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Allegory du Jour !

. . . home . . .

Dear Each and Every One,

The following very brief allegorical story by Sonja Johnson was given to me by my oldest sister many, long years ago when I was going through an agonizing transition. I share it with you in the hopes that you will nod, knowingly, with a slight smile.

For those of you/us who are in difficult transition right now, may it be of significant help, as it was for me and is still.



A woman told me this dream: she was in the city, standing on top of a tall building looking out upon other buildings as far as she could see. She was a country woman, uneasy amid all the concrete and steel and longing for home.

Gradually, she became aware that to get home, she would have to leap off the edge of the building. Looking down at the miniature cars creeping along the miniature street far, far below, she said to herself, “But that’s ridiculous! I’ll kill myself if I jump off here!”

Still, the feeling persisted that if she didn’t jump, she would never get home again. And the grief that overwhelmed her at the thought of being exiled forever from the grass and trees and fields of home became so much stronger than her fear of dying, that she leapt.

As she began to fall, a rope appeared before her. She reached out, grabbed it and swung way out over the street. At the end of its arc she knew that if she didn’t let go, she would swing back to where she had been before, and not be any closer to home. So she let go.

As she began to fall again, another rope appeared. Grabbing it, she swung out to the end of its arc, and let go again.

Trusting herself, letting go, reaching out, swinging out over the abyss.

Trusting, letting go, reaching out, she found her way home.

Sonya Johnson



Greengirl's picture

Wow, Sarah!

It sure takes inspiring stories like this to help us face the reality that sometimes we just must let go. To tell you the truth, I have been battling with a number of disappointments and hurts lately and found it somewhat difficult to let go. This has not helped me achieve as much as I would have loved to lately, because the weight of it all has slowed me down, tremendously. Now, what you shared has inspired me to take the bold step of Letting go and taking a leap to face tomorrow.

I just consciously told myself "LET GO".

Thank you Sarah,

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