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Greetings fellow VOF Applicants

Hey there,

I just wanted to say hi and also try and create a buzz once again in this group. We have been quite absorbed by our work, family, and life tasks that we became a bit reluctant to contribute to our group page. And to speak for myself, I did want several times to post to the group but constantly got sidetracked by tasks.

I just wanted to remind you to express your love and celebrate mother's day with world pulse. I know many of you already sent their posts and it was delightful to read, and I urge the rest of us, including myself, to go ahead and contribute.

I am already writing my piece and I got inspiration from reading other posts so I recommend you guys to read through the entries as well.
English is my third language, after my native Somali which we use to communicate, and Arabic my second language which was the medium of instruction from 1st grade to secondary school. I started writing in English after joining college so my vocabulary is not quite rich, but there are a lot of extremely strong writers who beautifully articulate their pieces so I am always inspired by them and I remind myself to read more and learn more English.

I look forward to reading from you guys, and yeah, I missed ya all.



Adahmbah's picture

woman of change! keep the Race

We are going to follow your advice and we getting to work.
Thanks for sharing

loretta's picture

Hi there!

True, we all got side tracked and forgot to regularly update the page. I have posted something yesterday in relation to Mother's Day and women.

Would like to post regularly, but am busy at the moment. Your English, in my opinion, is good. But then a person never stops improving themself.

Catch you later :)


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

pelamutunzi's picture

true that

honestly i thought the group had closed after the application process. i miss you guys. lets keep up the spirit and keep communicating

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest.

neetak's picture


Thanks a lot. yes we do need to stay conencted & there is NO day required for that. Thanks for remembering us all...



PrincessZar's picture

Hello Deqa! You just hit the

Hello Deqa!

You just hit the nail right on, shoo! How have I been meaning and planning to contribute but found myself distracted by the daily demands of life. I just want to say "Big Ups" for your courage to awaken the group, you are clearly a leader with a vision.

Keep your fire for life burning!

Keep your fire burning!

Dear Dega
Thank you btw what the meaning of your name Dega just intersted, keep up the stream girl and keep posting here.
Stay well
Love from Sudan

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Deqa's picture

Thank you for asking

Thank you for asking my dear its DEQA, and pronounced with an Arabic ق and it is a Somali word that means generosity, gift or wholesome lol My parents were hopeful that I would live up to my name.
They tell me the name was chosen for me it has received many votes from relatives.
Thank you for asking my dear.

Maya Norton's picture

That's a lovely meaning,

That's a lovely meaning, Deqa. It suits you.

Just curious: what alphabet do you use to write in Somali? Is it Arabic or the same alphabet as in English (or another one altogether)?

I had the idea that whenever one of us posted from VOF 2013, that we should tag the group so we could all enjoy it and keep the sense of community we've built going forward.

~ Maya

Deqa's picture


Thank you dear for the kind comments.

We used Arabic alphabet before 1974 but then that year 74 was when the Somali language was made officially written in Latin. But the text before 74 is written in Arabic specially the literature and since Somalis are poetic people most poems we learned in School were originally written in Arabic alphabet. The Somali language is claimed to contain 70% arabic words and the pronunciation resembles Arabic coz we have the خ we write as kh, ق we write as q, ح we write as x sounds.

It is very good idea to tag the group so that they will see the post thank you Maya for the suggestion.

Love Deqa

Deqa's picture

Thank you guys

Thanks all of you darlings for the acknowledgment and kind comments.
Loretta I will read your post now and you are kind to complement my English, thank you my dear.
PrincessZar you are kind to call me a leader, I surely aspire to become one, thank you my dear.

Looking forward to your posts.

chargerrose7's picture


It was a very busy week for all of us I'm sure. I will think of a piece to post while at work today and post it tonight. I do love reading everyone's work. It inspires me so much.


Hello Deqa! You are a spacial friend for me,and you even give me the courage of improving my English.
English is my second language and most of times I am ashamed to speak it before those who know it very well because I am afraid they can lough at me.
But you teach me a good way to learn it.
Thank you so much again for telling us the signification of your name.
Much love!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Deqa's picture

You are a special friend my dear

My dear you are a special friend to me as well. I got to know through your writing and I must say it is powerful and sends a clear message on what you stand for. You chose to stand up for social justice and speak about injustice, and you give voice to the silenced. You bring to the table your passion for justice and I love that. I read your pieces and I was totally touched by the truth in it.
Although English is not our first language, but we can master it as well. There is this online learning center its called and it's completely free. You will a chance to interact with people throughout the world and you do not have to pay for the course. I am taking now a course in writing which is called Crafting an Effective Writer. Consider joining my dear.
Thank you for reading and commenting my dear.

seunaboy's picture


hi Deqa
kudos to you for giving in all the efforts, its so nice as it allows communicate with you.
look forward to your conversations


Rhobai's picture

Quite smart

Dega, you hit the point. Many of us have been busy too but we should always get time to answer such calls as they are encouraging and as you know, we all learn from others too. Please keep it up!!

otahelp's picture

wow Deqa

Its not been easy and most times, when you are upto something, the internet will decide to frustrate you. never mind, we will keep in touch by updating as regular as possible.

You name befits you and i know deep down that you will live up to it. do not be discouraged a long the way by many thorns strewn on your path. it can only get better.

I am working on something though. V
OF Applicants 2013, never ever give up to update your journal. it is our voice and we must continue to express ourselve no matter how ugly you thoughts may be. it will always touch a nerve.

Kudos my contemporaries.

Lets keep the light shining

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

Deqa's picture

Many thanks

Thank you guys.. keep posting and keep sharing.

Helwa's picture


It has been fun and still fun connecting with this amazing women all over the globe. Let's keep being the voice of the voiceless

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