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To My Mother, My Hero

My momma :)

I wonder how life must have been for her after having spent all these giant years- good, bad, harsh or happy- all submerged and unfolded into one inspiring and beautiful life, the sum of a woman’s dedication, her struggle and persistence. The one I adore most, the one I love from the deepest core of my soul-my mother and my idol of love. I count on her experiences, her visions and it’s only her who has always helped me through rain and sunshine of my life. Always caring and supporting, she taught me to persist, to fight back the challenges and never give up. In the times of despair and delusion, she would be the light, the ray of hope and guide me through the right path. She would be my companion, my best friend to celebrate when I’m happy. However little my achievements were, her bosom would swell with proud and she would boast as if they always belonged to her. I can’t explain, I can’t write within the limitations of mere words, of mere thoughts what she has been, and what she is for me.

She always wanted to pursue higher study, but got married before she could finish although she was excellent at study. Working as a school teacher, a housewife and a mother of three was certainly not an easy job in those old days. Balancing all these was a mighty challenge but she wasn’t deterred. Never tiring in her efforts, she determined to do her Bachelors’ after raising us all. And she did it. Luckily, my grandmother and father both supported her immensely without whom it would have been never possible for her. She filled my life with purpose, protected me from my fears, my frustrations and nurtured me to grow positively. She would tolerate all my idiosyncrasies, my obsessions and support my ideas, no matter how bizarre it seemed, but would always maintain a modest discipline to teach obedience, respect and virtues. She has her own way of balancing things and the balance is always so impeccable, so accurate.

As a part of a true teacher, I think Im genetically fascinated by the charm of teaching and learning, and I bare immense respect for this profession. It saddens me to see many who hate teaching jobs because of low socio-cultural and economic motivation. There are many with these fatal misconceptions who scuff at teachers and look at them as someone who never had guts to start a corporate business or stand as a proud doctor, or engineer or at least a government official, and thus perceive them as losers sticking to a profession like teaching that has low economic value, low social status and almost no cultural motivation. Such misconceptions are the product of ignorant opinions of illiterate mass, but at times, also the well-educated mass seen often in our society. She had a totally different approach to life; she pursued her personal growth by standing tall against such notions and etched an indelible mark on my young mind. She wanted me to become a professor. One day, I’ll make her dream come true. But for now, I’m here with my pen eulogizing someone who truly deserves to be commended, but mostly remained unsung and unheard of, under the shadow of her family, her children.

Seems like blink of an eye, but time has flown really fast. She has been with me as my strength, my enduring will sharing my pain, my joys and dreams throughout. I am one of those fortunate who has a mother to love, to care and shower her incessant moral and emotional support. Most importantly, the invaluable reward of education that I have at present is a lifetime gift from her. I may sound fiercely biased, undesirably sentimental but I know I’m true to my heart and truth alone do I speak. For me, it’s always been a tough job to figure out, almost a failed contemplation when I sit to think on why mothers love their children the extreme way they do. Perhaps it is best if we leave it unexplained, untold because its delicious beauty lies in remaining enigmatic, esoteric and inexplicable. As a woman myself, I would love to feel the same emotions, the same sacred flow of inspiration- flowing with the fluidity of life, of love and all the unconditional blessings- for my baby as my mother feels for me. I will try to be as wonderful a mother as she is, if not better. So here is to you my dearest mother, I give you a tight hug of love, filled with all my deepest reverence for you, as a tribute to what you have been and you truly are to me. I thank you and I salute you as my true Hero!

This story was written for World Pulse’s Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign.

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Monica09's picture

So beautiful!

Dear Sangita,

This is such a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing this simple, yet beautiful story.

I agree teachers are not given their due respect. Coincidentally, I had written an article on this very issue, which got published in my university student journal. It is also sad when female teachers are still acknowledged, but male teachers hardly get noticed because of social norms which state that teaching (and even cooking) is a profession only for women, and not for men.

All occupations (including home economics) are worthy of respect as long as individuals are doing them willingly and contributing positively to the welfare of the society and its inhabitants. It puzzles me, for instance, when "housewives" in my country (usually women who are not employed/are not an entrepreneur) are looked down upon even if they engage in civic participation, while employed women are revered even if they are doing certain activities that conflict with the principles of civic participation.

Please do keep writing and inspiring all of us!


Sangita Thapa's picture


Dear Monica, i completely agree that teaching and cooking have been socially and culturally ascribed to the women alone. Its such a pity! and yes, it really feels bad to find housewives not getting their due respect, while it is as true as any existing fact that without them no house would be a HOME and no single affinity would turn into a FAMILY. As such, they have greater and crucial roles in any family or society. Im glad you found time to read my post and comment on it. Thank you!

Mukut's picture

Love and respect


Gosh !!! such a beautiful , touching post. So amazing. I love all mothers. I think they are the epitome of strength,affection and care.

I too hate the fact that some people look down on teachers, as if it is meant to be a second class profession. But i truly, respect them. A good teacher can alter your life in a drastic way and people need to pay more respect towards this noble profession. One day, i too hope of teaching young girls to be role models of their lives and help inspire others.

Mothers and teachers are what makes us. They complete us.

Thank you for this lovely post dear !


Mukut Ray

Sangita Thapa's picture

Thank you dearest! <3

Oh Mukut, my dear friend, thank you so much for supporting me always. Yes, all the mothers and teachers should be respected, loved and praised, that's what they are meant to be. And its such a pity we often dont realize it. Thank you so much for your sweet words. :)

ola.mahadi's picture

Teachers have magic

Thank you for sharing your story i have always think that good teachers have magic and ability to shape us so does mothers so to have poth in one you are aluck person.
Enjoyed reading your post

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Sangita Thapa's picture

thansk Ola!

Im glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the comment! :)

Stacey Rozen's picture


Maternal love is a gift of true, raw, friendship. Behind every daughters story is her mothers because hers is where yours began. Beautifully written, Sangita.


Sangita Thapa's picture

Yes stacey!

I agree behind every daughter's story, there is mother's too. My story is yet to unfold, but yes, it has begun with her and will always be rooted in her because im her part in biological, intellectual, moral, artistic or any other aspects. Thank you for your beautiful comment.

Aminah's picture

lovely tribute

That's a very beautiful photo of you momma :)
And nice post - a true tribute to the dedication of a loving mother.

Teachers are among those who work harder than people in many other professions.
And they need due respect. Really sad that teachers are not well paid.


Sangita Thapa's picture


Hey Aminah,how are you dear? Yes, that's a picture of my young momma. Thank you for concurring the otherwise neglected fact that teachers are the true hardworking professionals. Not only are they paid low, they are also taken for granted most often. I hope things would change with the growing educated and sensible mass of people. Thank you dear Aminah, on behalf of my mother too, for your sweet comments on the picture. :)

Lovely... straight from the heart

I live in my convoluted mind....

Sangita Thapa's picture

Thank you!

Dear Sutanuka, thank you for the read and comment. I would love to hear from you too.

Noreen D.'s picture

My mother, Myself

Oftentimes our mothers are the last people to get credit for the women we have become. But, there is a definite and direct blood line between us and our mothers.

My mother is 90-years-old. I respect and love her more all the time, whether because I am seeing her as a woman in her own right, or whether I have finally matured enough to give her the respect she has deserved all these years. Moving away from her family on the east coast, marrying and having ten children, it's hard to imaginne how she did it with no family or support group nearby. It seems we always struggled with money.

We rarely agreed on anything, and for a long while, I blamed her for my disabilities, until I came upon a phrase in the Old Testament, "the rain falls on the just and the unjust." No one's fault. Life happens. 'm sure I gave my mother a lot of grief.

When I realize all the personal dreams my mother gave up or put on hold to raise her family, my heart swells for her. I am so gratified to read the comments of so many young women honoring their mothers. Thank you all. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Noreen Donohue

Sangita Thapa's picture

so glad!

Noreen, thank you for recognizing your mother's love and dedication. All mothers are great. They deserve respect and love. I dont think you have hurt your mother as I can sense that you love her, have trusted her and finally have also realized that she has done so much for you. Im so glad you have finally discovered what your mother sacrificed for you and your siblings. God bless her and all the mothers! :)

Deqa's picture


Beautifully written piece. I was mesmerized from beginning to the end. Your love for your mother and your passion for expressing your love to her jumps off the page.
I know many have said before me, but then again Thank you for expressing the love we all feel for our mothers, and the respect we have for their dedication for bringing us up to become the young women we are today. You have a great voice and a unique way of articulating emotions and rationalizing facts. I sincerely loved this post.
God Bless all mothers.


Sangita Thapa's picture


Dear Deqa, allow me to thank you for reading and commenting my post. My momma is the most precious gift I have with me and Im still not that happy with this writing because I missed, due to word limits, several things my mom did for me and my siblings. I wanted to tell more, more of her amazing art, adventures, her dedication and love...but i couldn't. Im glad you liked it anyways. Thank you so much!

Almighty's picture


I am speechless. This is an excellent post and I am sure that if your mother has to write about her children, she would equally be passionate about you. You have no idea what your has done to me and am sure many others.Please keep up the good work.

Sangita Thapa's picture


Its so nice to meet you Almighty! Im glad you found my post good enough to have a look once and give your sweet comment. Thank you for the encouragement! :)

Pooja Pant's picture

So touching...

The universality in your writing is so touching. Thank you for sharing your mother with us. In her i see my own mother!

Sangita Thapa's picture


Dear Pooja, thank you so much for reading her story, but then, i have yet many things to add, much more to share, which i couldnt due to word constraints. How about writing few words about your mom? I would just love to read!

LisaXi's picture

A tribute to Mother

In reading your post your love/respect for your mother permeates through. I'd imagine if asked your mother would say equally inspiring things about you. Thank you for sharing with us the amazing relationship your share with your mom.

Sangita Thapa's picture

hi Lisa!

Thank you dear friend for your good words. Im happy that you read and liked my post. :)

Susan K.A.'s picture

A moving tribute

Dear Sangita,

Thank you articulating with such poetry, grace, and detail what your Mother's love means to you. I found it cathartic, as I too am so indebted to my dear Mama for gracing me always with unconditional love and taking pride in me "however little my achievements were." You have such a way with words--they ring true--I can feel how much you love your Mother. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into this tribute to her. She is so fortunate to have you for a daughter--I'm sure your words give her lots of joy.

With Love,



"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."

Sangita Thapa's picture

Thank you so much!

Im so glad you found it interesting enough to read and offer your beautiful comment. Yes Susan, i think every daughter is grateful to her mother and their relationship far exceeds any physical or imaginable limitations of love and sentiments. I would love to hear about your mom too. :)

Sharontina's picture

Such a beautiful post

Such a beautiful post. This is the best. I couldnt get to read due to poor net connection these days and my busy schedule. You wouldnt believe i read it again and again making more emotional and picturise all that your mom had gone through. i can see that strong bonding you have for your mom dear Sangita. And love you for that. It is such a beautiful feeling that one can have for her mom difficult to put it in words.

Much love and blessings.

Merlin Sharontina

Sangita Thapa's picture


My dear Sharontina, i was thinking about you and here you are once again with your supporting and encouraging words. Thank you so much for reading it despite net problems. Yes, its such a wonderful relation that a mother and daughter share. And its so beautiful when we express it in words albeit it is difficult and almost never as accurate as the love we have experienced.

CamilaFMScialla's picture

Sangita, You are an


You are an INCREDIBLE writer! The emotions and love that you feel towards your mother and your reverence for her radiates from your words and it sounds like you have a very special bond. I'm glad that she was able to pursue her dreams and raise you and have a beautiful family. I'm glad to see how much she has and continues to inspire you. My mom is also a teacher and pursued her Masters after having my siblings and I. It's sad that being a teacher is something that is frowned upon and hopefully someday that will change and teachers will be held in higher regard. Keep writing, keep sharing. Your words are poetic.



Sangita Thapa's picture

Hi Camila!

Thank you so much for reading and jotting down your inspiring words! Im really happy to hear about your mom too. What a courage she has! actually your, my or anyone's mom share the similar spirit to break free of all the set boundaries and come up as a winner. I applaud the courage and love of every mothers. Yes, lets hope one day teachers will be held in high regard.

kimmlarson's picture

Thank you.


I loved your journal. It shed light on part of your soul and heart, and also opened my own. Through your words, I felt the same respect and love toward my own mother. And it's not just our mommas, but all mommas. The support of our mothers and teachers is priceless. We need to praise them, and pass on their wisdom and strength to future generations as well as capture it during our times of trials.

I loved your ending lines, "I will try to be as wonderful a mother as she is, if not better. So here is to you my dearest mother, I give you a tight hug of love, filled with all my deepest reverence for you, as a tribute to what you have been and you truly are to me. I thank you and I salute you as my true Hero!"

I know that someday your daughter, nieces, and friends will feel empowered through you as well.

Ps. I love the photo of your mother. It's as beautiful as your words.

Sangita Thapa's picture


Dear Kim, thank you for liking this post and making that beautiful remark that perhaps one day my daughter, niece or friend would feel empowered. I'd be more than glad to see that day when i could empower someone like my mom did. My life would carry meaning that day. Thank you for liking the picture and yes, my words. You're so kind! :)

prasastiasih's picture


dear, your simple inspiring post really good! Blessed all teacher, all mother, all woman!

Sangita Thapa's picture


Dear Prasa, thank you for your kind words. :)

Betty B. Ackah's picture

Beautiful words for a

Beautiful words for a beautiful mother!! Like someone said above, I'm sure if she were to pen down a note about you, it would be just as heartfelt and poignant!!


Maternal Health Channel
Asking questions. Seeking solutions. Saving lives

Sangita Thapa's picture

Thank you! :)

Dear Betty, im so touched by your kind words. I hope to hear your tales too. Keep writing!

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