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Giving up is never an option

My personal vision for my life is to be remembered, not for herioc deeds, ambiguious words, worldly possessions or pompous behaviour but to be remebered as that person who was hard working, never gave up and encouraged others to continue walking stronger as well. I would like to be remembered as that person who made time to listen, who stopped to greet that dejected looking woman by the roadside and ask about her day and left them looking a little less heavier of heart.

I would like to see a community and a world that is more concious of one another's needs, appreciates the contributions of each other, looks out for one another (neighbour with a black eye, childrren not going to school, adolescent pregnant girl). My vision of a perfect world and community is one where every body has been empowered to go to school, live healthily and is earning a fair living. I also wish to see a community that is hard working and vigilant because as Napoleon Hill said "We cannot sow thistles and reap clover,nature simply does not run things that way. She goes by cause and effect."

As the first born daughter in a family of four, I always knew what i wanted, how i wanted to do it and who would help me to get it done. This positive attitude was mentored by my father in all his children, but I had a special load on my shoulders to ensure that my siblings were okay.

Later on, when both my parents passed away just as I was graduating from the university, this mantle fell even harder on me. I became the bread winner and head of the family with the task of ensuring that my siblings at least had one meal a day, had shoes on thier feet and went to school. I am proud to say that today, fifteen years later, all my siblings have acquired a decent form of education and are now fending for their families.

This strife taught me one big lesson in life, 'Never to give up' and there were many many great challenges including property and inheritence wrangles; cruel relations, an unfinished structure which we had to call home, but it did not make me bitter, it built my resolve to work even harder. This is my personal call to all that i meet, whom are often times breaking under the york of life ' just to take that one step'. As a result of the challenges aforementioned, I also learnt that a problem shared is a problem solved and my load was also made easier for I had someone who supported me and was there when it got too unbearable.

I would love to become a 'Voices of Our Correspondent' because this is will present me with a sure deal medium through which to listen and be heard, not just for myself but for the millions of women all over the world. Through my writing, reading, listening and reaching out to the different voices on World Pulse, I am assured of horning my skills, enriching my knowledge and experiences and creating life time bonds with great women and men from different parts of the world. And if I am remebered even by at least one person, as that Ugandan woman who heard my story, shared my story and helped me shape my life for the better, i will be delighted. How much more delight then if hundreds of women were impacted by my voice that started as feeble lone voice but grew stronger with the beat of World Pulse.


Lylinaguas's picture

Wonderful Post!

You learned early in life the meaning of responsibility when you had to assume the role as breadwinner when your parents passed away. I find it so admirable that you were able to support all your siblings to get an education and now they have independent lives to support themselves. YOU impacted their lives and you can do the same for so many more whose lives you touch along the way. You have the world at your reach through World Pulse and many other outlets where you can achieve your goals. Go make them come true and impact millions as you have done for your siblings. My best wishes to you on your journey to reaching your vision.


MDG's picture

thank you

Thank you so much. I hope to continue this journey, leaving footprints with the help of pulse wire. Thank you

weaverheart's picture

Strong spirit!

Thank you for this piece. It is inspiring to feel your strength and determination. I am sure you are and will be an inspiration to all those whom you meet. I am happy that you are out there and can share your positive outlook with others. Good for you! May you reach many through your words and may your actions inspire change for the better.
I have no doubt that you will. World Pulse community is lucky to have you on board.

All the best to you.


Laura R.

MDG's picture

Thank you Laura

Thank you so much Laura for your kind words. Have you heard of the saying 'From your lips to God's ears' well i hope to pledge to continue using my voice / words to do the best i can using the best i have. I am glad i jumped aboard the world pulse bus and hope i will journey with it to great heights.



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