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Living in war in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

War Affects Women in North Kivu, DRC

This multimedia story is part of an assignment for Voices of Our Future a program of World Pulse that provides rigorous digital empowerment and citizen journalism training for grassroots women leaders. World Pulse lifts and unites the voices of women from some of the most unheard regions of the world.


Greengirl's picture

A Message of Hope

The many challenges that women face in the cause of and after wars is really very pathetic. I could not but pick out the words of the victims in the camp who mentioned how they are confronted with the dangers of rape in the course of sourcing fuel wood.

Thank you Passy for sharing a message of hope in the midst of the war in the DRC. I hope that every woman affected by the war will find lasting support that will enable them become more productive and independent.

You did great and I loved the background music.


Kara-Amena's picture

Dear Passy, I read Emily's

Dear Passy,

I read Emily's wonderful article about you and about your work and just watched your video. It's heartbreaking to see and feel the struggles of the women and children you are helping. I know your work is difficult and there must be many times when you feel tired and discouraged, but always remember that your hope and efforts fuel the hope of so many. Every woman you help is able to help her own children and other family members. When other women see the benefits of your programs they will be inspired to make their own small changes to improve their lives. It was great to see the smile on the face of the woman at the end of your video and feel her pride as she talked about what you have done for her and how her life has changed since learning new skills and becoming more independent.

I wish you the very best in your continued efforts, Passy. And congratulations for all that you have achieved so far.


JaniceW's picture

Compelling video

Passy, my heart broke at the conditions the IDPs live in, especially when you think of the homes they had before war broke out. The contrast between life before and after AIPROFEN is profound, and you can sense the pride and restored dignity in the women you interviewed as a result of your programs.

This is a strong and powerful video, in particularly when the women spoke about the dangers of fetching firewood. I also felt that the music you chose to accompany the images was well chosen.

Thank you for this wonderful video and for sharing the story of these women and the AIRPROFEN program.

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby's picture


Dear Passy,

Thank you so much for this moving piece of work. Despite the pitiful living conditions endured by these dear people, one's heart begins to lift as soon as the scene of the first woman at the sewing machine comes to us. And then, the woman (with bright orange-red head scarf) shares an even better solution -- that they now teach other women this skill.

It's wonderful, Passy, that you got to interview these women at some length so that we, your audience, really have a change to HEAR what they are saying and understand their plights. Thank Heaven for AIRPROFEN . . .

. . . and for you!

With Respect & Gratitude for what you have shared here,


Passy the work that you describe in this amazing video touches my heart and I know it must touch the heart of every viewer. I am so thankful for you and for AIRPROFEN for touching the women who are suffering and in pain. Your story is remarkable in showing how grateful and appreciative the women who have received help from you and your organization. I trust your group can continue to find the strength to touch other lives and keep making the difference that inspires others to go on with productive lives. You are an amazing model for how to teach, heal and lead women to better places.

Blessings to you, Elaine

Elaine R. Millam

bitani's picture

touching video

Passy, your efforts show in the video. It is touching, and when i first saw the camp i thought how nice/green the background natural scene is, but how sad and unfair is the scene of the camps.

war affects everybody, dear, and the sad thing is that people are still making new ones instead of solving the already tens of them.

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
—Judy Garland

bitani's picture

and, i want to be curious and

and, i want to be curious and ask: did you go especially to the eastern congo to shoot these photos or you happen to live near?

allow me to salut you again for the noble message this video spreads

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
—Judy Garland

Monica09's picture

Economic empowerment leads to liberation

Dear Passy,

War can be devastating and appropriate solution is to provide the war-affected communities with opportunities for economic freedom. Thank you for showing us the importance of economic liberation.

I will contact you soon on how we can place orders of clothing with these women.

Warm regards,

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