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What next?

TJ's picture


We've done a month (four weeks) worth of getting to know each other, communicating and sharing via our VOF 2013 application group. Now, we sit and wait to find out which 30 of us will be going forward. It's not the end of the road for I know that we all learned so much and quite a few bloggers have emerged. I'm now finally free to get to reading some personal journals :D (Sad to say, the 'bread and butter job' had me tied up so my love for this space online was put on hold for a little bit. BUT! Now, I'm free to relax and have a read and make a couple posts.)

However, back to my original question of 'what now?' Beyond this group and the Pulsewire Community Group I'm not a part of any other groups. So, tonight, I figured I'd come online and do some exploring! I tried finding groups with my interests and general geographical areas but it seems as if many of them are not 'current'. Those that I did click on to find out more were created several years back and there hasn't been an updated post in a while.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do besides blog for now. However, I'm still going to continue browsing the group because I like the more focused discussions that come from groups.

What will you be doing next?




Gracious's picture

Hi Tj

We've been very busy but one thing i'm sure about is that I don't want to be one member who has been away for so long that's why I always pop in just to some posts though at times i'm unable to comment... Let's keep this space alive


TJ's picture

me too!

I know what you mean :D I don't always get to comment - I read via my cellphone when at work and the connection is rather slow. But I also try to pop in from time to time :D

chargerrose7's picture

What's next

I too would love to keep active. Maybe we can blog together? Keep me posted


TJ's picture

sounds like a plan :)

I'd like that - any suggestions?

Deqa's picture

I love reading and writing

I love to read or write and i hate being idle for a while. I started writing on a blog on blogger and i never had the guts to do that before the VOF contest. I would write but only my diary would get to contain my writing but now i am determined to leave my mark on the online world. And like you i also like focused groups, but I also enjoy reading the WorldPulse magazine and the entries there are quite sophisticated and more direct towards solutions, maybe you give that a chance. And i love to brainstorm and post on my journal.
What next???
For me, blogging is next and writing as much as possible, And I am also a taking courses on coursera.

Look forward to reading more from you over here.

TJ's picture

finding my way around :)

I'm still finding my way around this website. Will definitely check out the magazine!

Gabisflanis's picture

Want to write with my mouth!

If only I could write using the sound of my voice, ahhh, but I'm caught up with a lot to do at school and work. I hope to recover from this particular stressful moment, and reunite here with all of the WP community. We should not let ourselves be defeated by daily chores and stuff. We can make it!


TJ's picture


Maybe we can put aside a "15 minutes to blog" slot in our lives? :d

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Being a part

I like bligging here, I like reading new posts, discuss, be a part of movements like Girls transforming the world, I like being a part of Pulsewire Community and I want to continue because I have so many things to speak about.
P.S. TJ, if you will create a group here, invite me ;)

TJ's picture

will do!

I'm thinking about it :D will see how that works out and if I find one that's active and I think you'll be interested I'll let you know :D Likewise - keep me in the loop!

Therese kasindi's picture

Being together!

My sister, go on my journal, you will have some reading works!
I am happy you woke up us.

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

TJ's picture

will do

Will check it out in a bit :D

PrincessZar's picture

Hi dear, for sure now we wait

Hi dear, for sure now we wait anxiously I must confess. Well, I will be focusing on my writing (hopefully by the end of the year I will start talking to publishers since I have been writing last year). I am also looking into expanding my fashion business and growing as a fashion stylist. More than ever just to take it easy and learn from every moment and breathe!

I hope you keep your fire for life burning!

Princess Zar!

Keep your fire burning!

TJ's picture

some backstory :)

You mentioned "talking to publishers" - what kind of writing? Please, tell me more! :D

PrincessZar's picture

Hey dear, honestly right now

Hey dear, honestly right now I am not yet sure. I guess the book will take shape what I can say is that it is about Young women empowerment and personal development(spiritual, emotional,mental and physical) this has been my struggles and I believe that it is through our own struggles that we can empower others.

Keep your fire for life burning

Love Princess Zar!

Keep your fire burning!

TJ's picture

true, but...

I wish you all the best and I'm sure the thoughts and words will flow once you start! :) All the best in pursuing your dream, my sister.

I agree that we can empower others but I think that the source of our strength to empower comes from our own experiences (whether struggles or not). Societies are very different places and they have different situations - I don't think I can empower many based on my struggles - I've had a really easy life when I think about it. However, I do think I can empower others based on my positive experiences. Keep that in mind because if one focuses on their struggles too much they might forget the positives in their lives :) What do you think?


loretta's picture

Busy is the buzz word.

Am surprised, how after the four weeks, everybody got busy. Which, more or less tells me, most of us basically overlooked all else and focused on World Pulse.

Which was good, for me it was more of an emotional exercise than a competition or opportunity to be chosen. I would love it if I were to be chosen, but all in all, I was very happy to be part of the programme.

Let's all keep writing if we can, it doesn't mean that we generally need to stop. We can create our own Group: WP 2013 Class.
In that way, we can all share and keep in touch.

Till then. All my love.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

TJ's picture

nail on the head!

After reading the comments on this post I was thinking of creating another group for us where we can continue sharing but I'm not sure about the logistics. If this group will not be used for the 30 who move forward then we can just keep sharing here :D If it will be then we create another :)

Will keep you posted about this!

I agree - seems as if we all took time out of our busy lives in April for this space and now we're back to the normal or playing catch up :D It would be nice if we can take a bit of time each week to put a new blog entry up and read some of our sisters work and keep giving feedback ...


loretta's picture


Let's wait and see, if this space will be used up for the successful 30 and then take it up from there.

We'll keep in touch.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

TJ's picture

awaiting response :)

I've sent Zoe a message asking for clarification on this just yesterday :) I'll let you know as soon as I receive a response!

During the four weeks in May, I was putting every free minute to spend time with wonderful posts from fellow applicants. Hence had sidelined other jobs. And have been trying to pick up pace with that in the past few weeks.
Haven't had much time to come here.

I also found that some groups are a bit inactive. I guess people are busy. Maybe it's now our turn to make the groups move?


TJ's picture

lets get busy then :D

I think you might be right Aminah! :) Maybe it's now our turn. I was checking through the number of applicants for VOF 2013 and noticed quite a large number. Everyone will not make it to the 30 but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep exchanging stories and solutions :)

Dear TJ thank you for your post i check the site regulary but through a phone so i focuse in the group but i found a group in voice rasinig mystory very intersting so as the magazine .
I am planing to be here more and try to post on my one jurnal.
We might have monthy topic for us to post about so we keep the thread active.
Stay tuned

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

TJ's picture

great idea Ola!

I like the monthly topic idea :) Should be a good way to at least make us focus together on one topic to write on and discuss and most definitely our personal journals (I have a few stories that haven't been uploaded - I need to edit them and then upload).


HOPE tOWELA's picture


I am so happy to be able to share this with you all, the last past weeks has been so amazing for me in the sense that I got to read stories from amazing people, I was so touched by the way we women are so courageous and passionate, we know what we want, and we know that if we all come together and connect we can do great things and make the world a better place for the "girl child" and a "woman".

I say let us continue and always look out for ways and means to reach out and help one another, as long as we speak one voice, one language and always speak for ourselves. Let us not loose Hope, we can do it and we can make a difference. Take care and Stay Blessed.


TJ's picture

power of self :)

Very inspiring words Hope :) Thank you.

estelle's picture

Inspiring dear

Inspiring dear

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