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Leadersip and Empoerment.

Leadership is a choice and Empowerment is a Gift.When we go back to early history,it was somebody's choice to be a leader.Leaders were chosen from hard working and shining Families.No one can chose a leader from a family which has never been heard or a person who has chosen to be where he found himself at birth,we must move on and fight for our success.We must go with the legend saying that charity begins at home.Let us go back to the old days and see what women were doing and how they were making changes in the communities.I read the book of The women of Faith,Faith is a very Intelligent confidence with NO FEAR.Remember that no one can become a friend of God without Faith.God is a Spirit being and no one have seen him ,and what do you think this means?Any strong man in this world does things without fear and fear is an instrument of Failure.Count on the strong people you know of this description;To me ,I can see my Grand mother and my Mother,these are the women whom I saw supernatural power excelling in.I never saw fear in them and this is what has made me who I am today,they did not get the opportunity to go to school but they made it.I always saw my father panic and pick advises from my mama or my grand mama.Imagine a woman like Sarah,Ruth and ESTHER OF THE BIBLE,Yes we can and we are.I am a Lady;,I can fight from my innermost being;,I am a Roll Model in the Society;,I am a Super Natural being;,my Spirit is witnessing with me a strength which my mind do not know;.I have a talent,something you can not touch.'My Joy speaks and says; give me Education and give the Girl Child Education;;'''!!!Give me the opportunity;;,my instinct tells me that I am ready,;Ready for a beginning of Transformation.If only I could get the resources to make a difference then you will see what value I could add to my Community and to the whole World.This is my life,I would make changes to the language of War and abuse to mother nature,sex and Gender abuse.I would render Services to the less fortunate and make a decree on Education to girls.The System will be changed and no corruption would be experienced in this world.Back me up by giving Education to the girl child,this will empower women and no woman will stoop low in the Society.I will never live with regrets on this decision,it is time for change and change in reality,;;;Vote for ;''EDUCATION TO THE GIRL CHILD;''.Follow me in -http// -Face Book.As a Woman of Faith,I pray to the Almighty God to Bless you abundantly,Amen!!!!!!



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Dear Emily, "Leadership is a

Dear Emily,
"Leadership is a choice and Empowerment is a Gift.When we go back to early history,it was somebody's choice to be a leader.Leaders were chosen from hard working and shining Families."

It is a myth perpetrated by those of the ruling class that all leadership comes from goodness, ability to lead, or God. This has been an effort to continue the idea that those born into ruling classes should retain leadership. The ruling class then defines what defines a leader based on what qualities they possess in their own closed societies. This has been the curse handed down by imperialism, including that in my own country, the United States of America.

Education, for too many years was defined as the ability to memorize facts that our leaders wanted us to know, with punishment for those who thought independently. To question was to invite punishment.

While it is important to teach certain fundamentals, they should be taught as information that we now have available, not as absolute truths for all people in all times. There are crops that grow in my climate that can't survive in yours, for example.

So many people have accepted fear as an honored form of leadership. It is up to all of us who understand the greater power of bonding, learning, and teaching with responsibly compassionate example to change this leadership model.

Blessings on you and all you do.


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