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Mission of my late Mother-May she R.I.P

Girl child education is most rewarding gifts i can offer to girls (Mission of my late Mother-May she R.I.P)-I came from a very polygamous family of forty children - the most hardship imaginable.Every society has different challenges but in my society is compounded by many other factors.Lack of social amenities, social inequalities, poor education, boy’s preference and cultural influence has strengthen these inequalities. Girl child education was a taboo in early 90's; deliberately girls will dominate in public spheres and reinforce prostitution of the modern life style in 21st centuries. However, she stands tall to break the cycle of these inequalities, despite not attending formal and informal education. She wasn't shy away from confronting issues she believes such as fighting for girl child education and she very aggressive in this and on several occasions faced with a hostile male dominated community while championing this cause,but has not wavered in the push for her agenda in the promotion of equitable development and protection of women’s rights.

I recalled her saying, “I want my daughters and other girls to be better than who I’ am; because I don’t know how to read and write. All of her time, she devoted in recruiting, enrollment and transition of girls in schools. She mobilized girls from nearby villages, approaching every village parents and look for sponsorship from the local government in embracing girl child education. She initiate"Neighbors in need' program for a community ownership to support girl child education. Every neighbor will voluntarily donate sugar, salt, water, firewood, cloths, and money among others to support the program to overcome the historical injustices.

Girls were denied any sort of education, while only the boys were taken to any learning institution. But even with the advent of modern and formal schooling system after the independence period, the communities were still reluctant to take girls to schools compared to their male counterparts. Moreover, girls did not fully benefit from the education programs embarked by the governments to combat the rising illiteracy levels. Boys were rather enrolled in these education centers while the girls were confined to the domestic affairs. Girl child were forcefully married off at a tender age as they were seen as economic investments fetching wealth in terms of pride price and dowry (in some places up to date). Sometimes very elderly men married underage girls primarily not for marriage sake but as a labor force since the young girl will look after the animals of her husband.
Today,I become her successor, supporting girl child education ,mentoring refuges and IDP's girls and advocating for policies that change gender inequalities.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign.

World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring girls greater access to education which will transform their lives, their families, and communities. The Girls Transform Campaign elicits insightful content from young women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as women, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.
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Sarjo Camara Singateh's picture

wonderful mother

Fardosa Musu
you have a wonderful mother with the support of your father, they were able to take you school and broke the inequalities in the gender discrimination. " Love You"


Saving Angel's picture

Its so amazing!

Its so amazing to see how far mothers will go for their family! You're mom is truly an inspiration and she is definitely an inspiration for so many other girls and women who is reading your post and who have been touched by her voice and actions!

Power to you!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

Deqa's picture


Fardosa I can surely relate to your post as I also have a powerful and superwoman mother, who defied all the odds to educate us. She was educated herself so she knew the power education so she put her foot down and became a role model for my whole community in educating girls in the mid 90s. I remember many of our neighbors followed her footsteps and sent their daughters to school because of her. There are many women across Somalia who are working their hardest to educate their girls whether they got the chance themselves or they dint.
Masha Allah my dear you are doing an amazing job mentoring these young girls and I have initiate with several friends a mentorship program for school girls to ensure that they stay in school and achieve success. I am so interested in collaborating with you honey to learn from your journey as a mentor. I am a fresh beginner at this and I got so much support from this amazing community.
And by the way, I was going through your journal and I have seen the article about the heart surgery for the child, I am so impressed and I am thinking of doing the same for a relative child whose parents cannot afford the medical expenses and they were told he has to get a surgery before he is 6 and now he is almost 4 years old. I will post the need and explain his case and I pray he gets the sponsorship.
You are surely an inspiration to me and I am so glad to see a fellow Somali woman who is extremely active in this community and I am trying to get around 30 other Somali females to join this network.
May allah bestow his mercy on your mother and grant her janatul fardows the highest ranks of paradise. Amen

antonia.h.'s picture

Your mother seems to have

Your mother seems to have been a wonderful woman, engaged in this feminist strife. Facing so many obstacles is more than difficult, no doubt! Good for you that you're holding up the torch and using her legacy so positively!
Thank you for sharing this!

Fardosa Muse's picture

Dear Sarjo,thank you so much

Dear Sarjo,thank you so much .I know without the support of my father ,all this couldn't be successfully.

Every One, Every Day ,Every Way, Prevent Vi0lenCE AgainST W0men On YouR Way!

Saving angle ,thanks for your kind words.It means alot to me my dear .hugs

Every One, Every Day ,Every Way, Prevent Vi0lenCE AgainST W0men On YouR Way!

Fardosa Muse's picture

Dear Deqa. Thank you abayo

Dear Deqa. Thank you abayo for your kind words and going through my journals.Our parents hustle to educate us and challenge all the odds.kudos them.

The small boy was lucky to receive sponsor for his medical expense .I was so concern for his condition and try all means to support his family. I couldn't bear his pain and i wish i have power for the expense .please post i hope people go through .wish you all the best.

Thanks for your prayers,it mean a lot to me.may lord grants her janatul fardowsa,amen..........jazaakallah kheyr

do you know Rita mamai,a Kenyan lady recently joined DRC in hargesa. we used to work with in dadaab,gbv program.we left the same time dadaab and joined other fraternity in somalia.

Every One, Every Day ,Every Way, Prevent Vi0lenCE AgainST W0men On YouR Way!

Fardosa Muse's picture

Dear antonla,Thanks.she was

Dear antonla,Thanks.she was very powerful and hardworking .may she rest in peace

Every One, Every Day ,Every Way, Prevent Vi0lenCE AgainST W0men On YouR Way!

jacollura's picture

Wonderful work!

Fardosa, I admire you for carrying on the work of your mother. That is the best tribute you could give her.
In peace and love,

turtledove100's picture

What a courageous mother!

Thank you for sharing your tribute to your mother. How blessed you are to have had such a courageous mother who truly knew the value of education for girls and women and went above and beyond to ensure she did all she could to make that happen!
I can think of no better tribute back to her than for you to take up her cause and fight on for what she believed in! Good luck to you and God bless you Fardosa!

"Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach" (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author and poet)

cassie_levy's picture

Amazing story! I truly

Amazing story! I truly understand the importance of a support network in the home both from my own upbringing and the youth I work with on a daily basis. You are very fortunate. Keep up the good work.

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