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Some of my favourite genres of photography

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PulseWire Welcome Committee

There are so many different photographs and different styles of taking them out there. Different photographers tend to like different genres; some are adept at a range of genres while others like a particular one or two. Here are some of my favourites:

Portraits - I'm not strong with portraits but it's my most recent love :) To me, portraits can be candid shots or posed pictures and encompass images that will present an individual to you as they are in real life; they are good replicas. I like to get face shots and upper body but there are also full bodied portraits.

'SCAPES' - these include land scapes, city scapes, water scapes (ocean, river, sea). To me, these are pictures that give you an idea of the environment in which you are. They are wide and encompass a large variety of elements - wide shots in general.

Macros - I love to get upclose and personal to different elements. These are shots that make the subject/s seem larger than they actually are. For example, have you ever seen a really big picture of an insect in a book only to realise it's not that large but significantly smaller?

Event - I like to attend an event such as a cultural show, prize giving ceremony or observance of a particular festival and capture what is happening. These are definitely NOT easy as I cannot ask those present to 'pose' for me; one second the picture is there and the next it isn't. It's difficult but I've found that learning about the event before hand helps me.

Street - this is another genre I'm developing in. It's not taking picture of people in the street but addresses pictures that show everyday people doing everyday things. For example, a fisherman casting a net or a street vendor selling his/her goods. They can be posed for or candid shots - I prefer the candid shots more. The point to note is that a person should be in the picture to make it street.

This is most definitely NOT an exhausted list and there are MANY more genres out there. What are some of your favourites and why?


- The main picture on the page (at the top) is a waterscape. It's a picture of the water taxis transporting workers from one side of the Demerara River (in Guyana) to the other at sunset.
- The picture with the person in a gold costume is an event photograph taken during Guyana's version of carnival which is called Mashramani in 2012.
- The insect picture is a macro. That's a wasp that I happened to catch while taking out something completely unrelated.
- The picture of the lady is a portrait of my grandmother.
- The picture of the mother and child is a street photograph.



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The work above is extraordinary.. Thank you for sharing this group with the community.. I have some of my work on facebook at but I will write about it and bring some photos here!!! I like the one with the little girl and her mommy the most:)



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Thank you :D one of my hope

Thank you :D one of my hope is that those of us who are into photography more can upload an image (maybe once a month) and explain the story behind the image. That is, you talk about what appealed to you and if you did any processing maybe some information on that and how you basically went about getting the photograph. :) So, if you feel like it, maybe you can do that this week? :D

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Beautiful images :)

You are gifted TJ.

Great initiative in starting this group.
I share a love for photography - I am no pro though.
I have never learned photography.

But what I love most is capturing candid moments. I like to capture culture. I like to capture emotions.
I like to capture history.
It's a joy to look at photographs from years and year ago.

I will try and come up with a post for this group with some of my cherished photos.


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:) Please do - I can't wait

:) Please do - I can't wait to see some of your work! One doesn't have to be a professional or own an expensive camera to get amazing photographs - work with waht you know and some of the best images are gotten that way!


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