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“We can’t do Everything but Everyone can do Something”

My personal vision for my life is that I want to become a writer whose words become weapons to battle with violence and discrimination against improvised children’s, women and young girls. My voice is important for the voiceless who endure the trauma with agonizing silence; my voice is alive and is full of life; my voice is ambitious for it aims to bring positive changes; my voice is rebellious and does not obey any rule, any constraint; and my voice is powerful enough for change and success.

The most importantly, my vision is that I see myself as a part of solutions to Education, poverty, human trafficking, women and girls rights; moreover, I always see myself as trailblazer of positive changes in my community. I want to be an effective change maker and exemplary social worker. I also see my knowledge and my experience will be the service to others’ needs.

I want UDiON to provide a vibrant and diverse residential learning community where underprivileged children’s, girls are encouraged to take part in and fulfill their potentials. I want to improve the quality of education by creating a student-focused environment in which each individual is encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions so that they can recognize their own potentials as well as to be able to cultivate each individual’s self-confidence, creativity, and their critical thinking skills to explore more through daily interactions, communications and readings.

As I think of the current crises that are facing in Bangladesh, I get really frustrated and begin to think that the chance of my vision for empowering Bangladeshi youth and women is bleak. Bangladeshi youth who led coalition of armies in battle of 1971, and ruled over ancient Pakistani ferocious, are being oppressed in the name of tradition, laws, and family owned business (politics is not never was never will and shouldn’t be a business).

My voice comes from the passion I have to make my vision for Bangladeshi youth and women. I want to magnify the cries of 116 million innocent people over 20 million who live below poverty line over 4.6 million who is in depressed child labor, domestic violence, sexual abuse so that it may be heard. I want us to reclaim the free Bangladesh so bloodshed and lives and those scars to heal. I want the accusatory cultural views to change so that women feel supported to address these issues, and not suffer alone in silence anymore. I want domestic violence to be addressed seriously, and not seen as a personal issue, or a form of spousal discipline. I want rape to be seen as a crime and not as a punishment because a woman’s behavior can be subjected to debate and interpretation. I want women and children’s to find a safe space to speak their truth of the experience. Essentially, I want discussion of sexual crimes, and domestic violence to be normalized so that we may overcome them, and so that the perpetrators do not find safety within cultural norms that allow the unbearable silence.

Through Voices of Our Future, We will find a way to share our voice, and for it to be heard across the world. I believe that when a child or a woman’s voice is rising louder, it gives an opportunity for child and women who live in fear and silence a chance to speak out. Everyone has something to offer through our voice. I want to become a Voices of Our Future generation because I do not want to continue the silence. I want to be at a position that allows me to give voice to the voiceless who endure the trauma with agonizing silence.

I’m convinced that what’s happening in Bangladesh has nothing to do with Jamat E-Islam but instead with the politics of oppression. I hope to be seeing our youth, young men and women, rising up against the violations made in the name of their party. If you want defeat Jamat E-Islam do so in democratic processes not in politics of oppression. We should uphold democracy to enjoy our personal freedom and rights. Religion is a personal belief -- not a state affair and a tool of injustice that humiliate human beings.

We have to begin our civil rights quest in ERNEST—not by a quiet discussion in the corner, not by being the last topic of an agenda. Justice and equality delayed is justice and equality DENIED.

The mission is critical; the task is challenging and lonely. There is NO ONE ELSE to turn to or give the task to. We are it. Our quest is noble, our challenge is enormous, our mission is sacred and we must not fail. We must not fail our children.

Education is the best way to end the cycle of Poverty and exploitation of children’s. We must educate ourselves and others around us.

“I will Continue to Study, till there is Nothing More to Learn.” World Pulse gave us the platform to raise our voice, question, bounce ideas and think innovatively with like-minded people around the world on how to make this world a little better place than what I found.

Radwan Chowdhury
UDiON Foundation


Leslie Stoupas's picture

Incredible Vision

What an incredible vision you have, not only for Bangladesh and your work with the UDiON Foundation, but for seeing the issues faced by women, children, and the poor diminished because of cultural mores that allow abuse to happen. Your call to approach all people with the dignity of a human being is wonderfully said. Thank you for sharing your vision!

Leslie Stoupas

Sangita Thapa's picture


Im sure with such determination, strong voice and clear vision, it will come true soon! My best wishes. :)


sgrace1224's picture


Thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams for the future. I too believe it only takes ONE voice to help start a revolution. I don't mean one of violence and oppression, but one of support, love, and social justice. I love when you say, "Justice and equality delayed is justice and equality DENIED". I truly believe it is this generation, OUR generation, that can and WILL change the way people and communities in our world are educated. We will never stop fighting for each other.

All the Best,

Sara :)

Leigh Anne Kranz's picture


Dear Radwan,

Thank you for sharing your vision with the world, and for focusing on children, women and girls. WE NEED MEN LIKE YOU!

Do you mind sharing how you came to reach this deep level of understanding? What lead you to this work?

I feel that it is VITAL for men to teach and mentor other men and boys. This method is the most effective, I have come to believe.

Would you be interested in participating in a forum about engaging men in these issues? There is discussion among the WP mentor community to begin a group for this discussion.

Thank you again!
Leigh Anne Kranz

udion's picture

Thank You!

Dear Leslie, Sangita, Sara & Leigh.

Thank you so much for the inspiration. world has enough resources and kind hearted people we just need to bring them to one platform to make the positive changes that needed for those are in need. I am dedicated to unfinished work of our ancestor, who gave their lives, their blood for freedom, for dignity, for us to live freely and with honor. Unfortunately human nature made certain people greedy but that can’t stop people like us to make positive changes.

As a men I feel ashamed when I see children’s, girls, women are abused, used as men’s playground and used for profit by group of men, what they don’t realize they too have mother, sister and daughter. My heart bleeds to see such horrific act, which is why I decided to be the voice of those voiceless, powers to the powerless and lend my hands with love and care to bring the changes. I don’t believe violence ever solved anything in world; I’m a believer with love and social movement change can happen will happen. And agree with Sara, our generation will make it happen.

I will love to take part to anything to mobilize and revolutionize our generation; our youth to talk about social injustice, bring the changes that desperately need and justice must prevail, as Dr. King said “Injustice anywhere is Threat to Justice Everywhere”

Thank You!

Starland's picture

So wonderful to read this!

Thank you, Radwan, I found your words to be uplifting and inspirational. If I can help in an way, please let me know.

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

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