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24 / 7

I have hesitated to write this since I do not want to harm or discourage anyone on this site (most know I love the idea and togetherness), but things will not change until awareness is raised.

The main problem we of this hemisphere (not one city, not one state, but the whole hemisphere-that is half the world!!) face is none of the ones who are stealing our land want to leave. They make excuses and pretend to be doing good for us, but it is not so and they must be made aware of the consequences of their actions.

Consequences that we are forced to live with.

24 / 7 we live with it.

I know this is a great and beautiful land, but that does not give you the right to steal it away.

Or refuse to leave, either.

There is no excuse anymore, you can not hide your heads in the sand anymore. Unless you are indigenous to this land, you must leave. You may be invited back at some later date, but you must first leave. Your greed makes you want to stay but that is no longer appropriate.

Hospitality has officially ended and you are no longer welcome here and remaining is no longer appropriate!

I know you plan to have a big “pat yourself on the back” celebration, but I feel the need to point out it is taking place on stolen land.

Things will not truly change until you accept responsibility for your actions and leave. Pretending to do good while living on stolen land and upholding an oppressive regime is not right or decent and you can no longer pretend it is. I accuse!

We are forced to live with the consequences of your actions 24 / 7.

We can never forget. We see it daily, each moment of every day in a never ending parade. So instead of having a big pat yourself on the back party, how about have a big meeting to plan your mass exodus back to your own lands and people. Once you pay off the bill for the massive clean up and restoration that must be done, you may be invited back. Until then, it is your duty now to accept the consequences of your actions.

Your country must give up ½ their capital city to us and ½ of your countryside as a first step in repaying this massive debt you have accumulated.

It was never for free.

And the debt owed is huge!

So at your big party, make a list of ethnicity as you board the plane back to your own home and we will bill you accordingly.


We must make a change and the first one must be the language used for it. Language is important and the way it sets the tone is one thing that needs to be corrected.

Currently what happens to the rest of the world is called “colonialism” or “imperialism”. Colony /colonialism does not sound threatening or dangerous, like a sort of “club” for them, when it is nothing of the sort. Imperialism sounds almost “noble” when it is not even close. The New word should be “Ladronism”, taken from the Spanish word for thief, given Cortez it is an appropriate word. There should be no ambiguity about it, it is theft plain and simple.

From :

la·drón -dro·na


thievish, thieving

m. & f.

(persona) thief, robber

They like to pretend they were adventurers, explorers or some other sort of non-threatening entity when they were planning rape, theft and murder from the start. There was nothing decent about what they did and continue to do to this day. They can not pretend anymore. Their whole history is one of never ending theft; from each other and then the rest of the world. They must be forced to see the truth of their actions. I accuse!!

The words they use, here in Alaska if nowhere else, is “abandoned” or “lost” when describing our homes. Abandoned makes it sound as if it was our own choice, when that is the opposite of the truth. Lost makes us sounds very stupid, that we somehow forgot where we lived or something! The correct word is “stolen”. I accuse!!

They like to pretend they take care of us, as if we were children and they the kind parent. This is ridiculous though. It is laughable except we are too busy choking on the oppression to laugh... I accuse!!

They pretend to be aware and that things have changed, but this is not so and every single moment of every single day they try to erode what little we have left! Of our lands, of our resources, of our selves. I accuse!!

So at your big “pat yourself on the back” party, please take a moment of silence for The Peoples you have stolen it from...

I know it is hard to post such types of things, since we are taught that it is "negative" and will hold us back from ever improving our life, but I say it must be said. Truth can sound negative if it IS something negative that has occurred...

But it is the truth, things will not change until the 20 million+ "good" people living on our stolen lands leave... They uphold and support an oppressive regime and must be made to see the truth of things... no more pretending, I accuse!!!!

We are taught it is rude to mention this kind of thing but it is our basic decency that lets this continue 24 / 7...


Maria de Chirikof's picture


Hi everyone,

it has been awhile and it has taken me a long time to work up the nerve to post it. I love this site but it is also part of the problem by refusing to see it is 100% stolen lands and they must leave...

Hope everyone is doing good!!



mrbeckbeck's picture


What a powerful statement Maria. Speaking "truth to power" is never easy, but is always necessary...

I am having a hard time responding to this, but wanted to know that you are heard. I think you're incredibly spot on's hard to digest, but you really have hit the nail on the head so to speak.

Stolen lands, stolen livelihoods, total destruction of environments, languages, ways of life... it's an ongoing crime, you're right. There are some hard facts to face up to here, it's easier to just turn away, but that's the problem.

Thank you for speaking up, good to see you again here.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

Maria de Chirikof's picture

Hi there

I recently had a horrible experience that made me feel the need to post here. I took an online course called Decolonizing Methodologies from the Native Studies department.

Let me just say it was taught by a Norwegian, one of those who came here and stole lots and lots and lots of land and taught the natives to hate their own culture, themselves and each other!!

Most of the class were white people who needed to FAKE being "aware" by taking the course.

It was a truly horrible experience being forced to see up close and personal the ugliness that remains... and these were the so-called enlightened ones...

Things need to change and it is not us who need to do the changing or leaving!!



hanasazi's picture

I am so sorry. I have never

I am so sorry. I have never believed that any of the conquerors of "American" lands were anything but thieves. When I was a kid I wanted so badly to be an "Indian" and had frequent nightmares of christopher columbus and his evil companions coming to torment me for years. Why? I don't know, but I am the only person I know who has had that experience. So much time has gone by and so much has been built here that I don't know where to begin, or how we can now return everything that's been taken from you and other First Nations people of North America in the same or better condition than when we took it, but I always remember that it is not ours and that were are living on stolen land. It's a disgrace I am aware of at all times. I know this does not do anything to help you in any concrete way, but I do hope it helps to know that not everyone here is making excuses for what our ancestors did to yours, and what our people are doing to yours today. And the extensive damage we have done to Alaska and Turtle Island when you and your ancestors kept them in such pristine condition for millenia. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I know that was a difficult thing to do, but I admire your courage and stand with you in heart and spirit in your cry for release from these injustices and reparation for the destruction we have wrought.

Love and Respect,

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