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A woman prophet !

Something came to my mind the other day and confused me. Some of you will get pissed off and offended, and some will wonder just like me! I would want to clarify this. THIS IS NOT questioning God’s power or deeds, this is a reflection of the free minds.
I sometimes wonder, what if, at some point throughout the history, a woman was chosen to be a prophet? Like real prophet with a message and a holly book? What could have happened? I have asked people on both personal and professional levels. Some shut me up and asked me not to interfere in God’s work! Some told me it is the nature of women that made God Not to choose a woman to be a prophet!
Now my answer for the first folk was that I am not interfering in God’s business, I am just wondering what could have happened, and what might have changed, and how would have people viewed women if for some time in history, they had a women religious leader? As for the second folk, my answer was that I do not believe women nature was the reason, because over the years, women have taken part in leadership, and the world history is full of effective women leaders, so the fact that we accuse women nature is not applicable. Furthermore, if we look at all the prophets who came with messages to the world, they all came with extra ordinary personalities, different type tolerance than ordinary people, stronger self esteem and anger management or patience, and so many other different charismatic criteria! What this would tell me? Those who are chosen to be prophets or messengers are given unique personalities and different state of mind than ordinary people, so God could have created a women with special charisma to fulfill the prophecy position! This would also deny that fact, that women nature did not allow the idea of a woman becoming a prophet.

It may seem ironic, or somehow against religion, but it is not my intention to question God or contradict the facts. I am just thinking how different the world would be? How would some men treat women based on the fact that man had a prophet woman to follow one day? Would women get more respect by then? Would women have more opportunities and people would have more faith in her capabilities? I am not afraid to share this with my men and women friends. I do not want anyone to get offended, I am just moving my brain and I want you to think as well. We may not necessarily agree on something, but we definitely are changing something here.


Betty B. Ackah's picture

Interesting thoughts. I do

Interesting thoughts. I do not necessarily see why this would annoy anyone, I do not know of any time God has made it known that a woman is not worthy of being a prophet, and so it should be so shocking that anyone asks about female prophets.... then again I don't know every detail there is about all religions that believe in 'God', and so I cannot speak widely.

That said, I definitely think that it would make a great difference in how women are valued in so many different cultures. The Greeks had many goddesses for instance, I would really love to know what influence this has on gender relations and issues of gender equality in the Greek culture?

Very interesting points you make shahd :)


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I wish we had more women religious leaders.
Right now, since most of the leaders are men - they interpret Quran and Hadhees from their perspective and quite often that disadvantages women to a large extent.

Anyways, you posing that question is no reason for anyone to get annoyed. But yes many of elders might frown upon us if we were to ask questions like that. Most often than not, we are asked to take everything in religion without questioning.
But Islam is in fact different. Islam asks us to read, to learn, to explore. And we should be doing just that :)

Keep exploring :)


shahd's picture

thanks ladies

Thanks ladies, I am now more relaxed that some positive feedback was provided. I agree with what both of you have said and I am hoping that together we can raise women awareness and understanding of live in every area.

Monica09's picture

Lovely thought there

Dear Shahd,

Greetings from Bangladesh!

Many people have the same question and they receive the same answers/reactions you have posted here. I feel it is not a sin to think out-of-the-box or to be inquisitive when studying religions, because that would only increase our understanding of religions in the contemporary world. A woman prophet would have been really nice to read about or even to imagine.

However, I am not sure if a woman prophet would change the current scenario. Take for example India where majority of the population is Hindu. Many Hindus worship goddesses. Yet, some of the gruesome incidents against women take place there.

What do you think could be the solution to this where on one hand goddesses are revered, and yet on the other had, in real life, they are treated in a way that does not befit the gender reflecting goddesses.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!

Warm regards,

shahd's picture

I agree

Dear Monica,

You are right. I think it is not just history that can change how people see things, and here I would accuse traditions and how men were nurtured. If a man was not raised by a mother who accepted his father abuse on herself and daughters, he would not grow up thinking it is legitimate or acceptable.

There are many reasons why women have been abused over the years. I hope that with time we will radically get rid of all types of aggression, disrespect, and abuse.


JaniceW's picture

Provocative thinking


I always look forward to your posts as you provoke us all to think outside of the traditional lines of thinking. You not only ask us to consider what the world might be like if there were women prophets but also how we might view the world differently if such had taken place.

For me, I am provoked into thinking that if there was a female prophet, would my perspective or acts be different? And if they would be, how and why? If I consider that I may be more compassionate, more empathetic, etc., then what is preventing me from being that way now? Even without the presence of a female prophet, is there a reason that I can not change my perspective today especially if it were for the betterment of society?

Monica's comments on Hindu's reverence of goddesses makes me wonder if the men in India who are perpetrating violence upon women and girls were to discover that some of those very women were in fact goddesses, would they have behaved differently? Would they feel remorseful? Imagine how different life would be if men believed that there was a possibility that any woman was a goddess and capable of directing that man's future destiny?

Glara Ibrahim Qader - jaff's picture

BUT what if we Had!!!

Dear Shahd, I am Glara, I think I know you from days in UKH. I am new in this community and when I read about you I remembered you and liked your wonderful and ideal writings. .

I can say that you literally write every single thought I have in my mind about this subject. What if!!! Exactly… what if??? And you know I am still wondering WHAT IF we had! Throughout the history , but they hidden it from us, and when I say they I mean MEN!... what if they destroyed her holly book or all the history and evidence about her decades ago.. what if they changed all the information about her in all the already existed holly books. What if ? we don’t know …

I am Muslim and I respect all the holly books and QUR’AAN is what I believe in but this can’t stop my thinking and questioning about what if? Some times when I was sharing these thoughts with friends and family they were saying god will hear you, you can’t talk like that its Haram!! But God who made me, knows how I think! So why should I not to talk… when I am alone I even direct my questions to god to the one whom created me…. Asking you made us, then who made you? Where are you come from?

I am looking forward to read more ....


shahd's picture


Dear Glara,

I am so delighted to see a former UKHian following up and reading post. This means alot to me. Thank you so much. Welcome to world pulse. It is the best community for women to share stories, learn ways to earn and learn out of other women experience.

I am glad you liked this piece. In face, I submitted this trying to think out loud. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Also, feel free to use world pulse to express your opinion. We are all ears. No idea is ever wrong, and thinking is never wrong. In fact those thoughts enlarge our mindset and broaden our vision. Thoughts may not always change our beliefs but rather expand our understanding of life.



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