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Application Closure but World Pulse never ENDS



We did it! We spent the last four weeks celebrating, writing and encouraging one another to raise our voices and tell our stories. Yesterday marked the end of the 2013 Voices of Our Future application process. Our wonderful Listeners will be reviewing your assignments until next week. After that the amazing staff at World Pulse will help us make the difficult decision of selecting our final 30 for our training program.

I certainly wish we had more than 30 spots and I know that eventually we will expand the program. We will announce the 30 at the end of May. Until then, please continue to write and connect with one another. If you have needs or opportunities, remember to post them to the Resource Exchange page. Our community becomes as powerful as the people who make it up.

Delphine and I will be very busy this next month reading assignments and preparing for June. This month has been an amazing journey. If you haven't liked us on Facebook, please do! Yesterday we posted a quote from Fozia Yasin and it received 401 shares and over 40,000 users reviewed it! We are going to continue to highlight your work.

Thank you everyone for your presence and participation.




Mukut's picture

Thank you

Yes!! Its been an amazing journey.


Mukut Ray

MDG's picture



I have been prompted to write this letter because I did not receive a response from my group leader. I wrote to you communicating that I was unable to post my submission on April 29 due to connectivity issues and requested that I be allowed to keep trying until I succeeded. Today I succeeded managed to see my updated journal, however I did not receive a response from you. Please let me know if my submission still qualifies .

Otherwise thank u so much, may leaders at World Pulse many more candles so that they can continue inspiring many more women for thousands of years to come. Thank you.


Zoepiliafas's picture

You are in

Thanks for writing!

Delphine is currently assigning your last assignment to a Listener.


Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
World Pulse

Brigitte Mawazo Kyalondawa's picture


hope you can help me to know your loved ones need my organization. NGABO
Looking for a grant to support an awareness of the laws relating to the rights of women and children in eastern DR Congo. (1325) The objective is to fight against the many forms of rape and violence based on gender that women are victims of our region.
Also, we want to fight against the schooling of girls, early marriage and other crimes that encourage custom.
The need is displayed on the pages of world Brigittemawazo @
Love me please to find support
thank you


JOYCE KAFU's picture

Eagerly waiting

Long exciting journey it has been. We patiently wait for the ruling. Meanwhile, networking continues.

Joyce Jael Kafu

ansupokharel's picture


The journey is going smoothly and I am just loving it

Anisha Pokharel

Abisinuola's picture

A worthwhile journey...

I thoroughly enjoyed myself,it was tasking but an eye opener.
I have made friends and I'm still enjoying such wonderful friendships
Its been a blessing..
Love to all my sisters


Sarjo Camara Singateh's picture

i must thank you all

actually is has been an interesting exchange of ideas. for me due to connectivity problems i was un able to sent many stories as I can.
I am encouraging all my friends who have sent comments to me or not we all one family fighting for one battle women empowerment.

I love you all.


Workers day should be a reflection by all workers be it a man or a woman to look into the economic and social opportunities for equally payment and treatment.

when will these issues be dealt with, poor salaries, economic hardship, to name a few



neetak's picture

What an amazing journey.

What an amazing journey. What one may have perceived with diffidence just vanished
More voices, more views only enhances synergy & togetherness. Not only our voices, we are rising!

Thanks everyone. More power to women.


Zoepiliafas's picture


Diffidence that is NOW brashness!

"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."

Mattie Stepanek

Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
World Pulse

Precious M's picture


It has been an amazing journey indeed.

I will go right now to Facebook and like World Pulse. I wonder why I never did that since.

Thank you Zoe for being there for us.

Best regards,

My pen speaks

loretta's picture

The end.

We really made it. The end of the assignmet peiod has come and I hope for the best for those who get to be selected.

Other than that, I have had a great time on World Pulse, much more than I had expected. I just hope all my assignments were through.

You were very much of help Zoe and responded to questions. God bless you. See you on World Pulse.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

Stella Danso's picture

Great Journey Indeed

I certainly wish we continue with our writings and postings no matter the outcome. I have really have a great time meeting great women across the globe.

Sharontina's picture


Dear Zoe,

Thanks a ton for all that love and support and guidance which kept us going throughout all the four assignments and will start to keep us going in this never ending journey of voices and visions.


Merlin Sharontina

shahd's picture

It has been an amazing 4 week

It has been an amazing 4 week journey. I personally felt so powerful and was happy posting, sharing, and commenting! Thanks for giving us the opportunity.

I have a quick question, in fact two of them. One, what is the link for the facebook page? Two, I want to post more but I am always asked to tag my journal somewhere. what is the appropriate tag from now on?



It indeed has been a hectic four weeks. The writing of the assignment did not take much time. Just a couple of hours and it was done.

But following up with feedback and then following on to other wonderful posts did take a lot of my time.
I wanted to read and comment on every single post.
Too bad, we have to work for a living too :)
That doesn't leave much time aside after chores and other basic necessities.

And still, we managed to read quite a few posts and I believe we are all very inspired by the open dialogue. At least I am.

VOF was my priority after work and chores for the 4 weeks, and now not having another assignment due has left a void.

I assure you I will be posting soon. Quite a lot is going around here in the Maldives that needs a voice to be raised.

Thank you Zoe and Delphine for this wonderful journey of self discovery through VOF.


Zoepiliafas's picture

More to come

Hello there,

Here is a link to our Facebook page:

Aminah, we sat down as a World Pulse team yesterday and discussed how to continue this positive energy. I love that you want more topics to write on. In a few weeks we will be making an announcement about the different opportunities that are presented to the World Pulse family.

Stay Tuned!


Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
World Pulse

Therese kasindi's picture

Thank you too Zoe and

Thank you too Zoe and Delphine. Everytime you were present when we needed you. Continue like that my sisters.

See you on line!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Thanks for this opportunity that morphed into a wonder-filled process beyond my expectations.I've enjoyed being here and will always remember being embraced by all of you. Stay well and keep writing.


barbarella's picture

Thank you!

For opening this door. I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity of being read by the World Pulse community!

Lia@WP's picture

Great opportunity

Hi, Zoe and Delphine

Thank you so much for this opportunity of being a part of the World Pulse and for being a Voice of our Future applicant.

This may be a competition among us, but I believe that all of us have the voice and power to be a correspondent on our own ways. Many of us may not get selected, but yes, we continue to voice out and inspire one another and make a difference to our community and to the world - in different ways.

More power and more voices to the World Pulse and staff.



Monica09's picture

Wonderful program

Dear Zoe Piliafas,

This program has been a wonderful journey for me! I've never really witnessed such a unique application process whereby the applicant had the opportunity to learn, contribute, and connect with others. I loved last week's readings the most which included important reminders for the well-being of women. If the application process was this rewarding, I wonder how the entire training program would be! I wish all the best to each and every applicant.

Maybe the application process ends, but this community thrives. Not only is the platform great for sharing stories, which may be passed on to worldwide networks, the resource exchange board is great for matching needs with offers. I know that I have achieved a lifelong support network!

Thanks to you and to your team for putting in all the hard work to make this a reality!

With deepest respect and gratitude,

Zoepiliafas's picture

You are sweet

My dear,

Your note touched me! It is good to hear that the application process added to your life! The team at World Pulse is pretty amazing and dedicated group of people.

Warm Regards,

Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager
World Pulse

Nous vous felicitons pour votre participation sur la campagne VOF 2013.
Rendez-vous sur world pulse ou bien sur face book


estelle's picture

Luv u all

thanks for this journey that has connected women around the globe. its a great experience and we will not give up on this journey where our voices matter most.

Klaudia Mexico's picture

My new caffeine

Dear Friends

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my hearth. I´m learning a great deal, I have met amazing women and I have shared what I´m good at. Thank you!!! you my friends have become my daily doses of caffeine.

Hugs from beautiful Mexico.


Klaudia González

My beloved online community,

Thank you for this space and the ongoing support in all ways. This is my first time to be part of something as unique and wonderful as this. I have never written my thoughts so openly especially with a new group of friends and I thought I was hanging myself out to dry. But how wrong was I! I was only made to feel supported, I felt the empathy, the shared ideas and feelings made me feel only more connected to the beautiful women of this beautiful world and I could not have asked for more. Whether or not I go to the next stage, I will always bring this amazing experience with me and continue writing. It will be part of my one step at a time approach to finally take me where I want to be.

Much love from Malaysia,
Gaya xoxo :D .... keep smiling

p.s. Sorry for not having written in a while - my work got the better of me and many of us Malaysians are mourning the unethical 13th general election that concluded on the 5th of May. As much as the "opposition" parties made great progress in gaining more seats in parliament and in various states, the dirty tricks that were used to gain more votes by the ruling government is uncalled for and our electoral commission has done nothing about it. For more non-partisan news, pls go to


Thank you for the great opportunity. For sure we shall continue networking and encouraging women to speak out.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

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