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Introducing myself and my journal: Cursterious Love Soul

About Me:
I am a curious and mysterious love soul. I have an ongoing sensation and drive to make new connections with all people and experiences around the world so I may receive and share energy and knowledge.
Within the past year, I have been given the most precious gift I never knew: my daughter. It is now my life journey and responsibility to, while continuing to learn and find for myself, guide my daughter to the most uplifting, strong and beautiful ways of the world and of all people. For a moment, I was taking time discovering which of my many interests was best in my still discovering path. As the speed of my daughter's development kept its' rapidness, I found myself motivated. I am now in my first semester towards my goal of getting a degree in foreign languages. I realize I truly do not know anything, but I know what I feel and what I feel is an amazing urge to find myself literally immersed in connection with all people and Mother Earth just as my heart feels. Each day I am finding new ways to do so and understand that this is only the beginning...this is exciting...challenging...and wonderfully mysterious.
Each day, I pray I may practice my most highly disciplined, conscious, curious and open self continuously and, each day, find more ways to do so.

My Passions:
My daughter. Knowledge. Treating Earth as she's done for me. Simplicity. Lucidness. Action towards Peace.

My Challenges:
Verbally stating the questions I feel inside. Or even knowing at all.

My Vision for the Future:
Peace...through soul...through the universe...through connection...through understanding

My Areas of Expertise:
As of now, I am still striving to be a professional at Life.


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You have found the perfect place to nurture your curiosities, deep sense of humanity and need to connect. We are so thrilled that you have joined our online community and I know that you will find it to be a positive experience. Congratulations on pursuing your degree in foreign languages. Making that step later in life can be daunting but also so fulfilling. Here, you will be able to put your coursework into practise as you connect with women around the world.

Your words are an inspiration. I believe that by you sharing your journey, one more voice may feel empowered to speak out and share hers. I encourage you to reach out to other members, or start a dialogue by commenting on another journal entry.
Also, I am so happy that you have joined our Voices of Our Future group and look forward to hearing more from you. You might want to browse through all of our community groups as it's a great way to build powerful networks, find members with similar interests to your own, share ideas or actions. With the group journal, you can brainstorm solutions, pose questions, test ideas and create a support network for your visions.

There are just so many amazing groups here, full of inspired and strong voices. I have no doubt you will find PulseWire to be engaging and thought-provoking. Again, welcome.
PulseWire Community Director

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Thank you

I have been so busy today I did not get the chance to look further into the website. Fortunately, I received your e-mail prior to logging in and I am replying to you to say thank you for the heads up on the groups, I have only taken a peek and am excited.
I discovered the site through the magazine which I had some connection with when I first spotted it at the bookstore. A couple years ago, I commented to myself that 2009 would for some unknown reason be a different year; indeed it has been: for all the obvious reasons, but I am noticing and feeling a deeper sense of - I am not sure the word- as well as more steps I need to be taking in many ways. Considering, it's is encouraging and wonderful that during this time, World Pulse came along to even further the progress in my soul. Mind you, it has only been a week or two and I am feeling the power of what this can do for all women and our world.
Okay, this is where I will stop and wish you a good night! Thank you again for you kind words.

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introducing yourself

I believe that in the short introduction of yourself, you have shared so much positive energies to all of us who read it. I am excited to know more and read more about what you have to share. You exude positive aura on your profile picture, I am convinced that your aura is brighter in person.

blessed be,

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