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The Game of Saving Humanity!

War against war! How many times have we had this strategy? Well, noticeable times. But, did it help in solving the first war? No.

Barack Obama declares military strike, a war, against Syria, somebody else’s government. Should he? Well, Bashar al-Assad is also having a war, against his people though. So, what will be the difference between the two? We should ask ourselves this question because it does not only concern us as global citizens but as humans. Will it bring peace or just add to the number of wars and the extent of violence that already exist?

When it started in 2011, in respond to the peaceful protests of people in Syria its “government responded…like monsters” . That is true. A state and its government is supposed to protect its people, not to attack them with chemical weapons and anyhow else. Besides, a monster should be finished before it finishes all or anybody. In case of Syria, around 100,000 lives have already been destroyed and more than 1400 lives just recently taken by chemical weapons, a strictly prohibited weapon.

It is just a repetition of history if U.S. attacks on Syria. In the recent decades, there have been many wars on terror and wars for the sake of human rights, freedom and democracy and many other humanitarian interventions. Done a lot but still nothing has been done for humanity. Examples can be Iraq, Afghanistan, and now it is going to be Syria. What has changed? Do we have any convincing result from these wars and interventions? Don’t we have any other choice left?

What is going on in Syria, recently? “France says the chemical attack near Damascus last month ‘could not have been ordered and carried out by anyone but the Syrian government’” and so does Obama, the United States, believe that. But what should I as a global citizen believe? On what basis should I trust what France assumes or anybody else? I need a trustable proof. How can I be sure that it really did happen and is not just propaganda? Whom to trust?

There is news about what everybody believes if there ‘should’ be a military strike or not. But, what about Syrian people and their thought about an external intervention in their country? Is it right to do or at least is there any news about what they say regarding the issue? Not convincing.

We can’t say that the war will make Syrian people better off. Firstly, what about their right to freedom and right to decide if an outsider comes and decides for what should happen to them? Besides, is Iraq or Afghanistan better off? Iraq, one of the most unstable countries today, is not. Afghanistan where the security is getting worse day by day is not. Being witness to these cases how can we be sure that Syria and its people will be better off by such an offer of help. How many more innocent people will die by this should be the question.

Not only Syrian people but everybody else is to be worse off. Many soldiers involved in such wars lose their lives leaving wives and children behind, much other commit suicide after coming back and many more suffer from severe post war traumas. Can we still say this war is for the betterment?

A military strike is just a provoking point and a great possibility to create another World War with the United States, Israel, Iran, Russia and many other states all involved in it. In such situation will anybody in the world be better off?
Though it is difficult to say what is ‘right’ to do and what is ‘wrong’; but, certainly a war, another act of violence, is not the solution. The best solution for now is to sit back, wait, and let Syria decide and solve the problem among each other without furthering disunity among Syrian people and its government or striking another WW.

Let’s not be indifferent to what is going to happen to a person next to us and then to ourselves.
We should think! We should act! Or, just not act!

5 Minutes to Watch This...

This article is part of a writing assignment for Voices of Our Future a program of World Pulse that provides rigorous digital empowerment and citizen journalism training for grassroots women leaders. World Pulse lifts and unites the voices of women from some of the most unheard regions of the world.



Mukut's picture

Very timely Rabia !

War has never offered solutions. As far as I know, it has only complicated things further. I pray for peace in the region and hope better sense prevails over the authorities.

Everyday, I keep my fingers crossed and watch CNN, just to know the next move of USA and the situation in Syria. My thoughts are with the thousands of innocent lives lost because of the ongoing atrocity.

Very timely piece dear! Keep it up:)


Mukut Ray

rabia.salihi's picture


War is never the solution. Besides, if we put it in accordance to the international law for justification of war, it is not yet proved justified because there is no real evidence of who did what.
Thank you for your time and your words,


Greengirl's picture

Topical Issue

Thank you for lending your voice to the ongoing debates on the topical issue of the war in Syria.

War is defintely not a way out of the already devastating humanitarian crisis in Syria and I hope to that a peaceful resolution will be reached in good time.

Keep speaking. Your piece is timely!


rabia.salihi's picture

Thank you very much,

Thank you very much, Greengirl. Hopefully there will be a resolution from within Syria.


Iryna's picture

A white scarf

Rabia, I remember when I was a little girl my brother had to go to the Soviet army, and my mother was afraid awfully that he could go to Afghanistan. Because men never come back from the war the way they were before. Good if they come back at all.
Behind any war there are a huge money and millions of deaths.
In some countries, I know, there is a tradition, when a woman throws a white scarf on the ground men stop fighting.
I wish women of the world do the same and the wars stop once and forever!
Warm regards,

delphine criscenzo's picture

War never brings peace

Dear Rabia,

Thank you for this powerful piece. I watched the video you suggested and agreed 100% with what was being said.
Just like you I do not believe that war is ever an answer to any situation or conflict.
As your title suggested, war often becomes a game of saving the world and little attention is paid to the realities of the people being attacked and the soldiers doing the attack.
Thanks for tackling such an important issue.

Delphine Criscenzo

Usha RS's picture

Thank you for your timely piece.

Thank you Rabia for raising your voice against violence. I appreciate your compassion for the victims of war, including soldiers and civilians. But what is the solution? To act or not to act? And what action to take? It is a complex issue and the cost is human lives. I do believe that it is more important to be for peace rather than to be against war. The question is how can we bring about peace in the region. Diplomacy is one possible solution that can take many forms. Gandhi demonstrated that it is possible to transform your society through nonviolence. The civil rights movement in the United States adopted the same methods of civil disobedience. These are potential solutions.
Thank you for your timely piece.
Usha xx

Let your light shine!

Zoepiliafas's picture

Your acknowledgement of the

Your acknowledgement of the potential threat of another World War should not be taken lightly. You are changing my opinion on next steps.

I am not sure what the global community should do to prevent the deaths of the innocent. What do you think the response to such atrocities should be?



Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
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