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Give a woman EMOTIONAL stability and she will do just about anything!

We women are born with the capacity to feel deeply, so it's as natural as breathing to experience a range of emotions. fear, joy and sadness, anger and shame and disgust lie somewhere within each of us. We go through so many different things that in most cases, only your fellow woman would understand/know exactly how you feel/what you're going through. What we need is to ask ourselves "to what extent do we control these emotions, and to what extent do they control us?" I've come to realize that how we answer these questions of how our emotions play out in our lives has a great deal to do with our levels of personal satisfaction and with the character of our relationships with others. So many women are voiceless and drowning in their emotions which are controlling their lives because most of them don't have that "light" to help them see, no hand to pull them out.

Everyone runs into those moments when emotions rise up and you get caught off guard. Would be very good for us to start where we are, to use what you can to help our voiceless women stand up with confidence, for them to be able to remain unflappable and clear-headed. Life at times comes at us just like this, we need to help other women learn to face such moments steady, composed, and as solid as a rock, whether sickness or abuse. A fundamental truth about us when it comes to our emotional world is that we are very confident and very secure.

Let us continue to encourage the broken voices and fight together, they will see you as just the person they need in such tumultuous times. they need a steady companion, they need our calm and confident friendship. This emotional world seems to be spinning fast, let us let women emotionally damaged know we are there to talk and think their way through their turmoil. I know for a fact that once a woman is steady emotionally, she can do just about everything.

Some women don't know how to begin the kind of conversation that would allow them to share whatever is in their personal stories that they'd like or need to talk about and others disclose only what's on the surface. We could make that easier for such people, with words. some people just need an example and a little encouragement to come out of their shell and personal connectedness that will make their lives so much more satisfying. Again, YOU might be the right person to make that happen for them, so let us keep going strong in sisterly love, be a hand, be a light.


Wendyiscalm's picture


Hi Mwila,

You are so right about the emotions, the influences, the changes that need to happen, and the set back in life if one does not become emotionally healthy. I LOVE THIS ARTICLE ! :)

And you are SO right about we all can be the water to the seed that brings a young woman out of her shell, who helps her DARE to be herself and get her emotions at a healthy level. I used to be VERY dysfunctional and had many problems because of this in the choices I made and the impression I made. Despite that I succeeded big time. And this was the beginning of my taking it upon myself to become emotionally honest and healthy. Sometimes it meant getting rid of certain people who were not good for me, who invalidated me. I KNOW the importance of having people to mentor, to help or ESPECIALLY to be a good example of what a healthy personality looks like. So, even if people do not directly and actively mentor, just by being healthy and an example, we make change in others.

Keep up the great work. PLEASE continue to write about this. There is SUCH a need to hear and read what you have to offer about this. Love it.

Ubuntu(I am who I am because of who we are together),


Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

HOPE tOWELA's picture


I totally agree with you, emotions can be very difficult to control, such an amazing article that is so inspiring for women to know and believe that they can do anything as long as they know who they really are.


Mwila Kaunda's picture

Thanks Ladies

Thanks a lot for sharing and the support, that itself is encouragement and it's wonderful to know that despite all the negative emotions, you've succeeded in life and still going strong. I've had my share of dark emotions, as i call them, but i'm up on my feet again and i've said NO to them ever controlling/defining me. Keep up with the good work you're doing in my country, Zambia, that is very priceless. May you be blessed.

Thank you. Yes they can be very difficult to control. We shall help women stand tall:)


Elizabeth6's picture

love this!!!

I love the article... it calls for each of us extending our population ONE (me and my world) to population two or three or multitudes so as to help those that haven't found a voice to express their emotions.


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