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Assignment 1: What Challenges are you facing and how are you overcoming them?

Dear Mentors and fellow Correspondents,

I will start. The main problem I am facing is getting hold of the subject of the interview. Two women have not responded yet. Fortunately, one has responded and I am waiting for her to connect me with the main subject of the interview (a girl who protested dowry).

My first choice, however, is a woman who used to be a domestic help to my mother. She was poor but she was quite educated and strong. She used to teach in the slums too! But there are problems:
(a) contacting her is a difficulty as domestic helps usually do not keep in touch with previous employers
(b) the poor are usually skeptic of journalists
(c) she might be prevented by her husband to appear for "interviews"
(d) there is a growing mistrust between the rich and the poor in my country

In any case, I am organizing things so that as planned, I am done with conducting interviews within this month. 1st week of July, I would want to spend time drafting and polishing my article with my Editorial Mentor.

What are your plans?
What challenges are you facing and how are you overcoming them?
What suggestions do you have for me in order to get around this "reaching out" problem?

Stay safe and best wishes to all!


Y's picture

You have taken the first

You have taken the first important step: You have clearly defined your goal and the challenges you face.
You are a clear thinker and will find ways to overcome your challenges.
Blessings to you, Monica.


Monica09's picture

Thank you!

Dear Ms. Yvette,

I did indeed find ways to overcome the challenges (which I will share in the comments section), thanks to your blessings.


Y's picture

I am privileged to be a part

I am privileged to be a part of WorldPulse.
Blessings to you.


Sarah.Happel's picture

Success starts with a seed

You are already demonstrating the courage to do this rich and challenging work. Keep it up!


Sarah Happel, Principal
Intercultural Training & Leadership Coaching

Monica09's picture

Thank you!

Dear Ms. Sarah,

Thank you so much for your encouraging words!


I have conducted two interviews. Both very inspirational.
The first one more so. It was with a cemetery attendant. She is also a farmer and works together with a few other women.

When I asked her for an interview she agreed but she also invited her farming friends over. I couldn't disagree. So I conducted it as a group discussion - and my God! It was so inspirational and I came out with a lighter heart and a lot of positivism. How easily they trusted to share with me some of their stories touched my heart.
And the hurt they hide in their heart with a beautiful smile on their face told me of unmatched resilience.
But because it was a group - it was difficult to focus on one person to write up as a profile.
I will try and write it up in some other way - so that the essence of the discussion can be shared with everyone.

I later interviewed another active woman and it went pretty smoothly and the writeup was easy enough.

I guess the trick is not to look for the inside story - rather to have a casual conversation and let the story emerge without forcing it.

Wish you all the best with you interview and writeup.


Monica09's picture

Conversational Interview

Dear Aminah,

I agree with you- casual conversations work the best in extracting information. Trust on both sides is so important for a beautiful story to emerge.

I just completed the interview yesterday and will share more insights in the comments section.


Monica09's picture


Dear World Pulse Community,

I just completed my interview yesterday. It was a rewarding experience. Some of the solutions/insights I discovered with regards to the aforementioned challenges:

1) Choosing subjects wisely. Given the deadline, it is best to interview a strong woman who is willing to be interviewed within a planned time.

2) Being flexible. Sometimes we have many plans in mind regarding the subject, the structure of the interview/write-up, etc. but I feel it is wise to let go of the rigidity sometimes so as to avoid interrupting the natural pulse of the story.

3) Open communication. It facilitates trust when you are able to tell what you expect to achieve through the interview and when you are able to inspire others to believe in your vision. This way, I was able to extract information relevant to the interview's objectives.

What other solutions will you provide to my fellow VOF Correspondents? Please feel free to share.

Warm regards,

Y's picture

You have much wisdom. This is

You have much wisdom. This is a very valuable gift. Keep listening and learning and you will have much to offer our shared earth.


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