as energy/power follows thought. This whole process is part of your Attention.. or what your energy will attend, what it will go to. During the process of doing Movie's of the Mind - make sure to include the people that you need to connect with, the resources you need to make it happen, and the finances you need to fund your goal or project.

As we do more journal entries we will go into the actual art of transmutation and how to transmute negative, or lower emotions/energy into higher, more fulfilling ones by releasing whatever is happening in the subconscious and the DNA.

Lady Finex


Auma's picture

Setting The Path

has been truly a benefiting article to me,as i believe it will be to the rest of the Group Members.Thank you Lady Finex for being here,and welcome! I will be looking out for more developments on this.I would love all my undertakings to succeed,and i can't wait for more resources on how to do this!

Asante sana (thank you very much),


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Am willing to

I don't know about this but I am willing to open listen and try!

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Just what I need!

I can really understand this, it is just some times when the negativity is strong it is a bit hard to deal with. I am in a job where there is alot of negativety and I am working with many people with some serious problems. Personally I feel the job that I do is very high stress and the negative energy is very strong there, I have been detatching and trying to clean this energy. I am at the point where maybe I need to leave this job! I do cleansing every night when I arrive home. I don't know if you can understand what I am saying, but at times this energy can be very overwhelming. This article is great for me. Thank you, Karen


ladyfinex's picture

Just what I need

Hi Karen and thanks for reading this. Actually I do completely understand what you are saying. One of the things that the Creator showed me about you right away is that you are an empath. Are you aware of this and do you understand what an empath is? This is one of the main reasons it is intense for you. I also see that you have some unresolved anger with something, not sure what.. but any type of negative emotions, fears, sadness, resentments, grudges, etc. leave us vulnerable to many things that carry a lower vibrational frequency. All emotions that don't make you feel good, including jealousy, can really do damage to our livelihood. In this case, and for all cases, everything you are dealing with has to do with your belief system. There are 4 different levels of them on the subconscious. The work that I do with Theta DNA Healing is excellent! it is the latest thing I got certified in, when I went to Costa Rica and trust me, I SWEAR BY IT!!! I have been a healer for several years, but this here brings about the changes instantly!

Trust me when I tell you Karen, that life can be very different and I have experienced it on all extremes. If you feel you need to change your job, then do so, but don't forget to take time to resolve any other issue that may be holding you back. Feel free to email me if you like. I do sessions long distance as well.

Learn, Implement, Develop

Karen's picture

Wow, I thank you for

Wow, I thank you for responding and you are exactly right. I am new to this and I do not know how to reach you by e-mail, would it be possible to tell me how I can do this? Yes you do understand, Karen


ladyfinex's picture

Wow, I thank you for

You are very welcome! that is why I am here.. I haven't been on here as much because I was out of the country and i have so much to share and then of course, running my practice. Anyway, you can email me if you are interested in sessions with me. My new (re-did) web site will be available on Monday. I hope to here from you soon.

Learn, Implement, Develop

Karen's picture


Thank you so much I would like to take part in a session or so.LOL Karen


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It is a pleasure to join this group, because I often need to be reminded of the art of not being offended. You see most people carry around their issues and dump them on to others, and often times we have been programmed to take them as our issues, when they are not. If we can leave others baggage with them, then we have less to carry. The information on being an empath was of crucial importance to me, when I was working in an extreme negative environment, so it is criticual to know when you have this gift and to develop protective and cleansing measures to deal with this gift. Often times, you need nature to cleanse the negative energy from your being, incense and crystals also assist in this process, as well as knowing how to utilize crystals to cleanse you chakras of negative debris.
What I often do with negativity is to allow it to energize and motivate me to perform positive acts of kindness and activities in my life, that way I am able to transmute it to its positive form. Because we are powerfill beings who have given away our power to religions and gurus, when it was really meant for us to harness and utilize.

Bridget B's picture

Very warm

This is a very warm group discussion. Thank you for your thoughts and insights.

Ladyfinex, I'm reading the articles you have posted on your website...very soothing...always good to get an extra boost of warm energy.

I'm just getting started in familiarizing myself with World Pulse and I'm looking forward to participating a bit more after I dig into the site offerings.

Stay well...

Bridget B.
~ always consider the possibilities

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