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Education for Women in Afghanistan Can Heal a Community for Peace.

Graduation 2012 in Kabul

It is well-known that women who are educated make certain that their family is educated and give back to the community. The impact of education is in triplicate when you teach a mother: self, children and community. You can help by visiting

Under the current education system in Afghanistan, if a boy is 10 years old and uneducated, his future is bleak and hopeless. There are millions of such boys in Afghanistan and they struggle to survive. They can either sell potatoes on the streets or join the militants and become suicide bombers.

A bleak fate also awaits an uneducated girl. She does not have the option of selling potatoes. She faces marriage to a much older man and a life of hardship and abuse.

Education is the only real hope for millions of Afghan boys, girls and women. Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) has an accelerated education program where students, who missed years of education due to wars, can go through primary and secondary education and earn their high school diploma within 8 years.

Neither the current government system nor any other non-profit organizations offer such programs for this unfortunate sector of the population. Yet it is this exact sector that fills the 72% illiteracy rate of Afghanistan and that is most vulnerable to extremism and abuse.

In operation since 2003, AAE provides high-quality education for 3000 females and 104 male students. Whereas public schools do not accept anyone over the age of 10, AAE does. AAE uses the government curriculum as a requirement for university exam and has over 700 graduates.

But since March 17, 2013, AAE has not received any funding and is faces closure. More than 250 teachers have not been paid for the past three months. Worse, many students are losing hope that they can have better lives through education.

If AAE’s programs are forced to close, millions of people in Afghanistan will suffer. All of the 3000 students attending classes are connected to families and communities in nine provinces, meaning millions more will have no hope for a better life.

If AAE is forced to close, it will mean the waste of 12 years of work that is just starting to bear fruit. But worse, it will threaten stability and peace in Afghanistan and throughout the world.

Unless high-quality education is provided for all Afghans, with emphasis on educating mothers, Afghanistan will not survive. This is not only a problem for Afghanistan; this is a global crisis. World peace can only be achieved by ensuring people throughout the world are educated and can live productive lives.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference. For only $360, you can support one student for a year and help provide hope to a family, to a community, to a nation and to our world. By saving one life, we really can save the world. It's only $1 a day per student. Visit to learn more and help.

Educate a girl and keep her safe from early marriage.
Educate a mother and impact the community in triplicate.
Young Afghan women use education to help others.
Educate boys to give opportunity and hope.
The school in Badakhshan, Afghanistan
School in session at Parwan-e-doo



Wendyiscalm's picture

Hassina, I am so impressed


I am so impressed with your piece. At the shadow NAFTA summit conference last year in Chicago, I was one of 150 women asked to attend to meet and listen to two or three Afghan women who had entered the USA at risk to speak to us and be on a panel. It was about the problem it will be for all of you women if the USA does not stay involved. That it will not mean that you go back to the way it was before our involvement but it will be even worse. I feel helpless to help though I want to do something. I will tell others and spread your article around. And I HOPE and PRAY that you will continue to be a voice in our face that forces us to listen, learn and do something to help.

Ubuntu(I am who I am because of who we are together),


P.S. Then after that we all went over to the water and flew yellow kites as sign of solidarity and good luck. It was a wonderful day.

Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Hassina Sherjan's picture


Thanks Wendy for your supporting and encouraging words. Well said, "I am who I am because who we are together"!


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