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Welcome to Through His Eyes!

This group is a safe and open space for men supporting women. As we work to strengthen women's voices worldwide and foster a global female network, we also aspire to create healthy alliances with men who share in our goals to empower women. At World Pulse we look to spotlight men on the frontlines who are making a difference in the lives of their communities and especially to women's lives. Your story has the chance to be included in our upcoming print and web issues!

This groups offers a discussion forum, inspiring men to share their thoughts and ideas, struggles, and emotions as they redefine masculinity in support of women. We invite you to speak about the issues and obstacles women face across the globe, and the solutions we are all working towards together. Share your personal story in a collaborative and safe space to break down barriers.

The following questions can help you get started:

• What do you do to contribute to the betterment of women's lives?
• What personal experiences led you to do work to support women?
• Have you ever encountered opposition in this line of work?
• What are the greatest rewards in your work, and what fuels and inspires you to continue to support women
• What advice do you have for other men embarking on a similar journey?

There's no right way to contribute! Use this space to share your stories, post an introduction, a photo, or information about your organization—whatever you'd like!

Encourage those around you to let their voices be heard as well! Use the "Invite" tab to send email invitations to your friends and colleagues. Be sure to check back with the group to keep the conversation going!


dkzi's picture

My support for the women!

I was there when the first invitation to pulseWire was sent around and I have seen it grow..I have no doubt this new initiative will grow too! Thank you for the Invitation as I look forward to an interactive forum here at which I will be able to learn from my male colleagues across the globe!
Warm regards PulseWire Team..Keep it burning!!

Corine Milano's picture

Dkzi, Thank you so much for


Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm very happy to see that you're excited about this group for our male allies working in support of women everywhere. I do hope you'll decide to join the group and make a post.

In fact, Dkzi, would you be willing to be a co-moderator of this group? Being a moderator is easy, and would only require you to check in every once in awhile to make comments and start conversations. You would show up on the group profile page as an administrator, as well. It would truly be an honor to have you join this group in a more "official" capacity, especially since you've been around since the beginning of PulseWire!

All the best,

dkzi's picture

My pleasure,Corine!

Hi Corine,
It is indeed my pleasure to offer as much as I can to this forum.
To your request, I say YES ofcourse and only hope my level of technology will help me keep up pace.
I also need to say that Iam a field Manager and Veterinarian who stays a few days out of Internet Network sometimes..does that spoil the soup?? Anyhow,feel free to assign me any role and i will be proud to serve our forum.
Many good wishes to the PulseWire Team..Thw stories are touching and i hope this will improve my writing skills too.
Warm regards,

amelia's picture

Many thanks!


I am an associate of Corine's at World Pulse and would like to extend my appreciation for your support and contribution to PulseWire! You have now been added as a group administrator, so thank you again for offering that leadership and joining in the global discussion!


dkzi's picture

Empowering women,building a nation!

To all the men,
You have watched a country Rwanda go to ashes and recover to lead in women empowerment..and now Rwanda watches herself grow and grow ..
When the majority of men became killers and participated actively in the genocide that left the country without "the men to build the nation", it was the women that powered the changes that have seen the country alive again and shine they build the nation!
I believe all men Rwandan and non-Rwandan must appreciate that the women leaders of Rwanda are not an experiment but the result of an experiment..a successful one at that! Today, this country boasts of a good majority of women everywhere including cabinet and parliament, and Rwanda is not about to stop shining! The warmth that in many places only characterizes our homes because of our mothers keeping them today keeps Rwanda warm and makes our country just that..HOMELY!
Thanks to the women leaders who strive to put our country back on track and ofcourse the men who have supported them all the way,
The sky is the limit~

amelia's picture

Continue Spreading the Inspiration!


Your encouragement and support is so inspiring! The atrocities that have burdened Rwanda's history demand the sort of recognition and acknowledgement that you have so admirably voiced. I want to encourage you to post such great words in the group journal as their own entry to initiate new conversations and inspire more comments and support.

Again, thank you so much for activism and keep up the great contributions!


Rwanda and it's resent history is known for this vast pain , violence and horror . I have heard so little of the healing and obvious potential to turn parts and eventually all this pain and horror into something workable and healthy . With knowledge that any energy no mater how greatly negative can be turned into a blessing , I am so happy to hear of the opportunities for women to rebuild and rework this country making this an obstacle blessing of great magnitude . I will keep an eye on it , thank you for this Dkzi, . I so appreciate this web site and the people on it .
all the best ,

jadefrank's picture


Hi Tenbear,

So great to have you in the group! I encourage you to jump start the dialogue here by contributing to the group journal with a new post. I sense that you have many ideas, opinions and information to share with this group and our community as a whole!

Warm regards,

Online Community Manager
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