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whose definition?

My personal vision in life is that the “truth” should be told and be unveiled under any circumstances. Yet, there are contested concepts in this vision: firstly, what is the truth? Is there an objective version of the truth? And if not, whose version is the ‘real’ truth? Secondly, who should tell the truth and who should unveil it? And, how about the different layers of the truth? What if each layer is related to a different person, a different generation? Who would take responsibility of that? And lastly, who would pay the costs when the truth is unveiled under any circumstances? I am very much struggling with the vision I have for my life as I know that this is the only way that I can feel the peace and calmness in my soul; yet, assuming that I can pay the costs for myself, I cannot promise anything or take the responsibility of anyone when the truth is told under any circumstances.
And this is not just about our personal lives; it applies to our communities and our working environments, to our global village, to our world.
I believed from the very early stage that I should tell what is happening to me; however, I knew that the consequences of this unveiling the truth would destroy the foundation of a place called ‘home’, home not just for me but for anyone else living under that roof. I prepared myself for the consequences but I could not take responsibility for anyone else in that home.
In my last job, a community that I wanted to be part of as the work we were doing had a great impact on the other members of our community, I raised my voice against the wrongs that were taking place in our working environment; yet, I was shut down since in their eyes my ‘truth’ was not ‘the’ truth to be told, since I was not the one in charge to be believed. My belief is that my colleagues did not back me up since they were afraid of losing their jobs, like I did and they needed to make sure that at the end of the month there will be a check transferred to their accounts. It makes me think, was that really ‘the’ truth or is that my understanding of the truth?!
And the same goes for our global community: we all (?) disguise terrorism, but who defines and who determines who the terrorist is? Would anyone dare to back me up that G.W. Bush is a terrorist for attacking Afghanistan and Iraq? Would anyone dare to back me up that B.H. Obama is also a terrorist for sending drones to different regions killing thousands of civilians? Would anyone dare to back me up that M. Ahmadinejad is also a terrorist for silently executing his own nation in the name of protecting Islam? And let’s say, we dare to back each other up, who is going to pay the costs? Who is going to bear the consequences?

I am not sure, if I am the right person to be a Correspondent since I have doubts about everything and anything; I have doubts about the truth, the unveiled truth and the consequences of the unveiled truth. And in this state of mind I do not believe that I would be a good candidate. Perhaps, I need to re-think my vision! I am not sure about that…
I also don’t think it is justify that I join the team of “Voices of Our Correspondent” since I have the privilege to have access to any kind and form of education and I believe this opportunity should be given to the ones who have less access to the education that World Pulse would offer.

Thank you everyone for letting me to share with you…the quest is still on-going...


Sharontina's picture

Your vision of bringing out

Your vision of bringing out the truth, i admire that. I wish you bring the real version and succeed in being the voice of the voiceless. Great posting dear.


Merlin Sharontina

loretta's picture

The truth and nothing but...

Dear sister, dear friend, you are suffering emotionally, you have an emotional Cancer that you need to heal. How else can you heal it without speaking out, I feel your pain and your frustration from your writing.

We all know different truths and know not how to tell them, who would believe, who would back me up? Yes, in everyone of us, who dares to pick up a pen and write his/her inner feelings, deep rooted feelings, is, nothing but a terrorist. For some of the stories told brings nothing but terror to others.

I applaud you for your decision, but at the same time would like you to reconsider your decision of not needing World Pulse. Of all the stories I have read, and having read World Pulse's Privacy Policy, you are the perfect candidate, so do not exclude yourself.

Keep well and in touch. Love you.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

michelle904's picture

You raise some

You raise some thought-provoking questions that do not have simple questions. Your post has challenged me to examine how I see some of the leaders in the US. Thank you. Please continue to challenge us all.

sallysmithr's picture

Don't doubt yourself!!

Firstly thank you so much for sharing. I think you bring up very important and very relevant ideas. What you say rings very true to myself. There is a lot of truth that is "hidden" by those who have power and do not want that truth to be revealed. Employment is a great example for everyday people because there is always a fear about speaking out due to those consequences that you mention. It is unfortunate that being truthful should have any consequences. Even something as little as your friend asking, "do you like this shirt?", I've told my friend the truth by saying it wasn't my style or no and the consequences I face is a friend that is angry with me. They would be angry if they found out I lied but yet they are angry that I told the truth. Everyone says they want the truth, but really people want the information they want to hear. Don't doubt yourself, you have a lot to give and I also have access to any kind of education I want and a life that I really can't complain about, that doesn't mean that you can't share and utilize your knowledge, skills, etc. to stand up and make a difference!!! I hope you rethink things and realize you got a lot to give and to stop doubting yoruself!!

Thanks again for sharing!!


Falchemist's picture

Truth and questions

Aah! Somaye. Truth does seem to be relative doesn't it? Loaded, even, sometimes. So difficulties arise when we look for a single truth. That search assumes an acceptance of some 'Absolute' but human beings have sought it for millennia without success. "Under any circumstances" would be an absolute which you would not be able to keep, precisely because of all those contested concepts of which you speak.

Let's assume that "absolute" it does not exist, or if it does, we are not privy to it. So, perhaps the best approach truly is to question everything, as Socrates advised, and as you are doing. That's a brave woman!! Question everything and do not allow yourself to made to feel bad or wrong for questioning. That would be the only way to get to the truth, first of all, if it did exist; and in the second place, why else would you have a brain if not so that you might exercise it, stretch it, search out its limits? Don't stop. What if you could see that you "change" things, instead of "destroy" things by speaking up.

I, too, once lost a position (with the government) because I stood up and spoke out. I did not then and do not now question whether I told the "truth". I spoke up publicly, in writing, about what I observed, said I believed it was wrong and the Minister of Government disagreed with me. I may not have spoken his truth, but I told no lie, and I know that I was right to speak up. I did the right thing.

If you feel you did the right thing, then your work is done, even if the results are not those you would have wanted or expected. Harbour no ill feelings toward those who chose the monthly cheque. Know that not all of us are chosen to speak up, to lead others, or to right the wrongs. And we do it for those who cannot. They are the responsibility we choose.

Tara Celentano's picture

Doubt and Light

I don't see you doubting yourself. I see you doubting the way our world currently functions. That's the first step in being an idealist. If there was nothing to make better, what are we doing here? The fact that you are fighting for truth shows that you understand what Life is. I see struggle, but I see beautiful struggle. This struggle we endure is part of the human condition, only we need to learn how to struggle properly and purely.

Stand up for what you believe, even if no one else will. Because if you do, your soul will grow instead of shrivel, and you'll find your vision instead of letting it die. Keep thinking, keep doubting the current system, but most of all, put your energy into the wonder and imagination of inventive ways to change it. Because, as you have seen, working within the system only forces you to succumb to semantics. And this is not the way.

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