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our language

It is has been a very interesting journey, listening to other
Women who are passionate about humanity.

I'm very concerned with our language,or should I say our tones in
our writtings.I feel don't come across well, when we address some
Issues. I do understand that we are concerned and some issues are disturbing. But I believe that in our quest to make change we should
Not create another problem.
If we look at some issues we are trying to addreass right now, you
Will find that they are a backlashes of our strategies which we had employed in the past in trying to
. For example let's look at the issue of gender
based violence and male involvement; men in most cases are resistant to any innitiatives which try to address gbv and women issues
Because inthe beggining we never seen them important stakeholders.
Get me right, I'm not saying what they are doing is ok. We need to be careful of what we are saying about other constituents, even when we believe they are wrong.

I came across an article written by one of the VOF 2013, where perpertrators of violence were called animals , I did comment on that artcle and raised this concern. But I see the sm thing continuing
Today I read a very beautiful article on women and pregnancy . The only thing that throw me off were the last words of attack to churches and victims . I have
Learnt that if you want people to listen to you. We need to teach them and show them a better way, rather than attacking them.attaking things which to them are everything.
No matter what we say to them some people will never choose our ways, so we need to reach them where they are.

For instance the women who go to churches rather than hospitals or clinics. We need to dialogue with the religous leaders and empower them on those issues.
In Botswana we have seen a lot of improvement on issue of adhearance on ARV for hiv patients after envolving. Traditional healers and church leaders. Some of them they do have nurses/ heatlh personnel who come to teach and advice the congregation.
As an organisation,last year we had a workshop for church leader on issues of gbv and the church. Because regardless of what we do
Some people run to the church when a husband beat them or when they have issues of gbv at home.
So in this workshop we shared with the leaders on what they can do when they have the such encounters.lastly
I think it will really help to get feed back from the Pulse staff, on our that even if one is not part of the 30, they will have a bit of guidance

PS I would like to get feedback from the Pulse staff. To know I what I'm saying is applicable here.
If I have stepped on any ones toes, I'm very sorry that was not the intension.
NB sorry for a not so good layout was writing this on my phone.

Much love


mrbeckbeck's picture

Interesting discussion!

Hello Gaok, and thanks for raising this interesting discussion point.

I think you're on to something really significant and important here. The choices we make with language are important, and can have a big impact on how people react to what we're saying.

At World Pulse we love to hear "solutions-oriented" journals, where people not only see a problem, but show evidence of a solution in action, or propose a solution that could be put to work. Sometimes it is a challenge to see the light when you're surrounded by darkness, but that's what we need! It is important to see potential partners for our visions in men, churches, traditional leaders, etc.

I would love to hear other people's reactions to your point here! We're all here to learn and work together to make this world a better place---thanks for speaking up.


Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

pelamutunzi's picture

you are right

it is true what you say. just because you do not agree with something does not mean its evil and has to be attacked. we need to know that in addressing gender issues its not all men who are bad and respect each other's beliefs so that we can be able to see the same thing from wherever we are.
thank you

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest.

I was drawn to your journal entry, since I have made a career out of language and communication. This is a safe place to speak opinions, be heard, encourage and be encouraged. I have personally found this to be true, even if there is a difference of opinion, of culture, of vision. Although the written word is beyond compare, as a verbal and gestural communicator, it is a challenge for me to accurately impart mood, tone, sincerity or humor. Knowing this, as I read through various types of entries and comments, I do try to read beyond the words to hear the voice behind them.

Yes, let us be the example and show the way through word and action, keeping a forward-thinking voice, withholding judgement or criticism. Let us also see beyond the voice to the authenticity and heart.

Thank you for bringing these thoughts forward, and for taking part in this ever-growing, ever-changing community!

With gratitude, and with

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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