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Shall we lock our daughters inside our homes?


My mother just told me that 2 days back, an 8 year old girl was raped - WHERE and HOW ?? I was so shocked. Then she said that in our neighborhood (Where I grew up playing), this little girl was coming back home with her mother from a grocery store which was 400 mts away from her house. On the way back home , just few steps away from home the mother said "I forgot to buy something else also, so you just go home and I will buy and come". She would have never even thought that would be her biggest mistake for which her daughter will have to suffer. She left her on the street very very close to her house and went back to the store walking. The young girl started walking to her house when an old man - aged 70-75 who was picking up the garbage from the roadside called her. He is the same man who used to pick up the garbage for the whole community and her house too so she was quite familiar with the face. She went forward to talk to him when he said to that innocent and lovely girl that I will give you chocolates and toys 'daughter' if you come with me a few steps ahead. She happily went with him enjoying and imagining toys and chocolate. That innocent soul was absolutely unaware of anything else except chocolates , toys and playing around when he took her to an isolated place near her home.

Her mother was now done shopping grocery and on her way back home she took another way just by luck. This another route is also a shortcut to her house. On her way she heard someone shouting out of pain and crying out loud. The sound was coming from a small little but thick farm nearby. As she went closer to the place from where she heard someone crying she realized that it's her daughter crying. She lost her senses, threw all the grocery bags and ran into the farm just to see her own daughter being raped.. (it was so hard to type that cant even imagine the pain of the mother). She shouted out loud and gathered everyone around.People caught that old guy BUT the tiny kid was in blood and crying out loud in pain mentally and physically. People took him to the police and now he is in custody. The only thought that ran in my mind was "Is that girl in less pain to see him behind the bars?" For me, its a NO as that young innocent girl knows nothing about the rule book of this harsh rude world. For her , it doesn't even matter that he is punished or not. What matters for her is that she wished for a toy and walked holding hand of an elderly and then she was in pain .. that's it. She might not even know the meaning of word RAPE. But that incident would have freaked her soul out as she can never ever ever take this out from her head no matter what toys or chocolates world offers her now.

Forever her parents wont send her out alone, she wont talk to any one even if its an acquaintance - her life will be inside those walls now. Her own fear wont let her to even go , step out and just walk around or play in her own neighborhood. I am myself so scared with this now that next time whenever I will go home, I will have to take my brothers out with me for every single thing OR I am at high risk as the chief minister of our state has openly declared that "We Cannot protect all the girls better parents get them married at the age of 14 and be in mental peace". As if married women are not raped, whatever. I am damn worried, angry and irritated with this whole cycle. A girl when she is born is a free soul but slowly and steadily our society forces her to stay inside 4 walls of the house and when she stays inside she is trapped. Outside in other cities where we have little better circumstances men and women are on the streets protesting but the sufferers are in some other place still suffering and the future is also hazy.

My only question is that Shall we lock our daughters inside OR shall they be accompanied by brothers all the time everywhere?????? If you would have been at my place and you know that even 5 mins away from your house you are not safe .. what you would have done as I am terrified and hell scared after this :(

This story was written for World Pulse’s Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign.

World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring girls greater access to education which will transform their lives, their families, and communities. The Girls Transform Campaign elicits insightful content from young women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as women, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.
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William's picture

rape of 8 year old girl

Dear Upasana, thank you for sharing this story, although it put a large hole in my heart to read it. Please join us at India Cafe and let's come up with some ideas of changing this horrible, criminal activity. I am praying for all girls and women in India and hope some actions will make your beautiful area safe again. Much love to you and your family. William.

JaniceW's picture

Scared and angry

I am beyond words reading your story. You all have the right to walk freely in your village without fear. It sickens me that not only was this little girl violated but a message has been sent to every young girl in the community and that is a message of fear and distrust.

The consequences of these actions must be so dire that men are discouraged from perpetrating such acts. Where is their fear? How do you punish the men so as to prevent them from acting so violently? What is the worse thing they could lose – their dignity, their home, their honour? Whatever it is, I would like to see that be taken from them just as they took away the little girl's life. Then perhaps they will think twice before acting.

For anyone interested, below is the link to the India Cafe:

UpasanaC's picture

Het Janice

The strangest part is that it's not a village .. it's a city and that too an industrial and historically famous city. This city gets the maximum export business in INDIA ... people are filthy rich in this place BUT hardly matters to a certain class of people.. You are right that "Where is the fear?" Fear is in girls and not in the criminals. Why it's not in the criminals is because the police, politicians and everyone is corrupt. If someone is caught in a rape case , they will bribe everyone and anyone to get rid of that case. If the Chief minister , the highest governing authority of that state himself declares that "Girls should not step out of the house, they should not wear jeans , eat Noodles as they have spices which excites GIRLS and then they go and tempt boys and excite them , We cannot protect every girl and girls should get married at the age of 14" ... Such series of senseless and harsh statements are by the ruling government. Why will the men be not encouraged to commit these crimes without any fear.

Forget about Fear, they are not even 1% afraid of the fact that they raped that kid 400 mtrs away from her own house. Men there walk fearlessly and if any girl is raped , it's always her fault. Unless and until our society change this attitude girls can never be safe ...

You talk about honour ... There is a "Honour Killing" openly in our state. Honour killing is when a girl and a boy gets married to each other but they belong to different caste. The parents themselves kill their children. They literally cut their body into pieces and throw them away just because they didn't marry in their own caste or against their parents wish. Apparently, this increases their honour in the society. I really never understood what and how its an honour in killing your own child that such ruthlessly.

Cheers to Life

UpasanaC's picture

Hey Janice

It's Hey Janice :) .. correction :)

Cheers to Life

Precious M's picture


This is really a touching story. The question is, shall we really lock our daughters inside our homes since there is so much darkness outside?
Thank you for sharing!


My pen speaks

Camisha's picture

Protection is Necessary

This happens in's really sad that the woman is so undervalued. This is for us to know that civilization is on the decline. We have to protect our women and girls from this type of behaviour by any means necessary.

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