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Our Story Was Such by Ishtar Zikr

Ploughed by the harsh hands of “hollow-souled” harvesters,
life dragged its belly on barren lands — now, abandoned.

Vanishing days and vanishing nights of yesteryears
now lay frozen on the eyelids of cold faces
questioning the stranger in their mirror --
carrying a bosom neither heaving nor collapsing,
upon which "wet threads" run
between the lashes and iits "red stain" —
flowing drop by drop onto their futile hearts.

Dignities rolled and tossed in dust,
like a newly wedded virgin-bride raped on her "first night".
Like a clay body curved into a fetus
witnessing its own demise;
suspended between time,
suspecting God’s will,
paralleling fate to the falling sand grains in an upside down hourglass --
paused transitorily between nowhere.

Evenly placed rusted bars
invisibly ran from Nadir to the Zenith,
keeping “white thoughts” within disfigured infinite boundaries.
Like the minds of hand-fed birds
picking seeds out of a generous palm;
fed only enough to leave them hungry
so they keep coming back for more --
unaware of the snares buried beneath the last granules,
waiting to snatch a feet here,
a beak there,
... or perhaps, a whole wing too!
So that no songs are sung,
no boundaries are crossed,
no skies are discovered
…. and no birds fly free.

Oh, our story was such.
But Sisters!
We have moved.

Yes, with muted voices,
crushed souls,
and broken wings
we have moved from there.
... learning ways of the wind we have moved --
with wings of falcons we now soar high
flying again,
higher than we ever did before,
abandoning barren pasts
leaving behind those scars,
we fly again!
Yes, we fly again!

(Silent Fingers)


Totally moving Ishtar.

I moved with your words. I gained wings and your words showed me where the winds blew.
I took flight and flew higher and higher ...
and I want to keep on flying leaving those scars from pasts.

Well done! Keep writing.
I'm sure you, as much as we your readers, are soaring with every word.


SSD's picture

Haww ! seems we are all here (now) - you (Aminah), Isha, and myself - and, well, I have abandoned blood-ink-diary as it no longer is available (deleted). Hurrah for World Pulse !!!



Aminah's picture

:) Mashaal, Ishthar, and me :)

It's so very nice to see familiar faces here :)
The world is such a small place after all. Kahaa Toronto and Kahaa Maldheef. And yet here were are - and it seems you guys know more about me than my partner does, or my kins or my parents for that matter.

And Shaheen ... nooooo .... you deleted your blog? All the lovely words? I mourn for my loss. I do love visiting back sometimes just to feel the magic of poetic words. I wish you had just made it private or something, instead of deleting it.
But hey, it's your space right - it's your decision. No worries.

But I do look forward for your blood-ink - even if it on worldpulse.


SSD's picture

True that, dear Aminah

And, dear Aminah, the deletion of my blog was rather painful to say the least -- and I may never fathom its' reasoning, thus, suffice is to say, I am also mourning my loss of that blog -where I gave my heart and soul since its' inception. Well, time to expand my two-pence of writings elsewhere, I reckon. Am very grateful for all the love, encouragement and inspiration you had shown on BID - good part is that we became friends, dear Aminah - hope our 'ink' shan't dry at this platform. I see you are truly relishing World Pulse, this makes me happy. And, you are a wonderful gal - so very full of talents, masha'allah. Chasm e ba-duur azizam (Persian = no evil eye to hit you my dear). :)

And, of course, Isha is a superb writer and we shall also benefit from her writing/photography contribution here at the Pulse ! Who knows, someday, the three of us shall just end up meeting the other in this transitory life ! The three writers and their pen - don't know if that is scarey or cool?! Lol.

Love & blessings,


So right Aminah! I am totally with you.

Blood-Ink-Diary was a beacon in the blogsworld. It gave out so much light to parts of humanity that I have never seen anywhere else. She touched lives, and inspired hearts. Honestly, without her knowing her blog even helped me in a silent way to expand as a person through her choice of music, literary works and brilliant poetry. The intellectual integrity in her pen and her ink is something we shall always cherish.

BUT, we still have our Shaheen Sultan Dhanji with us -- her humility, her kindness, her great intelligence. And, The King's Falcon has far far higher flights awaiting her, Inshallah! :)

Hmmm, three of us ending up meeting in life is quite a thought, Shaheen. Lol. And imagine that happening in Maldives. Aminah you may drive her around on you scooty, while I sit (left out) by the sea sipping green coconut ;)

Ishtar Zikr's picture


Indeed, Aminah!
It's time we spread wings and take up flights -- as mothers, daughters and above all as women!

Thank you for your supportive words, dear.

SSD's picture


Absolutely a wonderful piece - insightful and engaging right to the end. You certainly are a borne writer and I hope this platform brings you immense success to reveal your hidden talents and soar high into the horizon !

And, Maldives should be proud to have you as her citizen ! Brava !!



Ishtar Zikr's picture

Am humbled

Such kind words, Shaheen. Your encouragement gives valor to my ink!

I am just a simple "islander" of a country that I am so proud of -- my Maldives. I hope I can make a difference while making her and myself "better".




bien de vous lire prend courage


SSD's picture

Ah, yes.

Isha, I wonder how some people are so indifferent to what they do -- I reckon, many have no conscience, whatsoever. Your poem is a mix of paradoxes and ironies, see, almost like marring human lives. Ah, yes, Ms. Azeez, your 'silent fingers' surely reveal "steady" vibration of an 'attempt' to examine conscience !


Ishtar Zikr's picture


Your words slashed every "vein" in my pen.
Indeed, such a blow is necessary to remind us of how dark our red drops at times can become -- while conscience sucks on it, perpetually. Echoed should be "... mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa."

SSD's picture

..Of ink

I quote your line:

"Dignities rolled and tossed in dust" -- I particularly like this line, for, many lives are tossed in dust due to in-dignifying innocent lives, to say the least. But, then, again, God has a way to enrich Truth and those who are open to embracing Truth, can never be tossed in dust - for, the tyrant shall meet his/her own face when they roll in their indignant soul. Very interesting line, Silent Fingers !


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