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2013 Correspondent Announcement!


Dearest Applicants,

The Listeners and the World Pulse Team have spent weeks reviewing your amazing assignments. We have felt inspired and moved by your pieces. It was an incredibly difficult decision to select our 2013 Voices of Our Future Correspondents. Our hope is that if you were not selected for this year’s program that you continue to be active members of our World Pulse community. We have built such a powerful and supportive group. We have witnessed the amazing encouragement and connection over the course of the last two months. We encourage you to grow your network, knowledge, skills and passions. We believe that it is our unity and sisterhood that empowers our rise and creates impactful global change.

We would like to congratulate the following applicants as they have been selected to be our 2013 Correspondents for our Fourth annual Voices of Our Future Program:

1. Aminah
2. Anab87j9
3. Ayunnie
4. Bitani
5. Deqa
6. Green Girl
7. Hideko N
8. Iryna
9. Jags 83
10. Jampa
11. Joy Spencer
12. Klaudia Mexico
13. LatiNegra
14. Libudsuroy
15. Mahrukh Pasha
16. Maya Norton
17. Monica 09
18. Mukut
19. Nadz
20. Nakinti
21. Nechesa
22. Passy Mubalama
23. Patsy Lindrio
24. Pelamutunzi
25. Precious M
26. Rabia.Salihi
27. Rebecca R
28. Shahd
29. Tina N
30. Vweta
31. Yosra Akasha

Lastly, Delphine and I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your work, your words and your love. We have both left this process positively impacted and motivated by your persistence, resilience and commitment.

With Deep Respect and Gratitude,

Zoe and Delphine


Estherkitenge's picture

congratulations to the

congratulations to the winners and good work.

Rochelle White's picture


Yeah!! Congrats!!!! I am happy for you:) Keep up the great work!



Enas Lotfy's picture


Congradulations for all
thank you

Saving Angel's picture


To all my lovely sisters! Congrats for making it thus far! You all are so amazing and so inspirational and blessed! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have made friends with you all! I can't wait to read your amazing posts to come!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

Mukut's picture


Congratulations my fellow applicants !!!!!! I am thrilled and honored beyond words right now. I want to express my heartfelt note of thanks to all those who participated. Thank you so much my dearest friends and staff for the relentless support. Thank you all.

Let us celebrate :)

Love to all,

Mukut Ray

Mukut's picture

Thank you

A BIG shout out thanks to staff, listeners of World Pulse, especially Zoe and Delphine ! You guys are amazing !!


Mukut Ray

Prashamsa's picture

My hertfelt congratulations

My hertfelt congratulations to all the selected correspondents and a message to all the remaining ones who could not make it to the 30 correspondents 'There is always Next Time'.

Prashamsa's picture

My heartfelt congratulations

My heartfelt congratulations to all the selected correspondents and a message to all the remaining ones who could not make it to the 30 correspondents 'There is always Next Time'.

PeopleWeaver's picture


I am happy for you all. Good luck in the future.


kirthijay's picture

This is amazing! EVERY woman

This is amazing! EVERY woman up on that list deserved the win truly, and I am really happy that the ones I anticipated (Mukut, Precious, Greengirl, Shahd, Aminah, Iryna, Patsy and Tina!) are all in! YAYYYYY! <3

Mukut's picture

You are amazing !

Love you ! You are amazing.


Mukut Ray

Aminah's picture

you touched my heart :)

Thank you Kirthi for that lovely vote of confidence. It humbles me very much.

You yourself, are a superb writer and a very intelligent soul. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


kirthijay's picture

Thank you Aminah!

Thank you Aminah!

Tash's picture

Awe, thanks for saying that!

Awe, thanks for saying that! I always looked foward to reading your work, I pray you dont stop writing !
Thank you! x

Kind Regards,

kirthijay's picture



Greengirl's picture

Dear Kirthi

You are wonderful! Just like you, I had my anticipation too and I can't help but wish the list had more names such as yours. I feel very honoured and really special to have made it on your list. Be sure that your voice is unique and I heard it all though the VOF Challenge.


Greengirl's picture

Dear Kirthi

You are wonderful! Just like you, I had my anticipation too and I can't help but wish the list had more names such as yours. I feel special and honored to be on your list. Be sure that your voice is unique and I heard it all though the VOF Challenge.


TJ's picture

whew! wait is over...

I expected some of those names because of the way they expressed themselves and the dedication they showed. Sadly I didn't get to know all or read posts from all of those listed but judging by the few I do know - you all will form an amazing cohort for 2013!!!

Keep the passion alive for the next leg! Waiting to see the amazing things from you 31 :)

To the rest who didn't make it - some of us wanted to be there (but alas there are only so many spaces) while some of us did this for the heck of it. Let's continue to be a strong support group for the selected and continue to tell our stories!

Loads of love to the applicants of 2013,

Sangita Thapa's picture

Congratulations gilrs! :)

Im so happy for and proud of all the 30 winners. Im sure you will make an amazing VOF 2013. This is the victory of us all. Girls, just go ahead, shake the world and show that WE can!

Jan Afza's picture

Keep it up

Amazing to hear this happy news. congratulations for all the world pulse community and for the winners.

Jan Afza

Vweta's picture

Thank You!!!

Thank you all - World Pulse, dedicated listeners, fellow applicants and every member of the World Pulse community for this privilege and the friendship, love and warmth that i found and still find here!

This indeed is a rare privilege and i really hope to make the most of it.

I could never have succeeded without the amazing encouragement i received from everyone here.

Thank you all again and Gospeed!

Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...

Gracious's picture

Congratulation to all

Selected it is a rear opportunity.


Phionah Musumba's picture

Well done!

I commend the World Pulse family for giving us the opportunity to work with women from all corners of the world, making friends, exchanging ideas and learning from each other. It was the best roller coaster of all time.
Personally, I was not only inspired, but encouraged and also empowered in a mightier way than I ever thought possible, and in a very short time.
I congratulate my 31 sisters for getting this marvelous opportunity to work for their communities' spot on the world map. You deserved it ladies.
Finally, I believe we were all awesome, thus everyone is a winner, their victory is ours all.
All the best,

Phionah Musumba
Founder/Executive Director
Malkia Foundation &
Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya
P.O Box 9461 - 00300,
Nairobi, Kenya
Facebook: Phionah Musumba
Twitter: @KenyaGals
LinkedIn: Phionah Musumba
Skype: phionah.anguzuzu.musumba

Monica09's picture

Thank you & Congratulations!

I cannot really express my elation at this news! I cannot imagine what lies ahead of us given the application process itself was so rewarding for all of us here. Thank you for this unique application process where we all had the opportunity to contribute, to express.

Congratulations to my fellow 2013 VOF correspondents! This is an opportunity as well as responsibility to represent marginalized people. Let's vow to make full use of this training program!

Congratulations to all 2013 VOF applicants because you've made some amazing friends and you've made your voices heard. Your friends will keep you updated about the program and might as well guide you next time. Stay stronger than ever!

Looking forward to connecting on a deeper level!

Best wishes to everyone,

foufou's picture


I 'm happy for the 30 winners
best of my Congratuations for all


Sharontina's picture


A big congrats to all of you dear sisters. I am a bit disappointed though since i was very much confident in getting selected and have been waiting to see my name. I am missing this journey forward. Anyways my wishes to all of you.


Merlin Sharontina

kirthijay's picture

Oh Sharontina don't worry - I

Oh Sharontina don't worry - I was confident of being selected too - but what happens always happens for the best. :) Our sisters are there to represent us, and that is our victory too!

Sharontina's picture


Oh yes, i am extremely happy for my sisters out there. I am only sad about missing the journey and experience together and also when i think that i was posting the assignments being sick and under medication when i was not supposed to even sit or strain my neck. As you said it always happens for the best.

so what, i will keep travelling with them the next coming months to encourage and also get to know interesting stories they will post further.

Yeah, it's a great victory and am already thrilled that our sisters will represent our voices.

Merlin Sharontina

Stacey Rozen's picture


Congratulations to the chosen. May you bring light to our world.


shahd's picture

Happy for you all


I am so proud to be selected and I am so happy to be part of a powerful circle. I will be carrying this responsibility with huge amount of commitment and loyalty and I hope I can meet your expectations



Iryna's picture

A big honor

It's a big honor for me to be one of these 31. I am grateful to WP team for this opportunity and to everyone who supported me. I want to say again, we all are winners, some of our voices sounded even so strong that already received recognition. I am the one who can learn more, I want to believe in this. And I promise to do all my best to meet the expectations of people who believed in me!
Good luck to everyone,
Warmest wishes from the Black Sea,

Abisinuola's picture


My heartfelt greeting goes to all the selected applicants!welldone!
More strength for the months to come.
Keep the pulse!:)


loretta's picture


I would like to pass my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners. Indeed the choice was a difficult one and had to add an extra, due to the beautiful, heart rending stories you wrote.

I would like to especially congratulate all my friends and not forgeting everyone who participated. Do us proud, go out there and raise women's voices.

I really enjoyed the time I got to spend on World Pulse, I also never got the chance to read each and everyone's stories, due to laptop problems, that I still can't get to solve up to now. I would have honestly loved to read everyone's work.

BIG UP to you all. Keep the writing juices flowing.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

Dear All
I am grateful to have had the chance to meet women across the world, women who are dedicated for change, women who have a strong voice coupled with a passion to make their voices heard, women who used their voices and dared to speak up about inequalities, injustice, and abuse against marginalized groups.

As Vweta said before me, this is definitely a rare privilege to have marched with you to transform the world to the better. I appreciate you all fellow VOF Applicants, and I wholeheartedly love you all. I also appreciate the amazing team at World Pulse, both the staff and the listeners. I am grateful for the support you have given me and for lending an ear to listen to my voice.

We sure have a lot of work ahead of us. And since the material for the training is posted for all of our benefit I would really love to read from both VOF Correspondents and Applicants alike because this is not the end and we still have a journey ahead of us.
I am inspired.

It means a lot to me.
It also scares me a bit. Before this, I have been raising my voice through a filtered gap - behind the safety of an anonymous name on a an anonymous space - my personal blog.

Being selected here means I no longer can continue that journey. From my experience of the application process - through those 4 assignments I broke so many of my self-built safety walls - it left me a bit anxious as well as excited.
Now, I guess this would mean I would have to pull the very foundation of those walls too :)
Thank you WorldPulse for believing in me. And my target is to be able to stand up in front of a crowd in the US and speak out loud with no inhibition.

A huge THANKS goes to all the lovely people who took the time to read my posts and leave such inspiring, encouraging, and heartfelt comments. Those comments made me go forward. It propelled me to always aim higher than the previous time.

Here I would like to request for you all to continue that support. All of us need it. We need each other to keep us strong.

And seeing this list, I realize there are a few on the list I haven't had the opportunity to interact with. Now is the time to get to know you all better and I guess by the end of this program we will be one tight group.

As for those who are not among the 31. Believe it when I say that all of you were great. I was moved to tears by so many of your words and experiences. Keep sharing them on your journals and make a difference in making the world a better place for the human race.

All the best.


calupo's picture


Congratulations! I wish you the very best.


ola.mahadi's picture


Dear Selected 30 correspondence congrats and wish you all the best and sure there will be next time for us .
i am glad i get to know most of those 30th and sure will follow you post for the coming months as often as i can.
Stay connected and keep the pulse up

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Ayunnie's picture

Deepest Apprreciation

I would to take this opportunity to register my deepest appreciation for being awarded the space among the 31 finalist. I am humbled by this gesture and I am motivated than ever to amplify the voices of women and girl child in my society. Congratulations to all the finalist...I know we will connect, share and learn from each other. To the other applicants thank u too for your support..we are all winners and we connect and reconnected..hope to continue hearing from u too. Bravo World Pulse team for this noble course, looking forward to learning a lot from the training. finally i send my greatest appreciation to the following who read my posts and gave encouraging feedback..Chinemu, Bina, Ellie, Tina, Isabel, Crystle, Janice, Jecoute, Klaudia, Andrea, Jensine, Flavia, Kiran, Florence and Fatima.

@ Nairobi KENYA
Women have impeccable character, if tapped society realizes quantum leap in development

Tash's picture

Am really happy to be here

Am really happy to be here and part of the final 31. I want to thank World Pulse for this oppotunity and especially allowing me to believe in my self once more, just the mere application process helped me grow as a person, something i wont take for granted. I believe this is going to be a surprising venture for me, what makes me even more excited. I can't wait to find me!
To all the other applicants, thanks , your comments were very encouraging, u pushed me harder and it was great attendig class with all of you and..... rather entertaining! It won't be the same without y'all, dont be strangers!

All the very best everyone!x

Kind Regards,

fozia yasin's picture

Have fun, do amazing things!

Heartiest congratulations to all the 31 powerful winning women. You deserve it.

And for us, the application process has been so enriching, an exercise that lead to much self discovery. For the first time, I closed my eyes, and looked within for inspiration. I discovered that I don't only have many many stories to share, but "I am the story" myself. And so many amazing women, we are a part of a common narrative.

So, here we are with you. Together.

Salaam Aminah! Listen, a tear just escaped my eye... your writing has such power, you are simply so special.

Sarontina, tight hug to you.
See, I googled this for us: “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”

Smile now :)

Sharontina's picture

Oh dear

Oh dear, thanks for reading my heart. But my mind was thinking loud for quiet some time as soon as i saw the list, bringing out that disappointment. but the joy of seeing my dear sisters whom i hoped too to be there has erased this and i am back celebrating their, our victory.

Merlin Sharontina

Sangita Thapa's picture

Dear Sharontina and Kirthy,

Dear Sharontina and Kirthy, you both are amazing writers, everyone knows it. I have always loved them and there are many of us who are gifted writers. All the applicants had expectations and yes it hurts when our expectations don't come true. I too was disappointed at first, but then i took relief in the fact that the 30 finalists are representing us all. I agree with Fozia and want you (and all the applicants of VOF) to know that we are uniquely amazing and positively inspiring in our own respective ways. So, cheer up dear sisters. Lets celebrate our voices! :)

Dear Sharontina,

I was surprised to see the results too because I couldn't see the names of many who I believed would definitely make it, such as Fozia (because a line from her assignment was quoted on World Pulse's facebook page), Raiya Kishwar, and IamTruth.

However, what I feel, and you'll be happy to know, is that the selection process in no way determines your journalistic / leadership abilities. The selection process may have had some criteria. For example, I feel that those were selected whose journalistic / leadership skills needed some more improvement (at least in my case). Reading some of the essays, I felt they were already groomed and treading leadership paths. Also, I feel those were selected whose essay-topics needed more visibility (such as Israeli-Palestinian conflict, interfaith dialogue, migration issues).

Keeping aside the selection process, I am sure all the Correspondents would share their experiences with applicants here and would also help them to apply in the future. And I am sure the connections we have made are strong and precious, and that we will be active in responding to each others needs.

Best wishes,

You don't know how much those words mean to me Fozia.
I honestly am indebted to the kind words that is bestowed on my humble writing.

I wish you all the best in everything you do.


Hannah Ojo's picture


Congrats. I am sure the chosen few would represent the rest of us well. Really grateful to have been here. I look forward to other opportunities and contribution to the cause we believe in. Weldone amazons!

H.O. Verve

Lia@WP's picture


Congratulations to all the deserving correspondents.
It was a hopeful wait for those who have been wishing to be chosen, and the opportunity is now here in front of you.

Good luck to all who won. This is another step to another success.

To those who were hoping to win, but didn't,don't take this as a failure. It's was a great opportunity. Work harder to get want you want. There is something out there for you waiting.

To those who didn't expect to win like me, it was indeed another great experience for us to be a part of this wonderful platform.

Kudos to all !



Congrats for all the lovely ladies. I wish I could be on this list as I was excited for the journey but I trust World Pulse selection of awesome changmakers.

Good luck everyone :)

Aya Chebbi
Proudly Tunisian

Marah Mbine Ngole Epie's picture


My dear Sisters,
Congratulations to you all who made it!
Special greetings to Mukut. You deserve it!

Marah Epie

bitani's picture

thank you all!

Thank you fellows for your congratulations, and thanks for the managing team that included my name among the 30 finalists. I am already thrilled about the upcoming experience.

Ahead of all, each one of us, whether selected or not, shall always be a correspondent working to make the voice of herself and of her community heard. And remember, that with today's innumerable websites, there are hundreds that welcome contributions. Even if these contributions are not paid, we will be rewarded by contributing to the good of our global society.

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
—Judy Garland

Anita Muhanguzi's picture


Congrats to all of us who participated in this amazing journey. I will never be the same because i learnt from all of you and i know the journey has just started for me. I would also like to congratulate the finalists who have made it to the next level. You have made us proud and we shall continue to walk with you. I wish you all the best my sisters.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

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