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Hello Everyone,

I would love to add some of your accomplishments in the World Pulse Blog scheduled to go out next week.

Have you any of your articles been published outside of the World Pulse Community? Where? If you have a link, I would love to provide it.

So, many of you are involved in leadership roles in our community. Do you have any successes to report in the last few months that I can highlight?

Are their other successes that you would like our community of readers to know about?

Thanks Everyone!


Y's picture

Yvette Autin

Yvette Autin Warren

Contributing author: The Monroe County Buzz’s The Divine Feminine through

Our Tennessee Mountain Home
Our Tennessee Mountain Home II
Coker Creek Connections
Getting Into New Orleans Seafood

Publisher: The Book That Jack Built - Original Appalachian Tales by Appalachian author Jack Darnell
Our Tennessee Mountain Home I & II
The Winds of November by Appalachian author H. Jack Darnell

Many of my friends have become ordained in order to be able to officiate at weddings; I became ordained simply to affirm and authenticate myself and my work in my family and greater community.

I became an ordained minister in The Universal Life Church on November 5, 2011.

Many of my friends have become ordained in order to be able to officiate at weddings; I became ordained simply to affirm and authenticate myself and my work in my family and greater community. I became an ordained minister in The Universal Life Church on November 5, 2011.

My main ministry at this point is in gathering stories of lives well-lived by women who survived and succeeded long before all of the human rights movements of my lifetime. I have written about several of them in my two books, Our Tennessee Mountain Home I & II and am now working on a book about many of theses women and their family efforts in Appalachia.

I write extensively about seeking the sacred on our earth. Affirmation of the sacred in all I encounter is my quest and vocation. The very long link to my work on Patheos is because it comes to Patheos through Laura Paskell Brown who publishes contributors' work under The Divine Feminine. I am also in the process of publishing a book of my thoughts and experiences dealing with death and the process of dying.


Mukut's picture

Hi Zoe !

Hi Zoe,

Last September, After joining World Pulse, I had posted a "status" on my FB page ( tagging WP) after receiving my Vocal Contributor badge and had written this:

Becoming a PulseWire Vocal Contributor World Pulse is just the first,small step; i need to conquer more, i need to achieve more, i need to prove more, its just the beginning, beginning of many more to come..beginning of dreams getting fulfilled and a life lived worthwhile. Thank You !"

Recently, Scott mailed me saying that this quote of mine will be used in a report to one of their funders to demonstrate the impact that our Community Leadership Program is having in the lives of our network.

Also, he sent me another mail,where he wrote that my story of joining World Pulse and my experience will be included in a new Outreach Toolkit. They are creating these to show the different ways people are using World Pulse and the online community to create change. Specifically, my story would be about the Community Leadership Program.

Needless to say, both the mails made me EXTREMELY HAPPY.

Also, I do not know how much of this can be attributed as my "success" but the cause was extremely important to me. Last year, I had started an online petition on protesting against the unfair and undemocratic arrests of two young college girls of Mumbai, over a harmless status post on fb which they had posted. I started this petition and urged all my friends and relatives to sign it. Within two days it garnered immense success as many people came forward to sign it. I even spoke to one of the police officers at Mumbai, telling them to immediately drop the charges against the girls. Many people (including my family) were scared that because of this, I might be putting myself in a risky situation as the politicians (about whom those girls had posted) were very influential. But we survived and won in winning the case. with more than 30k signatures gathered, the police released the girls and one of the girls' brothers even thanked me for doing this. Of course I believe that the success here is not mine. It is shared by thousands others who signed it. Consequently, I was interviewed by two leading dailies of India about the reason for starting the campaign and its success.

Hope this helps. Much love to you.

Mukut Ray

Pushpa Achanta's picture

Great going

Dear Mukut,

Thanks for the inspiring piece about your crucial initiative. Continue the courageous and committed work! We need more like you.


Mukut's picture

Thank you Pushpa

Pushpa, thank you so so much! Yes, I will continue to fight against injustice and unfair system

Your words mean a lot to me.


Mukut Ray

Pushpa Achanta's picture

WP Blog Content

Dear Zoe,

Thanks for your post. Can I, an Editorial Mentor, also share input i.e., links to some of my articles published outside World Pulse and updates about my community/writing/training work, for the blog?


Zoepiliafas's picture


Yes, please!!!

Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
World Pulse

Pushpa Achanta's picture

Recent publications, etc.

Dear Zoe,

Thanks for replying promptly. Here're some updates about my work:

In August 2013, I chaired a discussion on the Indian Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971 (amended in 2002), with women and men who have been working at the grassroots, to empower women and youth from marginalized rural communities. The participants revealed that they were unaware of this important legislation that safeguards the reproductive rights of women. Appreciating my presentation, the discussants promised to talk about this law in their communities as it protects health professionals and institutions that provide abortion services to women needing them. They opined that it could indirectly reduce infant and maternal mortality - two of India's leading social challenges.

I was the lead author of a book titled "Ripples: The Right to Water and Sanitation for Whom" published earlier this year by the Indian Social Institute, Bangalore (

Two of my well received articles in 2013 were on:
a. Sexual harassment at the workplace -
b. Survivors of acid attacks -

Many thanks for this sharing opportunity.


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Unpublished work

Hi Zoe,
Thank you for opening to us this opportunity of us being featured in the blog. I have written and presented some articles however they are not published. I am optimistic that through world pulse I would be able to publish one or two of my articles.For instant in July 2011 I presented a paper at the Women's Worlds Conference (WW 2011) in Ottawa Canada, entitled UNRULY WOMEN IN THE MALESTREAM: THE KENYA CONTEXT. In December 2011 During The International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA). I presented a paper on MESSY SEMEN. here I was describing the ordeal of rape during the post election violence many women and girl child encountered in my country.

@ Nairobi KENYA
Women have impeccable character, if tapped society realizes quantum leap in development

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this is a wonderful opportunity. i have not yet been published outside WP but i am glad to say i have arranged a meet with an organisation dealing with youth and reproductive health to map a way forward on access of sanitary wear for girls and youths in zimbabwe. they are interested in my articles on the subject and they have said they want us to work together for their position paper to the government.

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest.

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Is this post still open

Dear Zoe,

Is this post still open or the requirement is long over????

Much love from India
Urmila Chanam

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