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I am so humbled to be counted among the 31 finalists.

This is from one of the happiest moments in my life - Sitting outside a conference hall enjoying lovely company in Nepal in 2010. Today I feel almost as happy as I was feeling that day..

It means a lot to me.
It also scares me a bit. Before this, I have been raising my voice through a filtered gap - behind the safety of an anonymous name on an anonymous space - my personal blog.

Being selected here means I no longer can continue that journey - at least the path diverges somewhat.
From my experience of the application process - through those 4 assignments, I broke so many of my self-built safety walls - it left me a bit anxious as well as excited.
Being among the finalists, I guess would mean I would have to pull the very foundation of those walls too :)

Thank you WorldPulse for believing in me. This will give me the needed confidence and strength to voice my concerns, and my angst in a healthy way. I hope to be able to move forward without burning myself - and I want other people going through similar situations to be given the strength and support to walk their walk with a smile on their face.

This is not where I stop though. :) My target is to be able to stand up in front of a crowd in the US and speak out loud with no inhibition.

A huge THANKS goes to all the lovely people who took the time to read my posts and leave such inspiring, encouraging, and heartfelt comments. Those comments made me go forward. It propelled me to always aim higher than the previous time. It gave me confidence.

Today, I would like to request all of you to continue that support. All of us need it. We need each other to keep us strong.

And seeing the list of the 31 finalists, I realize there are a few on the list I haven't had the opportunity to interact with. Given that I read quite a lot of the posts and commented on so many different people's writing - this amazes me. :) Shows how many strong women are out there trying for the betterment of our world. Now is the time to get to know you all better, and I guess by the end of this program we will be one tight group.
Congratulations for making it to the next round.

As for those who are not among the 31. Believe it when I say that all of you were great. I was moved to tears by so many of your words and experiences. Keep sharing them on your journals and make a difference in making the world a better place for the human race. We need to pull our men folk along with us if we need meaningful change. Educating and sensitizing them to gender equality is very important.

All the best to all the lovely people who have walked with me on this journey. Please continue the walk with me.


loretta's picture

Congrats dear friend!

I was so happy and proud to see your name first on that list. Keep it up dear friend, never let yourself down. From here onwards, never look back, keep moving to bigger and better things.

:X, can't stop smiling, keep well and in touch.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

My name on the top does look good - I agree :)
But I am sure it's not in any priority order.
The list is in alphabetical order - I guess I have to thank my mamma for naming me Amina :)

And thank you Loretta my dear friend for continuous encouragement.

I am so sorry to not see your name on the list. But please please do keep writing and inspiring us.

Wishing you all the very best.


loretta's picture

Why, thank you Aminah.

Yes ofcourse, it's in alphabetical order. My name being not there is disappointing ofcourse but not a train smash.

I definitely keep writing and inspiring you.

All the best, salaam.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

Phionah Musumba's picture

You Deserve it, Aminah!

Am so proud of you, dear.
Keep it up and roar for us too.
Looking forward to read you more. Congratulations, I believe we all win when one woman wins.

Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya

Aminah's picture

"we all win when one woman wins"

What a beautiful sentiment dear.
You are an absolute darling Phionah,

You are one person who constantly rooted for my writings and I relished yours too.
Thank you for the support.

Stay with me and the rest of the finalists. We will do this together :)

All the best for your future endeavors.


Phionah Musumba's picture

I promise

Am gonna be with you ladies all the way! Thanks for the wishes.
Behind you,

Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya

Sharontina's picture

Congrats dear

I was proud and happy to see you on the list. But you know i was very sure and knew it much before. Because you are that woman who has won the hearts of many being the voice of the voiceless. I am happy for you. You deserve more.


Merlin Sharontina

Aminah's picture

I am indepted to all of you

That is very sweet of you dear Sharonita.
If I am able to be a voice for anyone, that's because of the encouragement from people like yourself.

You are one person, who wrote wonderfully. May your journey bring you more successes.
With all the best.


Sharontina's picture


Thank you and pls find some time to read my posts further about my new projects. coz you'll be busy too the next few months.


Merlin Sharontina

Rochelle White's picture


You will make it through and all that anxious energy you are feeling will turn into strength, motivation, and desire to inspire many around the world as you have done through your previous assignments! God Bless and may you pursue each exercise with growth and enjoyment:)



That will help me keep going forward.


PeopleWeaver's picture

Go Girl!

Congratulations! I am happy you were selected. Continue to speak out.


Aminah's picture

Thank you Jeanne.

It looks like it's going to be a wonderful journey of speaking out.


Tessie's picture


Dear Sister,
Congratutions. I am proud of you!!!!!

salient cry

Aminah's picture

Thanks Tessie

It's such a pleasure to be representing all of you


Dear Aminah
I am so
happy to see you among the final list keep it up and sure will be with you commenting reading and following you step may be next year will be my turn too.
love and salam

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Aminah's picture

Thank you for your support.

Dear Ola,

My prayers are with you for the coming year.
But continue writing.


Therese kasindi's picture

Congratulation my sister

Congratulation my sister Aminah! I am happy to hear that you are chosen among the 2013 VOF.

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Aminah's picture

Thank you Therese. The first

Thank you Therese.
The first month of the journey is almost over and I am loving it.


Vweta's picture


This post brought tears to my eyes. You really covered every subject that needed to be addressed.

I am honoured to be chosen alongside you!

Let's keep the tempo!

Love always,

Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...

Aminah's picture

It surely is an honor to have

It surely is an honor to have been chosen with the group.
And glad to have you on the team.

Hope you are doing good.


nilima's picture


And we are so proud that you are among 31:)


Aminah's picture

Greatly appreciated

thank you for the support Nilima.


Sarjo Camara Singateh's picture


Aminah i am happy for you. well done dear.


Aminah's picture

Thank you for taking a moment

Thank you for taking a moment out to show your support.
It is greatly appreciated.
We are able to take more bolder steps knowing there are people cheering us along the way.


Sarjo Camara Singateh's picture

you are a great woman

if a woman wins is for all the women struggle continues.


Lwesso's picture




Aminah's picture

Merci beaucoup

Je suis reconnaissant pour VOF


Precious M's picture


My Dear Aminah,

You really deserve it! Do not stop here sister. I believe you will stand and speak to that crowd in the US. There is so much inside you.


My pen speaks

Aminah's picture

:) I am better at writing

:) I am better at writing than expressing my thoughts in spoken words.
But yes, I hope to gain the confidence to do just that.

All the best to you do dearest.


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