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My Heroine of The week

Over the week i have been meditating on the life of many women and girls that impact our lives with virtue. My aim was to start a page of my postings on Heroinesof the month, these being women that I feel taht speak directly to my heart by their action, their faith and their service to their families, communities and nations,

But before i could draw the curtains to this important page, I received a clip forwarded to me by a dear friend and this turned around my world. This short video clip is about Esther, 8 year old girl from a remote village who has touch my heart.

As a mother,I could not help it but cry after watching Jane show unconditional love to her malnourished sibblings Sam and Esther. My heart kept asking Where is humanity when our children are dying of hunger, where is church, the state and all men and women of Good will

Dear worldpulse readers, I am left with no words but only a question to you who will watch this clip
will you afford a new pair of shoes, a new handbag to match and any luxury before girls like Jane get back their basic human right?

What this clip and tell me

This week this little girl Jane is my heroine.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

love it but...

I was loading it to watch and my girls came over to watch it with me. My oldest, who is a very sensitive and caring person ran away crying as soon as she saw the little kids. Instead of feeling hope that there are caring people in the world she felt like the opposite. I turned it off and went to talk to her and decided to post it here too in case other sensitive souls feel over powered by the images.

She was crying very hard and saying there was too much hardship on the world, just too much and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Her heart was breaking and I felt bad that her good heart was being torn apart by this. So I talked with her a bit and want to hug the other woman on her who might feel like she did.

I told her there is an old saying that goes something like "the world becomes what we imagine it to be" and many bad people know and believe this is true. What happens is they try to make all the good people feel hopeless and harden their hearts. When we try to reach these people sometimes the image is too strong for the sensitive ones though. I said the film was designed to be a sort of sledge hammer breaking the stone wall around the hard of heart. I said if we let ourselves become lost in despair and hopelessness that there is just "too much bad stuff going on" then they win.

Believing in the beauty and power of the world IS how we will change it for the better. Within moments she had stopped crying. I said to try drawing a picture that shows some hope. Her favorite game to play is one called Legend of Zelda so I asked her what Link, the hero, eats. She said they don't really eat in the game but he gets a bowl of soup that gives strength. I said try to draw a picture then showing the Hero passing on a bowl to you to give you strength to keep the hope alive in your heart and mind that the world will become a better place.

Whether you love writing, drawing or however you express yourself, if you feel overwhelmed by things sometimes, please try to put it down in writing or images and capture that strong emotion and turn it into your personal symbol of hope and love. Everyone feels like there is just too much "bad" in the world for us to change. That is not true. It does start within ourselves though. True change starts within your own heart. It is never wrong to feel things strongly like what happened here but it needs to be changed into something positive in whatever way you can.

I hope that helps a tiny bit if you had a reaction like my daughter. I truly believe in the power of love and how each of us embracing that power of love inside ourselves will bring about the change we want. It may seem we are taking baby steps instead of giant leaps but think how each little step is something real and true that can't be taken away.

hugs and love,


Thank you Maria

I am grateful for your response. The whole night all i could think is this little girl and Like your daughter My husband too watched the clip but weeped he could not finish watching all.

Honestly, My aim of this posting is for us to see just how much love can take us along way. i admire that little girl jane despite having nothing to offer her dying sibblings she offered love, She fetched weater to bath them in love, she looked for soap in love, she bathed them in love, not getting tired of doing it in love she carried them heavy as they were nad as hungry as she too was she fed them those cookies with so much love.

That was a lesson for me, just how much we give up on people who we think they will never make it. Just how much we love our selves more than others and choose to run away in the midst of trouble.

I have learnt through watching this clip that loves surpasses all calamity. Please give a warm hug to your daughter for me.

I love you all

Maria de Chirikof's picture


I plan on watching it fully when the girls are busy somewhere else. I know your heart meant to show the power of love! You are a beautiful person and it shows with all your posts so do not worry I ever thought otherwise! I was just afraid of someone feeling bad about not being able to watch it all like my daughter and wanted to give them a hug.

I do believe the power of love is great and it is helpful to be reminded from time to time to take a moment to see if you are still living up to your idea of yourself. Sometimes all of our goodness gets put on hold as we try to just survive so it is good to take the time to do things like this. I look forward to reading about other great woman of your country in future articles like this! There are so many unsung ones that I love the idea of this thread!


It is really sad and unbearable to see children suffer so. Heartbreaking actually. The are millions of helpless people in the world and I know that feeling, the feeling of not being able to do anything about it. It makes you want to say 'one man can't change the world'.

There are many good people who wish the world could be different. But rather than sit and be defeated because we cannot change the world at once, extend help to your closest neighbour who needs it. Help those you can. Help your closest neighbour and pray for those you cannot reach. Pray that someone who can reach them will help them. Pray that you get the opportunity to reach as many as you can. It will not fix all the problems in the world, probably not that of the little girl, but it sure is a start. One step at a time for the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

Dear Nelly

thank you for your contribution. By faith walls tumble down, hudles are overcome, amies are defeated in war. By faith women reach out in prayer and destinies are tranformed. I have Learnt this one thing over the years. That I choose to do my best and when I have done so what I cannot Let God do the rest.

I Know this may not may be appeal to everyone.But as a believer in Christian faith i know just how much prayer has helped me in time of need. And sure a times we are overwhelmed by the needs in our families, in our communities in our nations in the world But having done our best lets let that Mighty power of God do the rest.

But do we ever do to the best of our portion or do we watch as bystanders hoping that somebody else will do the work. We are all members of the same body If one member fails we all fail, if one member pains the whole body is in Pain. This is evidenced by the empathy and sorrow of our hearts as we watch the least amongst us suffer fate.
May God have mercy and favour us womenm men , children of the world AMEN. I hope those who read your contribution and this will take a minute and say a prayer for the Children like Jane, her brother Sam and sister Esther and others all over the world. That they may find refuge in the hands of a people who care.
Thank you Nelly.

yudith listiandri's picture

My prophet's word

Helping one soul is valued as helping the entire human race.


mamaAfrica's picture

Your prophet is right

thank you Yudith for sharing. I agree with your prophets word. If we cannot take care of individulas how shall we care about groups, communities, nations and the world? the individual is the basis of every society and human security must not be overshadowed by the greed of few who want to control power

Victoria Vorosciuc's picture

sometimes we forget...

how many similar cases are in the whole world...
who cares?
why we never remember about people starving somewhere and we throw the crumbs and by Kite Kat - of high quallity for the pets? But at the same time we pass by some beggars and try to avoid their eye contact?
What are the reach people doing - getting depressed and spending times in casinos? Home many martinis can one drink after such a movie...
Why Afrika is soo poor ?
what is the government doing? And where all donations from international donors go? Why Africa is known as poorest continent when we know that there were English Colonies taking their goods...

Where is the reality and who hides what? What was the biggest mistake of mankind after all?

Love the Latin quote “Homo homini lupus est “

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
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