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ending violence toward Indian women

Sisters, at this time I have sent email to a number of men's organizations in India, the men in the India Cafe, a number of organizations in India that claim to represent women and have nothing back. That's zero replies for about 20 emails sent. This has caused me to think that noone wants to get involved or are afraid to get involved. While these lack of results disappoints me, it doesn't deter me or dampen my passion that something can and must be done.

Recently, Kurien, an Indian male politician was invited to NY by Women Deliver, to speak about the condition of women in India and it was pointed out that he was directly involved in the cover up of the rape/murder in Delhi last December. I signed a petition demanding their apology, but that won't change anything.

I will continue to write to organizations in India and the West who claim to support women in India. For now, I think the best action we can take is to continue to educate and empower girls and women in India. As one of your pointed out, when a girl stays in school and gets an education, she can get a better job and help support her parents financially. The programs that World Pulse has going is our best bet for the present.

I will continue to search for answers and I urge all of you to do the same. Keep posting at India Cafe and let's keep our ideas flowing.
with all my love,


Priyanka Borpujari's picture

more concrete action

Hi William, I have been reading some of your posts now, and am truly inspired by your desires and efforts to end violence against women in India, and the world over. Thank you! :)

I am sorry to hear that your mails have yielded nothing. But, most of the really good organisations may not have a website or email ID, or access to either, in the first place!

Also, when you wrote to them, what exactly did you write? I think everyone is trying their best to work on what might seem best, and honestly, there has been far too much talking and far too little realistic action. We ought to focus on the latter, and this is why I want to know what did you write to them. Perhaps I might be able to reason their silence (but I might be wrong).

Just that we are both on the same boat, so let's work together! :)

Priyanka Borpujari

IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow 2012-2013

Dear Priyanka, thank you for writing. Thank you also for sensing my passion to be of help to the women in India. Our son-in-law is from Kerala, so our wonderful granddaughter is half Indian.
I don't have copies of what I said to different men's organizations in India, but I said that I represented a small group of educated women, mostly in India, who are striving to find where to begin to start change in the attitudes toward women. That we would like to participate and support their efforts to create change. Something along these lines.
I totally agree with you that actions speak louder than words, but as we are just beginning I'm being patient and letting women in India state the needs and to urge them to suggest solutions. I'd like them to pinpoint a "method" that we can all get behind and support.
I continue to seek out and review organizations that claim to support women--I know they aren't all as passionate about helping as I am.
I am open to your suggestions, Priyanka, so please comment here at W.P. where everyone can see the post.

So good to know that you have deep ties with India :)

Have you checked out The Good Men Project ( I would LOVE to start something on those lines, but something that caters more directly to the mindset of Indian male.

Priyanka Borpujari

IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow 2012-2013

William's picture

Good men project

Hi Priyanka, I hadn't come across The Good Men Project, so I'll google them and see if I can contact them. I like your idea of a website that caters to Indian men in a positive way. Let's keep that as a good idea, but I think it has to come from within India instead of the West. I suspect it might seem like preaching if coming from a country with plenty of opportunities and FREEDOM for all people (no caste). Thoughts?

jap21's picture

Hi Mr. Cleek

Please do not hesitate. Do not give up. Even if it seems like no one listens, it is not so.

But we need to do what is right, in various fronts. Have you tried to make yourself part of facebook groups based in India? Have you wxplored the groups existing in India?

It would be a good idea to try that, and begin to talk with people there.

Thank you for doing this. It is something that we must do, not only because it is good to do it, but because we are ready to change the conversation between politicians and people. Politicians only have discourses. We need them to dialogue with their people. It is time to stop using people. It is time to stop ideologys from selling dreams that politicians will in fact never make real.

It is time to make politicians see the need of living in societies free of violence against women. It is time for them to give up their "mighty" power and start founding their governments in Non Violent behaviors, because violence is poverty, but even worse, poverty is violence against women, and violence is where all problems in India begin.

In friendship,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

William's picture

encouraging conversation

Hi Jackie, thank you for your encouragement. I'm not giving up and won't give up, my sister. God gave me a heart large enough to love many people and my sisters in India are some of them. One of the men's organizations I contacted includes politicians, but they didn't bother to anwer my email. I wonder whether Indian people are afraid to answer because of possible violent reactions or maybe don't care enough to risk. This includes most of the men who belong to the India Cafe at WP. No response.
Jackie, do you have some specific groups/people that I can contact or a method of finding folks I haven't tried? I will take the time to do this, but I need conversation. I would love to find an Indian politician or two with whom I could communicate.
I checked on the website World Corruption (or some such name) and found that India is in the top 10% of corrupt countries in the world. Judges, political, police, military and has been for years.
Where else can I check, how to start now?
blessings to you and your family,

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