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The Power in Beauty

Each day I live has been a blessing. I am so grateful for the changes that have taken place in my life and I give thanks, right now to the Source and Center of All Creation - The All Knowing for my life and for freeing me from the sorrow I lived in during my earlier years of life.

I recall the days when I had no self love. I had very low self esteem. I did not understand basic human interaction and really felt like every day was surreal. I had witnessed my mother living an abusive life where motherhood was not supported within our own family nor in the society we lived in. I had observed and experienced the sexual maladies from men in and outside of my families. In my mind, women just had no place with happiness. It was awful, horrible, and made no sense for living. I thought that if I found someone to love me that all things would change for the better, but that didn't work because the men I became romantically involved with did not know how to love me. They hurt me, beat me or manipulated and used me. In my innocence I thought that if I showed them more love then they would change their ways. Painfully, I would learn that no amount of love from me could change their ways as change must first come from within.

For a long time I unconsciously focused on the bad things that happened to me, not realizing that this "focus" was affecting my every day experience. I had no idea about the power of the mind and the fact that it was located throughout the body. I had no idea that the mind was connected with the emotions. I had no idea that emotions could even get blocked within the cellular membrane of the body. It just wasn't something that came up in every day conversation with the people I associated myself with. Whatever the case, when I finally began to listen to the urging of the little voice inside of me (which I would come to learn later were my guiding angels) I would be lead to heal from the past traumas of my life and became a new, more balanced and mature woman.

My words may sound old, but I am a young woman in my early thirties. When I think back to how crazy my life was, 10 years ago, I tell you I never imagined that I would be where I am, right now. No longer am I held by the bonds of negative emotions, lies, failures, etc.. I am walking in my power. I have learned to appreciate the beauty that pervades all things, people, and situations, and places. This beauty is a gateway to accessing Divine Love which permeates all things. This beauty is the precursor to manifesting the joy you need and want to experience in life.

I have so much to share with everyone from my journeys over the last 10 years that I sometimes don't know where to begin. I believe everyone has the right to emotional freedom. Once you decide what you don't want in your life, you can remove that and focus on what it is you want to bring in your life. When you have people, especially WOMEN working together for the same purpose in groups, all the more, wonderful things happen that transform even the most hazardous situations. This is what Energy Wellness is about, learning how to use the power that is accessible to shape and mold life into what you want and need it to be.

Women were not born to live a life of misery and pain. We were not born to be slaves, things, or objects to be raped or beaten down. We were not made to be treated as inanimate beings. We were not born to just be submissive and ignore the many other aspects of womanhood that are manifest in the many different Goddesses of every culture of the earth.

We are here, we are WOMEN and our time is now. We have the power and ability and spiritual authority to change what is happening to us on the earth. Mama Earth is here and is waiting on us to take our rightful places. Now, there is a saying that goes, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" and guess what? This Divine Feminine presence resides within us all, awaiting our return and her calling.

Embrace the power of beauty to first change the world within you then change the world around you. There is an order to life and it can be learned, taught, and replicated. Won't you join me in this time of change?


Maria de Chirikof's picture


I really enjoy reading stories like this! I look forward to hearing more of how you changed your life for the better.


jadefrank's picture

Beauty within

I am intrigued by what you describe as "energy wellness". I really like the last line in your journal entry, "Embrace the power of beauty to first change the world within you then change the world around you." This is something that I am working on personally and it is certainly a journey that comes with ups and downs, but I feel I am riding a wave of upward momentum at the moment - especially when I spend time on PulseWire connecting with women who inspire me daily. Thank you for sharing your personal journey to inner beauty.

Warm regards,

OjibwayMigisi's picture

I really enjoyed reading

I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing your journey and healing with us. I am with you, this is our time now and time for change! We have the power and we are all already doing great work!

LauraB's picture

Inspiring, Wise World- Thank you

In reading your post, your words resonated. This love that we hope for really does spring from our own well connecting out. You so aptly described that yearning from men who then turned around and abused you. It's your path of embracing that inner power that transforms you and connects you to the Universe.

I too have spent plenty of time focusing on the bad things. I find myself doing less and less of this and of course in turn getting more and more of what I really desire in life- connection, love, joy, fulfillment, knowledge.

You say, "Mama Earth is here and is waiting on us to take our rightful places" I feel this and believe this- how do you feel and see it?

Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

Warm wishes,

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