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Why women can’t be priests?

First of all I want to notice, I am an Orthodox Christian. I believe in God and go to church. But there are several things which I cannot understand. Why women can be a head of monastery but they cannot become priests? And why Christianity is against feminism?

Couple weeks ago I’ve read about the head of Orthodox Church said that feminism is a dangerous phenomenon. He said, in particular, that a woman should not forget about her nature and be mother and woman first of all. He added that he has nothing against of women work and make successful carrier. But don’t become a feminist! Because is dangerous, it appeals to free love and other awful things. Then? “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (“child, kitchen, church”)?

To understand why feminism is so dangerous I went to the main source of knowledge - Wikipedia. It says, “Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.” Education, employment… No one word about free love and desecration of values.

I am a woman and I believe in God. I know that first of all any woman thinks about protection and healthy environment for her family and all around. She will always be a woman, she was born with maternal instinct and sense of beauty.
What I want to say, there is nothing to be afraid. A woman will always be the most feminine on this earth, and women can bring only peace and wisdom.

In Caucasian countries there is a tradition, when a woman throws a shawl on the ground, men must stop fighting.

I believe in women, I believe in peace, I believe in life!


nilima's picture


you are right. we don't need to change ourselves to be accepted in the society for being women, its the world. And women equally are the part of this world.

And are and will be contributing for the world peace forever :)

Iryna's picture


We all, men and women, were created together in God's image, and we all deserve respect and recognition. I am sure, if we could ask God straight He would answer the same :)

Joining to you in the world peace, Nilima,
Greetings from the Black Sea,

Noreen D.'s picture

Women priests

Dear Iryna,

I enjoyed your article very much. I was born and raised Catholic. It has always bothered me that women were always kept in a submissvern position - ever to be denied entrance into the highest positions of authority. Are women less holy, less spiritual than men? Do we have less passion to know and committ our lives to God? I say No to these questions.

I also believe it is part of a woman's nature to be spiritual, nurturing and peace-loving. The Church, like many modern institutions, is patriarchal. Unless the Church is willing to share, not necesarilly give up, its power and allow women an equal voice (i.e. ordain women priests), I'm afraid the Church will not long survive. But women will still be here!

Noreen Donohue

Iryna's picture


It can be interesting, Noreen, that once I've heard the answer of some orthodox priest on the question Why women can't be priests. He said, can you imagine if a woman could deal with confessions from people? Would they keep the seal of confession? For sure everyone could read all from their faces or from their "Oh really?" "That's awful!"
For me this is not the most convincing answer. And I really think that there are women who deserve to take higher positions. I think with time something must change.

A hug from Ukraine,

Noreen D.'s picture

Women Priests

Thank you for your added comment. The comment from that orthodox priest shows that he doesn't have a high regard for women. Women dedicated to a life of holiness and spirituality can certainly keep sacred secrets, especially those spoken in the confessional. In the coming future, I can see a break in the Church over these man made rule. Wouldn't a woman pope be awesome?

Much love and hugs, Noreen

Noreen Donohue

Iryna's picture

A woman pope? No doubts it

A woman pope? No doubts it would be amazing!!
And I really want to see it! :)


LatiNegra's picture

wow. this is such a beautiful

wow. this is such a beautiful reflection. and it's true, many men and people are so threatened by the power of women. i often ask myself, is it out of fear? is it the fear of losing control and power? when i used to practice Catholicism, i was very troubled by the lack of prominent women figures and the submissiveness we were supposed to be okay with. i now practice spirituality that allows me to tap into my birthright as a priestess, and it is a transformative experience to be acknowledged as divinely feminine. we're too powerful to be silent and subservient! thanks for this post!

Ynanna Djehuty
Certified Birth Doula and Writer

Iryna's picture

Divine feminine

Thank you, Ynanna, for your beautiful words. I agree with you that for a woman is very important, and maybe the most important is to find out her divine feminine nature. Major religions as a rule put a man on a pedestal, leaving for a woman a secondary role. Sometimes it is understood as women have less value than men. It is not truth. We are equal for God, and women have their own, very special nature.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience!
A hug,


Grace Feminine

cher Iryna, je suis trop intéressée de votre journal car, je suis une fille congolaise ,née dans une famille qui pratique la religion protestante. je me posais aussi cette questions, heureusement j'ai trouvée une réponse. la femme étant la cellule mère de la Nation, elle a depuis le commencement du monde une grâce extraordinaire. or, d'après nos pasteurs, les femmes ne peuvent pas avoir l'art de diriger une église parce qu’elles ne parviennent pas à garder le secret. Dans l’église ,selon eux, il y a beaucoup des choses qui se passent et qu'on ne doit pas dévoilées. rappelons que, les hommes veulent sous-estimer les femmes et pourtant, elles sont les premières d' avoir reçu la grâce de Dieu à partir de laquelle elles peuvent dirigées d'une manière extraordinaire. c'est pourquoi ,toute femme qui désire devenir ministre de Dieu , peut le faire sans problème car, nous sommes placé au même pied d’égalité devant la loi, mais aussi devant Dieu.


Iryna's picture

divine nature

Dear Kasindi,
Thank you for interest to my writing. I faced many times in my life with the situations when Orthodox men insist that women have less value than men and women must serve to men because of their divine nature. This conflicts made me go and search religious texts about this issue, and honestly, I did not find noone place where it would be said that women are worse than men. So for me is important to keep this position and insist that people are good or bad not because of their gender but because of what is inside of their hearts, souls and heads.
Warmest greetings,



Chère Iryna, même si les Orthodoxes ont insister que les femmes ont moins de valeur que les hommes et que les femmes doivent servir les hommes en raison de leur nature divine, moi je peux les contredire car même la Bible aussi accorde plus d'importance à la femme par le fait qu'elle a enfantée Jésus Christ. c'est pourquoi, les hommes doivent aussi reconnaitre la valeur de la femme. je vous souhaite une journée paradiatique.


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