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Introducing myself and my journal: behind the smile

About Me:
AM zambian aged 36, teacher by profession but working with the vulnarable community i run a community school taking care of orphans and vulnarable children/ motivation comes from inside me, and not driven by what i see or hear but by what i believe in.i have one child doing her grade 11 my husband died in currently studying with victoria fall university in zambia livingstone\ and in my third hiv positive but it has never been a draw back but a challenge to make me do more for a full time christian and i believe all things a purpose with GOD.i dont care what others think but the fact that their is God gives me perfect assurance which has kept me health upto date.challenges are their, but from each challenge i learn something positive.

My Passions:
to be their for others

My Challenges:
Resourse/human/ financial/

My Vision for the Future:
To be able to build a condusive learning envirlment for my target group which will fully see beyond the smile

My Areas of Expertise:


nifkinz's picture

Dear Sister

I wish I was even a little bit as strong and determined as you! :) Thank you for sharing this with us!!

Becky Frary

KAY kalaluka LITEBELE's picture

you can

thanks you can if only you believe in your self together we can strength oneanother you have encouraged me by telling me that am strong so i will keep pressing on so be encourage that you can be what you want

delphine criscenzo's picture


Dear Kay,

Welcome to World Pulse online community. It is a pleasure to have you with us.
Here you will be able to connect with women who will be inspired by you and your story, like Becky was, but you will also find inspiration from many.
I want to encourage you to start networking and interacting with women who share your passion.
If you have questions about how to navigate our site, you can always read our Getting Started Guide:
I look forward to reading more about you in your journal.

Delphine Criscenzo

Wendyiscalm's picture

Your article

Bwanji, Kay.


I loved your article. Even more I am so excited. I have an NGO which helps street orphans and vulnerable children in L/stone Zambia. I am there about 6 times a year., Just returned to home (chicago-Obamaland) in April from my March-April time and am scheduled to be back in L/stone the end of May. Which school do you run? Linda Community School? If so, say Bwanji to Cathy (the headmaster) and Natalie with the big smile. What you are doing is commendable. And it sounds like you have a different vision than some of the other teachers and school not. I am impressed.

I have one of my street orphans who got a full scholarship to University of Zambia and he is in his second year there at Luskaka where he is majoring in Math and economics. Another of mine will be a college professor and he actually is smart enough to do it. Of course, I have tuitions for him always, a solar lamp and so forth to make this possible. Another of mine is a taxi driver which is a big deal for a street orphan as you know. It gets him above the poverty line. Some of them I am struggling with as you can imagine.

Please let me know your school name. Perhaps some time we can get together when I am there.

Keep up the good work and your GREAT attitude.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),


Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

KAY kalaluka LITEBELE's picture


good to hear that, am happy and feel am not alone and feel wellcome to the team.well cathy is a good friend and we share our challenges and inspirations all the time. am in charge and founder of indeco community, found in dambwa near mulwani basic school.i wiil be happy to meet you please you are wellcome to come to indeco and for your projects thats really good to hear.and you dont just no how much that means to them its really good a recomendable thing to do,i hve worked in the community school for over 8 years and i tell i hve learnt that the smiles we see hide alot of things.and todate i feel i should be available for the oprphans, even if their is nothing much to give them i just feel being around them makes me fill a smaller gap in a biger gap of needs they have.sometimes i feel frastrated and sick but the more am with them i feel much better and i feel bostered and fit unlike when am away from them.this has taught me that what ever happens i think my passion is being available for them.and its the greatest medicine that i ever take.

Susan K.A.'s picture

Thank you, Kay!

Dear Kay,

Thank you for joining World Pulse and adding your important voice to this community of women around the world. A warm welcome to you!!

I am so inspired by your courage and resilience and the lovely work you to do to care for the most vulnerable among us. I am thankful that you find so much support in your Christian faith--it is wonderful that you have found true refuge in that which is eternal, spiritual and cannot ever be taken from you. I am humbled and encouraged by your grace and courage in the face of life's challenges. It is reassuring to read your story and to know that, yes, one can persevere and thrive despite the hardships of one's life situation. I admire you and can only hope to share your spirit when life hands me inevitable loss. Thank you, Kay!

Like Delphine says, please take a look at the "Getting Started Guide" to learn about what World Pulse has to offer you. I encourage you to reach out to others, network, share your wisdom, insight, and support. I'm sure you will love to be a part of this platform. I look forward to hearing more from you in the days to come.

With love,



"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."

thanks and am happy for you too art is good and talks to us all the time .i will look into the guide

Wendyiscalm's picture

Hi again

Great to hear from you Kay.

You have a big heart. I know what you mean about that population and how limited one is in making progress. You can't understand that unless you have spent a lot of time embedded with them. That is where volunteers make the mistake I think. But as Cathy and Alvin can tell you, I have spent years going there (6 times a year) and I am all over the place so I know. I started at Linda Communuity Center when i was first there with another volunteer group (African Impact). When I saw the way volunteer groups were I decided to start my own NGO.

Be sure to say HI to Catherine/Cathy. tell her I miss our going for Buffalo Wings and Chips. That will make her laugh. You will see.

Tell Cathy that one of my street orphans from when i was with her is going to University of Zambia. He qualifies to be a doctor but he is in math and economics. Another is in 11th grade and actually is smart enough to be a college professor. Also please tell her that Beverly from her school is a Taxi driver. I had to work hard to get him to that level.

Also, you may be interested that I have started a library at St. Mary's Secondary Private School. I am friends with the Sisters. In fact I am airmailing 48 new books today to their school.

We have lots to talk about. But mostly, thank you for being there for them. I took some street orphans who qualified (3 of them) and put them in Parine'ws Private school for year but they could not keep up. Tell Cathy. She as well as you udnerstand.It is so sad. They are all so lucky to have you.

God bless you.


Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

KAY kalaluka LITEBELE's picture

thanks will meet cathy

thanks will meet cathy tomorrow.and we will talk about this we have a community schools heads workshops .i will talk about the wings and hop she introduces me to the wings i will lobby for that haaa!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like i have known you for some time now.

Wendyiscalm's picture

Thanks Kay

Thanks Kay,

I wish I were joining you all. Cathy and I have sort of lost track of each other for a couple years. She got sick, then divorced I think, was real sick for awhile and I was busy with my roof seal project and other things.

See, I first did my volunteer work through African Impact. That is when I met Alvin who was married to Cathy. Alvin and I decided to build a pe-school. I sent the money and he got the land. He now lives on it. Then I was there a lot but I saw where my real difference and strength could come from finding certain kids that for some reason only God can explain, had good brains. As you know, Bill gates of Microsoft did a study and found that if a woman has a disease when she is pregnant the child will always be born with an IQ of 80 or less. They are uneducatable. 3/4 of them are in southern Africa. So, I decided to focus on find those who could academically do well. I bye them solar lamps, have private tuitions, they shower each day, come to the hotel daily, learn to eat at a table and have manners, shake hands, look people in the eye like they are somebody, and they learn computers, watch motivational movies, we discuss and debate and they wear shirts and ties and really are quite different. But I canno do this with a kid until I KNOW if they have the academic possibilities. I know you know what I mean. Then a rule became that if they were to be sponsored by I AM ONE IN A MILLION, my NGO they ahve to give back to the community. Two years ago they tuitioned 2-3 smart kids age 5-9. For the past year and a half I have had a roof seal project that they are responsible for.

We go down through the streets of Linda compound and and others, and for nothing we seal and membrane the houses with the big holes or where the roof is coming apart because it is so old. We had ladders built. Then each night we have a "Managers" meeting (Haha) to discuss what was good about it and what wasn't.

Tell Cathy to ask her brother the taxi driver about it. He knows all about our roof seal project. To date we have covered almost 500 houses. With 8-18 per one room hut that has stopped the suffering of thousands.

What has happened is that when they finish a house often the people come out of their huts, drop to their knees and thank the street orphans for stopping their suffering. CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS! It is a miracle. And so so meaningful. It gives the street orphans high self-esteem, and little management skills. the problem I have had is getting them to stop at the end of the day because they love the feeling of doing this so much.

I am not taking on any more street orphans though. It is hard work even when they have a good brain.

Tell Cathy that LEVI LIKANDO who was a student there (His brother is Andrew, his sister Busuku) is wanted by the Livingstone Police but escaped. He stole my credit card in January 2012, April 2012 and again March 27th-April 5, 2013 AND took more than 12,000 USD. He escaped the police. I was there and it was a big mess and it still is. I have my kids at University in Lusaka putting up posters as I write this offering a reward of 500 USD for anyone telling the police where he is and as soon as he is arrested they get the 500 USD from me. WOW !

I am sorry for going on and on.

Again, I admire you SO much for what you are doing against great odds. I LOVE Livingstone and the people of Livingstone so much. We are all family. When I arrive at Livingstone Airport I am always met by a bunch of street orphans I started with years ago all dressed up and looking respectable and I know it is all worth it. So, keep up the good work. God will reward you.


Love and Ubuntu,



Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

good evening met cathy today told her about you and she is happy to learn you still think of her of course you said it she really laughed when i told her about the wings issue.she sends her regard and a big hag.and she told me indeed you a a great person.

Wendyiscalm's picture

This is so "cool". Thanks.

This is so "cool".

Thanks. Let's keep in touch, Okay.

Please tell me exactly where you are located as I may have one of my older kids come to say hi and see what you do as soon as he is over Malaria.

ALove and ubuntu,


Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

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Hey there! Welcome to

Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

It’s so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fabulous time with your new online friends as well as find this to be a very positive experience. I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community.
Welcome again to our global community and I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire!


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