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The girl inside that I am

A view of the world from a chair

When i was a little girl I was loved and was allowed to dream. I dreamed of a world where everyone had choices that they chose and for a world full of kindness. I was always asking why, why are women treated differently in society than men, it was, like they said, "a man's world" and women always had to fight for the things they wanted. I lived a life where i could make my own money, make my own choices, I had power over my body and with the invention of birth control i was able to not get pregnant. I lived my dreams, made my choices and lived with them. I saw many of my sisters fall into lives of oppression and I never once forgot about them, my sisters who did not have the choices that I had. Keeping young girls safe and given the opportunities that I had is what i wish for in this world. Whenever I see one of my sisters being hurt by inequality or being controlled by other people, my heart aches. To have a world where women and girls are empowered and stay empowered would be my wish for the world.



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You are kind

your dream is every woman's dream in this world and if we unite we will definitely be able to see our dream coming true!

You are kind and can see other sisters suffering, that's what we need to make a change!

best wishes to all of us!

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you too are kind

wow i didn't think i would get a reply, i wrote that on the fly and i am glad you, thousands of miles away responded, i will follow your posts, you in a country that has been split and spintered with "the other, N korea" i read your posts and your friends and my heart goes out to you and to them. Living in America we tend to forget how precious our freedoms are, how women and people of color and gays have been included in this multi-colored quilt we have sewn, a fabric made of many people, colors and textures, we are not all good, we are not all kind, but its the kindness that travels the speed of light to a stranger, you, i send my love and peace, to you i remember although you are someone i never met. I read your posts and stand beside you, my stranger, my friend. My story is that after working 35 yrs in service to people with disabilities I started having balance problems and falling, well i found out i had Multiple Sclerosis, which is a disease that stops the signals in the brain that reach my right leg, there are many more people with MS who are worse off than i am, so i am blessed. I only have chronic back pain, fatigue and vibrating leg, torso. I have the type of MS that is progressive so it will proceed as it wants, i am not in control as to how long it will be or if it will ever be that i can not walk. I use a walker and canes at home and wheelchair when out in the community, all this is because i had good health insurance. Now i am very happy to be retired early at 53 and i am 57 now and loving the peace and calm of getting up when i want and doing what i want. I found my journals from the early 80''s when i lived on the road and worked as a forester in national forests all over Oregon, i wrote three novels, all as "Eve" character, its a fictionalized memoir, so i get to make stuff up, what a pleasure to write hours each day. I published them at the links below, check it out read the summaries and if interested buy the books, they tell the tale of a counterculture strong, self reliant woman who held her own in the world of men, working long hours in very steep wilderness areas, doing timber inventory for the forest service, living in a tent and being completely cut off from society, no phones, no electricity, alive and free in the some of the most remote areas in the USA. "From the Water's of Coyote Springs is the first book, the second is "Felix and Eve" about when i was a caregiver to a man on the oregon coast, he knew Al Capone back in the day, Capone was a notorious gangster during probitition, the last "The Arrangement" is about the retired Eve who lives in Eugene, OR and every year gets a letter with a skeleton key in it, and she goes to Catalina Island off the California coast to visit an old friend from her past.
So today its 84 degrees a very unseasonable day in May for Oregon where we get lots of rain from fall, winter, spring, we already sat and ate oatmeal on the porch and i worked in the yard, pulling weeds and watering. A slow, day, shared with my love, what more could a girl ask for? To be loved and to have the pleasure of loving someone back. What else is there, only love, love its all we have. girlpower in Oregon. Share this with friends and other blogs if you will. I think right now only a dozen of my relatives have bought the books, so no movie deal yet. ha ha
Links to all three books written by Diane DeVillers
Link to

Link to

for Barnes and Noble Nook reading devices

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i am really happy to get your reply too. I wish you a better health and you may get more power to get back to good health again. I am so pleased to know about you and your work. I am sure you are a beautiful writer that i can see from this reply. I will check out the link that you have posted above. Life has shown different experiences for you and it will show different faces to all of us too. But i admire how you have gained positivity out of all what life has brought to you.

Here in world pulse we are happy to know the person like you and i think this is why world pulse is here to connect the sisters soul all around the world. We are not alone and our voices will be heard.

I wish and pray for you for your good health and beautiful days ahead!

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oh beautiful voice from across the world, i hear that tomorrow your President is visiting our President, how fitting that we have that connection, i hope he enjoys his time in the United States and I am sure our wonderfully loving President will welcome him with understanding. At a time when N. Korea is seemlingly flexing their muscles, the world will stand with your nation, against any enemy esp one that is being led by a young man who does not have the experience yet to rule with wisdom. So welcome the President of S. Korea...

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Thank you but i am not Korean , i am a student here. I am from Nepal and will be here for few more months.But i hope that everything goes well to maintain the peace in this world.

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what are you studying? so far from home, and are yu graduating? you know the University of Oregon is a wonderful college, a small town and they have very progressive courses, one of the best colleges in the USA, are you going home for good or have more studies to complete. The U of O has a great psychology dept, and has expertise on the disability community.

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Thank you. Please check your

Thank you. Please check your message box.

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