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Define Your Spirit – Personal Development: Undressing – yes that’s right, we’re going to talk about undressing!

Undressing refers to a process of taking off the things that no longer fit our experience of ourselves. After the personal discovery and the synthesis processes, you will likely be ready to do some undressing. It could be hairspray. It could be pantyhose and the tummy slimmer. The list goes on :). This process is liberating. Before you know it, your facade will literally fade away and the real woman will shine.

How many times have you gotten home from work and couldn't wait to get your work clothes off? Your pantyhose ripped. Your tummy slimmer has been digging into your side all day. Your lipstick is bleeding. Every time you touch your face you end up with gobs of foundation on your hand. You've been whipping it off the receiver of your office phone all day! And the shoes. The pointy toes and high heals leave you with an ingrown toenail.

We dress ourselves like this everyday. Why? Why would we put ourselves through this. I don't know about you, but I didn't think there was another answer until I found it! Undressing goes something like this:

It start's with a closet edit. Is your closet overflowing with clothes, but you have nothing to wear in the morning? Mine did. I got to the point that I just let go of the need to "have" that much clothes. I also gave up the need to be in "high fashion gear" everyday. You might be a little different from me, but it is still likely you have a clothes jam in your closet.

Closet Edit:

Get three bags out: one for clothes that need mending. One for donation with clothes that are not the right size or haven't been worn in a year. Finally, a bag for clothes that you would feel uncomfortable giving away. You know - holes in your favorite sweater. This is your trash bag.

Now slowly, take several steps back from your closet and see what is left. Give each piece of clothing it's moment with you. Are you really meant for each other? Does that piece of clothing fit the woman who has taken her clothes off after work? Would that woman wear it? If the answer is no. It's a good idea to consider donating it.

The point is to edit down your wardrobe to pieces that are truly consistent with you - your true nature. When you have honestly completed the closet edit. It's time to look at what you have and choose the bottoms and three tops that don't have friends to wear with. Make a plan to go to a store where you feel comfortable shopping and bring these pieces with you. Find them friends.

Body Accessories Edit:

I'm putting panty hose in this category. Do you really have to wear them? If the company that you work for requires them, but you detest wearing them, maybe it's time to find another job?! Tummy flatteners are usually our own choice right. I have one that I used. I would sit down and eat and feel so strange. It was like I was pretending that I was doing the things necessary to be thin, but eating an unhealthy and most likely fattening meal. The question becomes: Do I want to be thin or not? If you answer yes and you are really not keen on the flattener, it's time to evaluate your plan to take of the weight and have the body that you want. If you're OK with the flattener, that is certainly fine.

Beauty Edit:

How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning? I used to spend a lot of time. I would dry my hair then hair-spray it. Then I got out my make-up bag that cost as much as a car payment. I did everything they said to do at the counter. I cleansed my face. (Good thing because there was hairspray caked on my skin.) Next I did the tonic and then moisturized. Afterwards, I carefully applied my foundation - all the time worrying about a foundation line at the jaw line. Then blush. Finally eye-liner and mascara. Just before I went out the door, I put on my lipstick.

One day, I was at a meeting without any make-up on. I had left my whole bag with hairspray as well. I had air-dried hair and a face without any make-up. To my amazement, one of the gentlemen remarked, "You look good without any make-up on." I thought at that moment that I felt better without it on. From then forward, I stopped making up my face.

That's my story. Yours will be unique to you. If you like, you can do one or more of these edits and decide if the items are for you?

I'm wishing you an undressing experience that will give you the opportunity to dress the REAL You!

*If you haven't begun your personal discovery process, I suggest you visit the DEFINE YOUR SPIRIT CHALLENGE tab at the top of the page. It's the perfect place to start.

With love, Amanda


Cali gal Michelle's picture

Amanda- Thank you for your

Amanda- Thank you for your challenge. Thank you for reminding me to always show the real. To not be ashamed of who we are. Thank you for the reminder of where inherent value lies- that is, within our souls, not our closets.

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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