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Revolution for a judicious society

First of all, thanks to World Pulse for providing beautiful reading materials in assignment 4 for reinforcing the feminine qualities in us. I really enjoyed reading it.
My personal vision keeps on changing from time to time since the day, I learned visioning for me and my life. Few days back, I realize a beautiful vision of my life. I love it and I own it. The more and more I think about it, I feel strengthened, it becomes clearer.”I am a being- a pure, peaceful, powerful, happy and content being. It is all within me. I am the creator of my own thought, feelings and happiness. External factor, person, things, situation are only the stimulus and the response is my creativity, I create, I chose it. The other person is not going to act as per my choice. I cannot force others to do behave the way I wish, rather I can only influence. Giving positive, powerful and satisfactory answer to the question of my own mind in relation to situation, person, relationship, is a great art, which I can surely do, but since I have stopped practicing it, is becoming a challenge. To remain in the awareness of all this has become a vision of my life and believe me I am a happy and peaceful being now days. I love this life.
My vision for my community is that they are capable being; they have huge innate potential to dream for themselves, to build their future on their own, to change the scenario and situation which hinder them to attain their dream and shape their future. I can only stimulate them to dream, facilitate them to shape their future, trigger and motivate them to bring change in their social scenario and situation. I can only reinforce at belief level –yes you can do, yes we can do and we will do it for ourselves, we will only do and nobody will do it for ourselves. I can build my own confidence and work at their confidence level. I can share the story of bold women, show the video and make them feel confident enough. I have experienced many times - when the women determine to do anything, they accomplish it. Change is the need of time – I and my community and the whole world need a change in the outlook, change in the social system, and change in the attitude- a changing scenario- where human being is human being irrespective of gender.
I want to be a voice for myself, my community and my world in bringing the Social Change. Women of similar vision can share their idea, extend their support hand, and put forward their effort for an equal and judicious society through the platform provided by World Pulse.
Thanks World pulse for providing such a wonderful platform,we have ever had.


weaverheart's picture


HI Minakshi,

Thank you for this. It is inspiring to read! I am grateful that you are here and are a voice for truth and for a positive future. You've got your finger on it, for sure. May you go out and spread the word, help to ignite this fire in others.
You're well on your way. We are standing with you, and behind you.

All the best,

Laura R.

Minakshi's picture

kind and motivating words

Thank you so much my dear.Thank you for your kind motivating words.
I Dream, one day we all will do something for the women of whole world.

Linda M. Ando's picture

Your Spirit Sparkles.....

Dear Minakshi,

Your spirit illuminates a BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRATIONAL vision. YES, the practice and change begins within us and we can then inspire others to take the first step and discover their personal power and abilities.

We need to support one another to reach and realize our potential which is enormous. I LOVE your positive attitude and enthusiasm for LIFE, please keep shining and believing in YOURSELF and OTHERS!

Your spirit sparkles like the stars!

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Minakshi's picture

nice start

Hi Linda,
Sorry to respond you late.
Thank you so much for your sweet words.
The whole world is filled with restlessness and sorrow of different types and of various degree.We need to be stable internally to provide peace and happiness to self and others.
Have a nice start to live happy and peaceful life....

kati.mayfield's picture

Your vision

Dear Minakshi,

Your vision is beautiful! And you are so wise. My favorite line you write is:

"External factor, person, things, situation are only the stimulus and the response is my creativity, I create, I chose it."

Tomorrow I have a big meeting I have been nervous about, but your words remind me that no matter what happens, tomorrow in this meeting or any other time in life, my response will be of my choosing.

Thank you for inspiring me, and others, to follow your decision to love and own your life.


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

Minakshi's picture

Dear Kati, Thank you so much

Dear Kati,
Thank you so much for your kind words. You know, A statement clicks to the person who is almost nearer to the thought. I assume you are not very far away from the belief.I felt good that you experienced it. You can be a creator and innovator of different reponse to a particular situation if there will be an awareness on this. You experienced it in the meeting because you have had an awareness.
Have a peaceful world.....

Susan K.A.'s picture

"I love this life"

Dear Minakshi,

”I am a being- a pure, peaceful, powerful, happy and content being. It is all within me. I am the creator of my own thought, feelings and happiness."

Thank you for your inspiring journal...the eloquent reminder that we make our own world with our thoughts, how we choose to respond to situations. Revolutionary! Reading your post helped to turn around my day. I am sleep-deprived and didn't use mindful-speech when I chatted with another mom at my sons' school this morning...I was being so hard on myself later, full of regret. Your words helped remind me that I can forgive myself, start fresh, choose happiness (I did call the mom friend to pour my heart out and she was so lovely and forgiving with me...actually was surprised that I felt the need to apologize). :)

I thank you for raising your voice and sharing your vision, speaking love and truth.

May you be happy, healthy and wise!



"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."

You are so lovely Susan. Forgiving always happen with self ,not with are very wise and the other mother too. We always think that we forgive others but in reality we forgive ourself from the bad thought about others.You are courageous that you gathered your guts to apologize, it makes the heart light and mind cool.
I love that you live in awareness of your feelings, lovely practice for realising self my dear......
I love your letter,
My love to your son..
Love and warm personal regards,

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