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Mark Driscoll Spreading Rape Culture Through Teachings that instruct punitive sex. . .

Woman begging forgiveness on her knees

Oh man! Just read this article. . .

. . . and I'm flabbergasted this man (who has the ear of thousands) straight up condemned a woman of sin for having refused her husband fellatio. and then, he tells her that she should go home. . . "And then you need to drop his trousers, and you need to serve your husband. And when he asks why, say, ‘Because I’m a repentant woman. God has changed my heart and I’m supposed to be a biblical wife.’” Later he adds that if your husband is not a believer, doing this for him is sure to work better on converting him than evangelical tracts are. Wow, what blatant attempts the religious make to put women in "their place". They teach women to feel guilty for not giving oral sex to their husbands and teach them to give fellatio freely because "it's biblical". What perfect bait to draw in male members! Send them home from church with a wife who's freshly programmed to give her husband a repentant, servant-like blow job. Those are some bennies! More committed men means more tithing members, therefore more church income, more power, more material wealth, more recognition, more glory.

What obnoxious patriarchal B.S.! I grew up in a similar sort of Christianity, and they taught girls and women discreetly, via women's bibles studies, that we were supposed to save ourselves for our future husbands who God has "predestined" to be their husband, be their "Spiritual Leader". We also learned that men have sexual needs that are to be taken seriously, and cared for generously with neither the husband or wife paying much regard to whether or not the woman wants to or not.

Driscoll's teachings oppress his female followers so that they cannot acquire self actualization, or ownership over their own minds. How sad to think of a woman on her knees begging forgiveness, with an act of degradation, for something that was never wrong or sinful in the first place. How scary to think that our culture is pretty loaded with men who desire that fellatio would be given to them in the form of a humble servant who is repentent to her male authoritarian figures (God first, husband second).

I can't help but notice how Driscoll's teachings seem part of the rape culture (i.e. the perception that women deserve to be raped if they are dressed "slutty"), the perception that Muslim women who wear their traditional clothing should be raped because they are repressed and therefore need to be "emancipated". I'm not arguing that Driscoll was advocating rape, no he wasn't advocating rape, he was manipulating women's minds into believing that they ought to be giving oral sex to their husbands. Driscoll is pushing a mentality that is psychologically unhealthy for both, men and women. Mark Driscoll is unconsciously contributing to the rape culture in our country by planting the sort of thinking in men that encourages men to claim "their God given position" of power and authority over their wives and kids. Driscoll's teachings give men mental ties between sexual arousal and power/punishing/controlling/conquering, making the concept of male superiority a "turn on" for them. To enjoy a woman bowing down in a repentant act of sexual servitude is to enjoy punitive, dominating sex - which seems to me to be psychologically related to the the main types of rape motivation - like anger rape, power rape, sadistic rape.

It's particularly disgusting hearing this coming from a famous religious leader who has many devoted, deluded followers that actually apply his teachings at home. Driscoll's teaching should set off alarms in feminist and human rights activist groups who are already organized, mobilized and fighting off the secular elements of rape culture (e.g. a cop questioning a rape victim about what she was wearing at the time of the assault as a way to determine if the girl was asking for it or not).

Rape tends to be associated in mens' minds with power, dominance, punishment and conquering. Christian dogma is seriously patriarchal, authoritarian, controlling and punitive - a girl is owned first by her father, then her husband and always by her god (granted, an imaginary character but one that exists plenty well in the psyche of a believer). So, by Driscoll's fostering of this type of psychological organization in men's minds, he is essentially enabling our society to stay as mind fucked as it is.

It's important that we keep heightening our awareness of exactly how, where and why the patriarchal society format is fostering this kind of thing, and then set about eradicating this rape culture meme from our society.

Free the minds of women! Search out, find and embrace your authentic self, women!
Read, read, read!
Question life, question authority, question your most fundamental beliefs
to double check that your mind's foundation isn't built on inaccurate, ill world-views.
Self authenticate! Meditate! Search for truths with logic and reason!

All of you women in the world - I got much love for ya


"The research on convicted rapists has found several important motivational factors in the sexual aggression of males. Those motivational factors repeatedly implicated are having anger at women and having the need to control or dominate them.[31]"

Girl learning to be penitent and submissive early in life


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