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Women's day in Uganda

First it was women's day and i did not realize it was our day here because it is largely a patriarchal society , so no ones cares about such things. Perhaps my Government has tried, we do vote these days but after getting permission from our husbands and him making sure that you are going to vote for the same party as him, is that freedom ? i don't know. Should we celebrate such a day when there is a lot of domestic violence still taking place, When i still live in a society that thinks that it is okay to be polygamous but it is a taboo for women to have any other husbands , though i would not try that , but i want people to know that it is not okay for a man to have as many women as he can, when i still live in a society that thinks that if married people do not have children , then it is the woman's problem, when i still live in a society that thinks that it is a waste of time to educate a girl child, where people do practice female genital mutilation without the consent of the girl.
To me i think i still have a long way to go.
The other day my friend was so sad because her husband refused to give a surname to their son and that's the time i wished that we women had the power to give surnames to our children .


Maria de Chirikof's picture

So much healing to do yet

I think it is empowering for woman to begin talking about it, I think it takes a lot of courage to voice what you have been thinking privately. As you discover many other woman agree with you it helps to change the mood if not the circumstances you find yourself in.

It may seem small and pointless but changing within ourselves is the first step to changing our societies. I love seeing it happening here where we can share our stories with each other. One thing I noticed when meeting woman from Africa is they are very strong people. It might help to see things a bit differently how intimidating it can be for a man when you are this strong and not given your freedoms, they might be afraid of what you will do when you have found your power . I think we need to somehow find a way to encourage the men that even stronger is much better, for themselves as well as for your whole society.

I think it is a struggle we always find ourselves in, no matter where you are from. I am glad we have this place where we can talk about it and hopefully create the change we want!


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thanks am really encouraged by everything that you say sometimes it is so hard to stay positive in a society where culture and society dictates whats girls and boy's duties are. But then it feels better when they are people that you can talk to.
yah i have changed my self, first by telling my father that it was important that i go to school, that i can make my decisions without my parents calling the all family to decide on something , that i work so hard to improve life for other people. To me thats is important.

Patriarchal society is still present in every country - correct me if it is not so. Even I strike with situation when men says women have certain duties at the kitchen and in raising children. When I had idea of making some trainings within the boundaries of my country named "Women Voice for Peace and Democracy" where we wanted to encourage women to go and vote as well as give their vote to women that wanted to be members of Parliament, our audience sometimes wouldn't show up because their husbands didn't let them to...

Sometimes we do hear expressions like: This is your day - enjoy it but don't forget other duties you have. Usually this days men have to offer flower and presents the women they respect. This year me and my friends receive congrats only from women.

It is tough to realize that there is domestic violence. We all face it but not so many people are ready to face it. One of the ways is making your voice heard. I was really surprised being in Africa to know that men are able to have more wives and women had to obey their husbands. One of the thing surprised me more was when I heard my little Kenyan acquaintance say many times "You are my sista from another mother". Apparently she heard that in school from another mates. That made me think that even children are getting used from early age to such situation.

The last words you written about genital mutilation,hell no, I am even scared to think about it.
You do have a long way to go and I believe that you will be the inspiration of many girls in your society!

P.S Why don't you start some classes on Sexual Education to the girls age 10 and up...
It won't require many resources and will raise awareness on many things...

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

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I already have a sex

I already have a sex education class going on but sometimes it is hard to teach sex related topics here because it is a taboo to talk about sex in my society. it is only taught to us through informal education mainly by our aunts and uncles. but i think it is high time kids be taught at a younger age that when you are getting married because of the increasing rate of STDS in uganda and HIV rates .
yah genital mutilation still happens. the government has spent alot of resources teaching that tribe that it is bad and they know it but culture overrides what has been taught.

How do the the new activity stuff work, what am i supposed with that. can u give me an orientation. just joined

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The other day i was talking to the women in my project and we asked them to bring their husbands so that we would teach them about family planning because if it to be successful then we have to include the men. when we asked the women to bring their husbands , they said it was impossible and they can not risk asking them.
i look forward to a new day when men will freely come and attend our meetings with our being asked and when they would not refuse their wives to go for family planning

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Moreen, I would love for you to connect with Leah (Kenya), one of our online volunteers whose light shines so brightly on PulseWire. I have a feeling you both would have much to talk about and I sense that you will be kindred spirits. Leah can be found at:

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