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To Each Of YOU

"I believe absolutely, implacably, irretrievably, and indefatigably that nothing matters more than love. I believe all human souls are called to become as loving as they possibly can be, given the limitations that time and luck will inevitably impose. Love is the point, the purpose, and the ultimate value; it is the consciousness and empathy, alpha and omega, beginning and end. God is love." - Reverend Kate Breastrup, Beginner's Grace

Here's love to YOU!

- Sarah



lynnemhealy's picture

To Each of You

Thanks for this Sarah :-) Yes, LOVE is what it's all about :-) I would say that LOVE is the power that fuels and sustains the Universe and everything in it. It's what connects us all with each other and everything. It's where we come from and where we are heading. Bringing LOVE more fully into our consciousness is what amps up our connection with all of life and makes it such an exciting and wondrous adventure.
Much LOVE to all fellow travellers on this journey,
Lynne XX

Lynne Healy

Y's picture

Dear Sarah, I'm not meaning

Dear Sarah,
I'm not meaning to be argumentative, but I and so many others have been abused by the words, "I love you," that mean so many things to so many people. It seems that so many use this as a substitute for, "I need something from you," or "I want you to need me." Can you define what you mean by "love" in less poetic terms? Sort of a way to identify creative love?


Hello, Y,

Your question is all the more interesting for the following reason: when I attended seminary -- very recently -- I had several classmates who could not, for example, wear crosses or refer positively to their religious upbringing because as children they had had such terribly mistrustful and even traumatic experiences with religious figures in their lives. I did not; I was brought up as a Protestant and actually, although my spiritual and religious scopes are now far, far broader, have all positive memories of that time in my life, for lots of different reasons. However, these classmates were understandably leery of all sorts of disingenuous, religious language and symbolism which had proved to be damaging to them.

My former husband was abused by his father, who would then say, "I love you," so he, too, mistrusted and genuinely could not understand the words.

I would like to think, as one who has experienced total, unconditional love -- and feels gratefully compelled to give it back! -- that when I say 'love' I mean the purest, most unselfish, unconditional support. Exactly the sort of support that my dogs give us, with no strings attached, no thought for self (except when they/we want a treat! ) and a deep, inner light that shines in the eyes of the giver of that 'love,' which then reflects in the eyes of the receiver.

Those are my immediate thoughts and I'll let you know if I have more!

Comfort and Joy,


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