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Introducing myself and my journal: Coming into My Own Spiritual Physical and Intellectual Body

About Me:
I have come to learn much about myself over the coming years, and each year that goes by I learn to appreciate myself more and to become less of a people pleaser. I realized early on that I was different in life and this has given me many challenges in life, but such challenges have become by greatest lessons. I am living in Uganda as an expatriate and realizing how much I am like the women around me. This is my second African country to live in. Like most of the women here, I grew up in a very patriarchial family with a brute of a father who commonly voiced his opinion of me as a woman. This was my first lesson on gender inequality. But given the spirit I was born with, I learned early to defy him and most men in my life by doing whatever I wanted to do regardless of their support. Both my parents were hardly literate, but that never stopped me for getting my Ph.D. I learned to love school, because it brought the only since of peace and sanity into my life. I watched my mother being beaten on a daily basis and made a vow that no man would ever hit me and get away with it and that I would always support myself so that I don't have to stay in abuse relationships. I finally feel, comfortable in my own skin and look forward to outgrowing it through the contacts I develop with this group. I understand that truly, I am every woman. Most of my research is for and about women and now I am working for a Pan African organization to help re-establish African women in the history of Africa. Thank you for the opportunity to join, I look forward to getting to know more and grown more.

My Passions:
Goddess spirituality, mothering, empowering and discovery

My Challenges:
The loss of my children, growing my son alone and accepting myself

My Vision for the Future:
To inspire and empower African women to do great things for self, community and nation

My Areas of Expertise:
Goddess spirituality, African women in antiquity, Afrikology


LauraB's picture

Welcome to PulseWire!

Dr Edonna,

We are so happy that you have come to PulseWire, what a vibrant and active online community you have tapped into!
I loved what you said about coming to appreciate yourself more and more. Do you feel that this is a lifetime discovery? This loving of self reaching out into our body and mind for me will be a discovery throughout my life.
You are a leader, a mother, a Dr., and an much that you have accomplished and embraced. I hear your story and wonder...where did her strength and clarity come from? I guess you do give me some big hints-school has been very important. And clearly through Goddess spirituality. How does the spirituality manifest for you? I would love to hear more. I have a stationary business called Red Aphrodite- this name claimed me; I did not pick it. It comes from a collage artwork with the name Red Aphrodite. Within the piece it says, She has always known genius. I am coming to know that "she"- is all of us-

Dr. Edonna,
Did you know that there are many ways to get involved here on PulseWire? Would you post a photo or a favorite image?
We want to see your beautiful face!
There are many groups in which you can discuss issues vital to your life.
will take you to the group directory. Invigorating and inspiring to see all the forums.

I have found it really helpful to explore the site- just playing a bit to see all that is here. Really this site has 3 parts. The social networking part, the online version of the WorldPulse print magazine and journalism pieces written about many topics.

We welcome you with wide arms and a happy heart and invite you to come here often with your hopes, knowledge, concerns to share. Will you tell me more about your experience of goddess spirituality?

Warm wishes,


Araceli's picture

Dr Alonso visit Kampala in May

Dear Dr Edonna,

I am a Medical Anthropologist, teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. I will visit Kampala very soon, May 16 and I would LOVE to meet you in person. The first week of my stay in Kampala, I will be working with the Makerere University, and two more weeks after that with the Family Planning Association.

Your profile is fascinating and I would love to meet with you and share our passions. What an incredible opportunity this would be.

Thank you
Peace and joy

dr edonna's picture

Meeting you

Yes, I would love to meet with you and discuss issues. I am a four hour ride from Kampala. I live in Mbale. Please email me on my personal account at and I'll send you my phone number as the time arrives. Thanks for making the connection.
Thanks for the peace and joy!!!

Araceli's picture


Thank you for your message dear Dr. Edonna. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with you in person. I have so much to learn from you. I will hire a driver and I will go to Mbale, that will be probably Friday May 29. On June 13 I am going to Nairobi. Too many things to do and little time.

I really appreciate the opportunity to talk to you and learn from you. Whatever I can do for you, please let me know.

I will keep in touch. I will buy a cell phone in Kampala when I arrive and I will give you that number. I will also check my e-mail in Kampala.

Sorry, I couldn't write you to your personal account, I couldn't find anything with that name, is there a letter missing?
Warmest regards.

dr edonna's picture

Greetings to YOU

What country are you coming from? Is Nairobi a stop over or what? What do I look under to view your profile? Look forward to learning more about you before your arrival

Araceli's picture

Uganda and Kenya

Dear dr edonna,

A little bit of background regarding my trips to Uganda and Kenya. Last year I got a Travel Grant from the Center for Global Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The grant was to work in Kampala, first with the Makerere university and after that with the Family Planning Association of Uganda. After my stay in Uganda, I will be in Nairobi for two or three weeks, visiting friends and also filming and working with the Somali Youth Forum that is now based in Nairobi. I will be filming for a project I am running with two colleagues called I AM NOT CUT on female genital cutting, you can visit the website I will be working also with a group of Doctors Without Borders who are running a project for Somalia, also based in Nairobi. After these two trips, I will be in Amsterdam for a few days, and will rest in my home country, Spain, after returning to my other country, USA. for an intense course load teaching classes on Women's Health and Human Rights and for my overwhelming community activism with women.

It is very important for me to meet terrific women like you in Kenya and Uganda. I will be working with organizations, but the most important from my trips is to meet women, talk to women, share my life, chat, enjoy life together. Who knows if I will have another chance to return to either Uganda or Kenya, and I would like to acquire as much experience as possible about women's lives.

We will keep in touch. Thank you for the opportunity to meet you in person.

dr edonna's picture

A terrific Woman

You sound like a sista soilder who is truly working in the trenches to address the needs of women, it will certaintly be a pleasure to meet you. Will you be coming from the US or from some other country, I am asking only because I need to get some running shoes from there as it is difficult to find quality shoes here. But I would only ask if it is no imposition to you. I have found that running gives me my sense of power and strength in such a partiarchial culture. I have exercised all my life, but it does something different for me here. I have yet to see another woman run, and I wish I could do something to engage them in the power of exercise, because now I am experiencing other benefits from it that I never felt before. Especially as a single mom, I feel a sense of isolation here. So, I welcome you visit and feel the need to connect to powerful women like yourself. Keep up the fight and let me know if there is any way I can assist you. I would really like to have more historical information about it. Take care and look forward to seeing you!!1

JaniceW's picture


This opportunity fills me with joy and I would love it if after your meeting, you two would share with us your thoughts, ideas and dreams. I imagine that this will be the beginning of a fruitful friendship and wish you both all the best. Safe travels to both of you.

Araceli's picture


Thank you for your good wishes, Janice. It seems that I would be able to meet in person some of the extraordinary women who are now part of the World Pulse. It is very important for me to take this great opportunity and meet them in Uganda and Kenya. My international community is big already and now it is expanding; what an amazing site this is and how grateful I am!
Warmest regards

dr edonna's picture

Thank You

You are most welcome, and thanks for the well wishes, will do

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