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Child Love

On 18th I spent my day with children at an orphanage courtesy of Amref and all those people who made this possible. It was one of the best fulfilling experiences i've had in a very long time and no words can describe the joy I felt on that day. I believe some children ends up in an orphanage because their parents could not access medical care; due to lack of funds or health facilities, neglect from some nurses who abuse expectant mothers and it's sad that we've lost many infants as well hence a mother being denied a chance to be with her baby. In other situations we've seen drama in the media where a distressed husband is suing the hospital because due to negligence his wife and baby did not make it. How sad that value to life have lost so much meaning to the responsible authorities? Where is our government? Has Kenyan government done the survey to ensure that before rushing to waver the maternity fee, our hospitals has all the required tools to enable our nurses and doctors to serve with minimal frustration if there'll be any? It's a good gesture to see our government want the best for it's citizens but i'm afraid that unlike before, our nurses might become more frustrated and this will mean increased infant death as well as losing our mothers and sisters in the process. I have not been there but due to sad stories I have heard and witnessed, I wouldn't want to to deliver in a public hospital because inn there i'm afraid i'll be harassed and left to the mercy of our God. Our government should plan before they waver all the maternity fee to avoid some unpleasant experiences. I am sure that if some mothers were attended to promptly, some children would not be in an orphanage. Let's us all join hands with organisations who support mothers. Such as campaigne by Amref stand up for african mother because the truth is that most African countries are still developing so resources are very limited because utilizing what we have is becoming a challenge due to corruption. Our Members of parliament want their salary increased yet they hadn't even started working. Non of them bothered to worry about the common mwananchi yet they claimed during campaigne that they have our interests at heart. Our wage is high and they still worry over the type of car they'll be driving, none of them worried about that child who is in an orphanage and what led to him or her being there and how can the cause be prevented??? Leadership is not about being served but I believe that a leader serves those he is leading by serving them not causing them pain and sorrow. Free education was introduced we saw how it affected learning in public schools though it was a very good initiative by our government but I believe enough effort was not put into place by the responsible authority. Corruption is killing our economy, How SAD?


Dear Gracious,
I can see that you are putting alot of energy to follow the issue for the root and come up with solution our commuinties need to stand up for better services and that we be able to hold the goverment a ccountable for their resbospilities and actions. It is sad to hear about situation in public health facilities yet we need to share our voices and take action to stop this.
Thank you for sharinf your concern.
My wishes for better health care in Kenya

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

praying that as sisters we will always have the needed strength to fight for what we believe in


Therese kasindi's picture


Oh my sister, you are lucky to have free education in your public school. It's a nice news! I think every body are happy.
You said Leadership is about serving people, that's right, but our leaders do not know that.
I think God will be with you and will give all energy to transform your community.
P.S.: I am not good in English but I think you will understand what i wrote.

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Gracious's picture

dear kasindi

teachers still charge some fees and the free education is only at primary level but some children stay at home because they can't afford the fee being asked for. our public schools are really struggling to perform because the number of learners enrolling is so teachers are over worked


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